The Order of the Anti Farming Unit

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The first founding principle of DI in 2012 was elitism. We were #1, only accepted the best and nothing else mattered. Throughout our history you will famously find references to the legendary and feared AFU. They were elites with a thirst for DI’s enemies blood. They even famously ruthlessly destroyed allied members who were deemed too weak, fulfilling Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest”. Since the Order of the Anti Farming Unit traces its history right back to the very first days of DI – it is first in order of precedence. This Order is in honor of DukeBane, Lars & Strongandbald – the ancient founding members of AFU and DI’s very first elite players over five years ago in 2012.


Membership - The Elites of Damage Inc

This Order will continue its historic tradition of being an establishment of the elite within DI, those who strive to be the best of the best in their games, and will provide support and administrative services to these players.

Previous Order Commanders

Name From Until Noteworthy Events
Physics 1 Jan. 2018 1 Jun. 2018