Super Smash Bros 3DS In-house Tournaments

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Beginning November 29th 2017

JonBreakfast of DI-III will be holding community wide Super Smash Brothers Tournaments beginning November 29th. He plans to start hosting these tournaments once or twice a month to bring a little friendly competition to the community, as well as more game diversity. Come have some fun and show the community that you’re the best Smash player around. Earn bragging rights until the next tournament, and strut your stuff. If you’d like any additional information feel free to message JonBreakfast on the forums or poke him on TS. Hope to see many of you there!

Calendar Link: here

Please send him your friend code in advance of the tournament so that he can add you.



  • All characters will be playable, with no custom characters, however mii characters will be playable.
  • All stages will be the beta form of the stage to avoid any environmental factors.
  • All match ups will be randomized using an online tournament bracket generator.
  • The winner will be standing champion until the next tournament.