September 2016 News

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~September 2016 News~

Merf: “Run. Fuck. Fast and far”  – Chinese Proverb Circa 73 BC

Members of the Month

Congratulations to the following members for going above and beyond and achieving glory and prestige for Damage Inc and their Divisions, congratulations!

Legend.gif Member of the Month

– Sairane (Community Division)

Division Members of the Month

– Hernann1 (2nd Division)

– Rabb01 (3rd Division)

– Mikeythelegend (6th Division)

– LaksonVeil (8th Division)

Officer of the Month

– AFDragon (Community Division)

They have all been awarded their respective Medals (see Awards) for achieving their coveted status.


Super Div Triumph – 6th Division

Commander: Cloa
Vice: CynicalBrit

6th Division have achieved many great things this year, but their greatest achievement so far is the attainment of the honorable status of Super Division. It is the highest position a Division can attain within DI and it requires an extremely dedicated officer team, members and a hunger for success to achieve. Under Commander Cloa and Vice CynicalBrit 6th Division has seen paramount levels of success both within the community and against the enemies of Damage Inc. Under Cloa’s influential leadership, 6th Division has been brought a new era of stability, prosperity and success enjoyed by countless members. I have no doubt that on their current trajectory a tournament win is on the horizon, which will bring Damage Inc even more glory and a laurel wreath triumph for 6th Division. Well done!


1st Division Stood Down

Its with great sadness that I announce 1st Division has been put on standby again. They were unable to maintain the minimum requirements of compliancy to remain a Division and therefore lost their status and have been merged into Community Division.

Thanks to everyone who put a lot of effort into 1st Division, its sad to see it go, and this is our second Division failure this year and hopefully the last. Just remember how important it is to recruit and keep your Divisions compliant, help each other and help your officers to bring new people in. Its not easy but its such an important part of what we do here to keep the enjoyment levels high for everyone.

On a good note, we are consistently seeking new Venture Leaders who are up for the incredible challenge (and rewarding experience) of building a Venture into a Division. If this sounds like something you may like, speak to Nechtmarrie.


The Final Push – Important


With less than 90 Days / 3 months to go until the end of the year, we have a long way to go to fulfill our Damage Inc 2016 Plan . If you were thinking on becoming a Venture Leader and eventually a Commander by building a new Division for Damage Inc, NOW is the time you must act and step forward to do so. Damage Inc needs leaders now more than ever, but more importantly, it needs everyone to come together for the Final Push.

We need to get roughly another 200 members by the end of the year to meet our Objectives, and another 3 Divisions. Rally now as one DI, as this is the Final Push and we need everyone to hard for the home stretch. The year is almost up, and its been a fantastic year at that with many triumphs and victories! But dont let your guard down now, we need to speed up and sprint the last quarter of the race. So lets get it done, we can all sleep when we are dead.
Live Fast. Die Last.
Lets do this.


Calendar Events Updates

by Shand

For clarification, this is what we expect for calendar events. Many of you will notice this is not new, however hopefully it’ll clarify it.

You need to RSVP to all events with your division tag (e.g. [DI-I] or [DI-C]) as well as all events tagged [CLAN]. Failure to do so will result in a strike. to  do so you need to click the RSVP buttons towards the top left of the calendar event. These buttons will be Accept, Decline and occasionally Maybe. Clicking one of these buttons will result in the button changing to a message indicating your status has been saved with a button below that says “leave event”. For example:


IF YOU DO NOT GET A “LEAVE EVENT” BUTTON THEN YOU HAVE NOT RSVP’d. If this is a technical problem you need to contact the hosting officer. if you are unable to do so, you should contact any officer who have a responsibility to pass that on.

As per usual, if you receive a strike that you don’t think applies please do the following:

  1. If you are unsure as to WHY or the logic behind the strike – talk to the issuing officer.
  2. If you are challenging the validity (for example you think it is unfair, or you think the grounds are insufficient) – talk to justice.


Initiation Ceremony

Congratulations to the Cohort of September 2016 for joining our ranks as full members. You have no doubt gone through a somewhat difficult process in the Ludus Magnum, where many of your peers fell to the relentless assaults from the activity managers, your Commanders and Team leaders who expect the highest performance from you and lastly, the barrier tests from the Initiate Managers. Due to the demand, some of you have been offered officer positions to take up more responsibility within the clan. Ensure you use this to the glory of DI and always for the best of the clan as a whole.

Top 3 Initiates of this Cohort:
The following 3 members finished at the top of their Cohort, and have been given their Final Oaths with honours. Congratulations:

1stplace.png 1st – Fairy

2ndplace.png 2nd – Sendrill

3rdplace.png 3rd – YeahThatAce

These members have graduated the September 2016 Cohort, Congratulations:


  1. Schlangengift
  2. Tribal


  1. Bert001


  1. Mike
  2. PurEESkiLL
  3. Xxeon
  4. bioMonster
  5. Drykon
  6. xEclipse
  7. SirSwaggins


  1. Noaster
  2. Nessylov3
  3. s0LA
  4. Sendrill
  5. Addirall


  1. YeahThatAce
  2. Snybios
  3. Fairy
  4. Unaware
  5. SkyWave
  6. DaeHan
  7. Moxie


  1. DNA
  2. MadEye
  3. WastedPotato
  4. Mattatron
  5. Reborn
  6. Noxus
  7. cristie
  8. Akashi


  1. EnditysBabyGurl
  2. JetinatorGamer
  3. winterlow
  4. GingerAnger



Congratulations to…

Officer Promotions

Tyrant on appointment as Director-General of Damage Inc
Tyrant took his first command within DI of 8th Division at the start of 2016 with a fierce determination to bring it back from the dying rag-tag group of around 5-6 people left behind and abandoned by the previous leadership. He defeated all odds by turning 8th Division for a very long time into the leading division in DI that set the bar high and focused on results not “talk”. His pragmatic results-orientated leadership inspired his division to grow and prosper and played a significant role in taking DI out of the slump it was left in at the end of 2015. His experience and dedication to DI’s greatness is unquestioned, and he is appointed as the Director-General of Damage Inc to help share the great experience, knowledge and success enjoyed by him with all the divisions in Damage Inc.

CynicalBrit on appointment as Secretary-General of Damage Inc
CynicalBrit started his tenure with Damage Inc in 2013 when he was first appointed as a Team Leader in 2nd Division and was promoted to Vice under the legendary Commander Chadd which saw him achieve great things with the division at the time. After a period of rest and respite, CynicalBrit returned to DI with the intent of helping 6th Division achieve greatness once more. He was appointed Vice and through an incredible amount of effort and skill he helped 6th Division achieve its Super Division triumph. He is appointed as the Secretary-General of Damage Inc to help share this knowledge and experience with all the Division Vices in Damage Inc.

Cloa on appointment as General of 6th Division
Cloa stepped up to take the reigns of a troubled 6th Division in June 2016 and has had phenomenal success at turning it around to the position it is today. After only a few short months, Cloa inspired his division to such an extent that it was flourishing and booming with activity and success. It soon overtook 8th Division as the leading division in Damage Inc in terms of size and organization. Cloa’s ability to inspire his members has raised morale to very high levels and allowed him to push his division to achieving levels of greatness that very few divisions every achieve. He is appointed the honorable rank of General, and allocated an Aide-De-Camp officer.

ShiKaan on appointment as Commander of 4th Division

Addiral on appointment as Commander of 5th Division

CaptainFox on appointment as Commander of 8th Division

Nota on appointment as Vice of 4th Division

Sendrill on appointment as Vice of 5th Division

GetJinxed on appointment as Vice of 6th Division

Cristie on appointment as Vice of 8th Division

Lastboss42 on appointment as Marshal Aide-de-Camp of Community Division

Roflsaurus on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 3rd Division

SyCoGaToR on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 3rd Division

Buffsop on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 6th Division

LiloMikey on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 6th Division

Faxlim on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 8th Division

GingerAnger on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of 6th Division

bioMonster on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 4th Division

Drykon on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of 4th Division

Unaware on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 6th Division

Reborn on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Draconic on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Andremull on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of 8th Division

PsmasterDaryan on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of Community Division

Ennasai on appointment as Lieutenant Consul of DI HQ

Enditysbabygurl on appointment as Lieutenant Activity Manager of DI HQ


Member Promotions


This is the epitome of DI membership. Its an extremely distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. It is awarded to Veterans who have gained at least 10 honor points, which is gained through various awards in which themselves take hard work and effort to earn.

I take great pleasure today awarding the rank of Ace to:

Mzz, for legendary service to DI, and being the epitome of what DI stands for.



These are members who have dedicated a lot of effort and commitment to DI. Their loyalty is unquestioned, and they have been around for a while and seen the way things run in DI. They can be relied upon to complete objectives to a high standard, and they maintain a good example of what it means to be DI.

+Zutch, for exceptional service, loyalty and activity to DI.



This rank is given to members who not only have been active in the community via event attendance/discussion contribution, but also for their willingness to mentor other members which truly sets them aside as Senior members of this community.

+Entvex, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.

+ddx, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.



This is the prime rank that a member can achieve during their first 3 months of membership. Its a distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. It is achieved after gaining 3 honor points, which is earned through various awards in which themselves take hard work and effort to earn. I take great pleasure today awarding the 2314_shield.pngCompanion’s Shield to:

+storm, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+ismokeythebear, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+firenicknl, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+ThemisBro, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+Caspaar, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+Rundolpf, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+hoot6875, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+iFatality, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+juGGernaut442, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.



Congratulations to…

MasterPuha ~ Black Cross
(By GreatJackal)
Awarded the Black Cross for legendary team leadership and ingame performance throughout the first glory round on Island Warfare – SHK. MasterPuha has a long history with Damage Inc, having served as Vice of 3rd Division under the legendary World 7 mission in 2013. He once again took up the call to arms when Damage Inc’s 2nd Division deployed into Island Warfare – SHK in February 2016. His never-ending stamina and perseverance to keep pushing through in the toughest of situations coupled with his approachable and friendly mannerisms that has allowed many initiates to be mentored in the art of war by his battle hardened demeanor has had a pivotal impact on the success of 2nd Division. MasterPuha is a legend in Damage Inc, his loyalty has never been questioned and he has never been afraid to get his hands dirty to help Damage Inc rise to its position that it is today. An inspirational leader and mentor, he is loved by his friends and feared by his enemies, and for this legendary effort, he is awarded the Black Cross of Damage Inc.

Ltnighawk ~ Star of Valor – 1st Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for for extraordinary in-game performance and leadership within 2nd Division throughout the first glory round on Island Warfare – SHK. Her dedication and efforts helped build initiates into successful and extremely skilled DI members. 2nd Division’s growth would not have been possible without the contribution she has made.

Jammychgo ~ Star of Valor – 1st Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for for extraordinary division leadership of 2nd Division throughout the first glory round on Island Warfare – SHK. Jammychgo has been an extremely consistent Commander, taking on the long term challenge for successfully leading 2nd Division through the difficult political and diplomatic minefield to see it victorious from start to finish on its deployment to Island Warfare – SHK.

Asuci ~ Star of Valor – 2nd Class (By Jammychgo)
Awarded Star of Valor – 2nd Class for outstanding in-game performance throughout the first glory round on Island Warfare – SHK claiming the Province of DI’s birth with 2 of DI’s 3 counties. He has contributed heavily to the growth of initiates helping  both retention and growth in-game and in clan.

Mzz ~ Star of Valor – 2nd Class (By Jammychgo)
Awarded Star of Valor – 2nd Class for outstanding leadership in game as well as for outstanding service in 2nd Division as Team A Team Leader throughout the first glory round on Island Warfare – SHK. He was instrumental to division progress leading to its Triumph award.

Cloa ~ Star of Valor – 2nd Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 2nd Class for outstanding division leadership that has seen the meteoric rise of 6th Division from the ashes to the biggest division in Damage Inc. His inspirational leadership style has motivated his division to extremely high levels of morale which enabled them to achieve extraordinary things. With this continued division culture, I expect only greater things to come in the future.

CynicalBrit ~ Star of Valor – 3rd Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 3rd Class for excellent mentoring and leadership skills as the Vice of 6th Division. Your efforts as helped propel 6th Division to where they are today, and your ingame knowledge has helped many become better players.


Thanks All