The Order of the Ludus Magnus

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The third founding principle of DI in 2012 was teamwork. Through this principle since our beginning, we were able to be extremely selective on who we accept into DI. Those who did not understand the concept of teamwork were quickly discarded and those who understood it had the honor to receive the experience and knowledge of our older members and thus continuing our quest for power, community and growth. Strong teamwork is what has built and kept this community in the tight-knit state that it has become famous for. The Ludus Magnus within DI is named after greatest Gladiator Training School from the Ancient Roman Empire, and since its creation in 2013 it has graduated over 50 cohorts of hardened and loyal DI members. The Order of the Ludus Magnus is the third oldest order and third in the order of precedence. This Order is in honor of Moshay08 the Initiate Manager of DI’s first ever cohort in October 2013.


Membership - Initiate Managers & Mentors of Damage Inc

This Order will be made of up Initiate Managers and Mentors. Its primary purpose is to continue to ensure a high quality of mentors who are mentoring and initiates who are graduating to join the ranks of full members within DI.

Previous Order Commanders

Name From Until Noteworthy Events
CindersKnight 1 Jan. 2018 1 Jun. 2018
Foolproof 1 Aug. 2018 1 Nov. 2018