The Order of Imperium

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The fourth founding principle of DI in 2012 was leadership and command. DI understood that a disciplined force without a strong leader was nothing more than a cattle being led to the slaughter. Decisive leadership was needed to form and deliver the final blows to DI’s opponents and ultimately claim victory. Throughout the years, DI has placed a very high priority in the competence and expertise of its leaders at all levels. It has always been seen as an honor to lead members, and therefore disrespectful if the absolute best effort was not given when presented with the opportunity. The Order of Imperium (latin for Command) is the fourth oldest order and fourth in the order of precedence. This Order is in honor of Kronos the founding leader of DI’s first officer training curriculum in 2014.


Membership - The Officer Instructors and Trainee Officers of Damage Inc

This Order will consist of all Officers Instructors who are responsible for the officer training curriculum in DI Community as well as officers undergoing training. A complete revamp of this curriculum is coming in January 2018, with a month long cohort similar to how Initiate Cohorts are run with Top 3 graduates.

Previous Order Commanders

Name From Until Noteworthy Events
13thShade 1 Jan. 2018 1 Mar. 2018 Commander's Signet
DrPhilandChill 1 Mar. 2018 reigning Commander's Signet