Overwatch – The Rising Star of eSports?

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After the tremendous success with the World of Warcraft saga, Blizzard has sought to replicate this success with the award winning first-person shooter Overwatch which is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The co-developer of WoW’s quest system, Jeff Kaplan is the game’s lead designer. Overwatch is a multiplayer-centric FPS with the fast paced gameplay. Since its beta version, the game has generated quite a lot of interests among eSports enthusiasts and is well on its way to become a major player in the industry.

Professionals are investing in the game

Damage Incorporated Overwatch
Overwatch offers a wide variety of unique heroes combined with FPS play

However, to become a big name in eSports, the game needs to attract the professional players. Some of the highly-skilled players that make exceptional in-game plays are bringing the community to new heights. The unique style and design of Overwatch has caught the attention of some big names. Apart from the new professional teams taking interest in the esports, well established eSports franchises like Team Liquid, Luminosity Gaming and Cloud 9 have already invested heavily in Overwatch.

The Tournament organizers have also jumped on the bandwagon. In 2016, the maximum prize pool of an Overwatch competition was $100,000 while in 2017, the Overwatch Pacific Championship 2017 – Season 1 had a whopping $300,000 on the line; strongly reinforcing the games potential and setting a confident growth trajectory.

A Spectacle for the Audience

The attractive and engaging game design of Overwatch has attracted a good chunk of the audience and the engaging story lines of the heroes in the game has created a special place in the hearts of the community. If the infrastructure of the game and professional play continue to grow like this, the game will leave a mark on the growing audience.

Damage Incorporated Overwatch
Blizzard has gone all in on the back of their World of Warcraft success

Special Heroes in a special Game

What makes the game so engaging is the unique playing style of every single hero which is an incredible attribute for an FPS game. To give you a taste, if you love to play with a defensive strategy them, Torbjorn’s turret makes him an awesome addition to your hero pool. If you are someone who wants to play the game in a sneaky manner, the Widowmaker is the perfect hero with her assassin playing style. If you want to pull the oppositions heroes towards your team and gang up on them, then RoadHog is an excellent recommendation.

It is not just these three heroes that make you want to play the game for long hours, it is every single one of them. Each hero takes a good time and skill to master, which qualifies the quality of a good competitive eSports title.

 The Bottom Line

Since its launch, Blizzard has made great investments in the title to establish it in the eSports industry. The game is a brilliant mixture of an MOBA and FPS which is not applicable in its FPS counterpart CS:GO. The well-structured gameplay, the engaging color scheme and the unique hero lineup, which is easy to pick but hard to master makes Overwatch the perfect game for eSports.