The Order of the Vetus Praesidio

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The second founding principle of DI in 2012 was discipline. In DI’s early days discipline was seen the crux that won every battle, setting our forces apart from the disorganized rabble we fought against. The Order of the Vetus Praesidio (latin for Old Guard) is the second oldest order and second in the order of precedence. It traces its history right back to the very early beginnings of DI. Through its enforcement of discipline, it has allowed us to overcome enemies even greater in power and ability than us, made us the highest ranked and most organized gaming community in the gaming world. Through discipline we have embarked on highly complicated endeavors and allowed us to come through victorious on the other side. This Order is in honor of KnigtCulex the first Activity Manager (back then known as a Warden) of DI in February 2013.


Membership - The Old Guard of Damage Inc

This Order will be made of up of members formerly known as Activity Managers. Their sole purpose will be to maintain our high standards and discipline, and they will receive expanded responsibilities and powers that are aligned to how things were done in the “old days”. With our big size, we need a dedicated strong force who can uphold our rules.

Previous Order Commanders

Name From Until Noteworthy Events
Xtream 1 Jan. 2018 1 Mar. 2018
Bobbafett 1 Apr. 2018 1 Jul. 2018