Welcome New Twitch Partners!

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Damage Incorporated is excited to announce that we have had 4 new pro players join our community and will be playing competitively for us. Each one of them will be representing Damage Inc on Twitch and through their social media. Make sure to drop them a follow so you know when they go live!


“I started streaming a little over 2.5 years ago and I started because when I played OW people kept asking if I streamed, so I decided to give it a try! Gaming for me is very much a community hobby, so streaming seemed like a no brainer! I stream mostly solo queue support Overwatch masters/GM competitive, but my over all focus is positivity and enjoying the games we play, whether we are winning or losing. I’m all about improving my game play, laughing and having fun.” – Jennasis – Twitch



“In college; I was President of the Gaming club known as Bash Script Crazy. I got us the Tespa sponsorship to provide a home for gamers while doing their studies. League of legends was our main game played and I soon became competitive. Back in the day I’d stream ranked when I was a Plat Vayne main. Maxing out at 11 viewers, I became hooked to the platform. Overtime I changed from LoL to CSGO and finally Overwatch. During this duration I myself changed. I saw toxicity at its purest but pushed through it to form friendships. I chose to create my stream based around a safe space to be a chill community that shared game knowledge to help others get better. I’m now known as the best Brigitte NA on the ladder and have ended multiple seasons top 500. The type of bonds I see created within my community; I saw DI themselves were doing the same. While starting out as a Partnership , I’d soon see them as a family. I decided I wanted to be apart of it and joined the Stream Team” – Jinxuwu – Twitch



“I started streaming because I wanted to meet other people who played Overwatch and share my love of Mercy. I always wanted to give back in some type of way because of all the amazing people who helped me in a time of crisis when I was a kid, and streaming has allowed me to do that. My stream and community focuses not only on Mercy but on charity streams that focus on organizations that help young people. I chose DI as a partner because they are like minded who are driven and a positive force in the community” – STAR2D2_ – Twitch



“Hey I’m Amoney or Anthony. I’ve been playing guitar for about 10 years and have 3 parrots. I’ve been streaming Rocket League for about 3 years and am a former pro player! The excitement of sharing fun and interesting moments with others really got me into streaming. You never know what to expect on any day of streaming, I really love that. Recently I decided to take my stream through the variety path since I have grown tired of Rocket League, and honestly it’s awesome. My favorite part of streaming is having a conversation with everyone so come say hi in the chat!” – Amoney – Twitch