The Prestigious & Honorable Orders of DI Community

Orders are lower in order of precedence to Divisions, however they operate like Divisions in many ways – including being led by a Commander and Vice. Since January 2018, the HQ department has been dissolved and replaced by four independent Orders, all based on historical events or governing bodies from DI’s history. They will not appear on the MDR separately, as in members who are in an Order can also be in a Division, and since Divisions are higher precedence, the members will be displayed under their respective Division on the MDR. However there will be a TeamSpeak tag for members of Orders.


Why Orders?

HQ became too big to handle all the work under its structure of bureaucracy. Separating the elements that form it into their own historical groups under their own Order allows our expansion to continue with the right infrastructure and support. Especially the Old Guard (what was formerly known as Activity Managers) grew up to 25+ people and were given more powers, so it only made sense to break HQ up.



Order: Anti Farming Unit
Membership: Elite

Commander: Silicate

Order: Vetus Praesidio
Membership: The Old Guard (Activity Managers)

Commander: Buggeh



Order: Ludus Magnus
Membership: Initiate Managers & Mentors

Commander: LightningHawk

Order: Imperium
Membership: Officer Instructors and Trainee Officers

Commander: DrPhilandChill