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Officer Ranks

Leader Leader is the highest ranked official in the Damage Inc Community. The Leader is responsible for the overall well-being of the clan and leading it from a strategic standpoint. – Leaders are appointed by First 9
– First 9 vetting and approval
– There can only be one
Chancellor Chancellors generally act as the community’s 2nd-in-command’s and are responsible for helping the Leader lead from a strategic perspective. – Appointed by the Leader of Damage Inc


Generals form part of leadership and typically command Houses of 150+ members, or oversee large sections in HQ such as tournaments or clan administration etc. – Appointed by the Leader of Damage Inc


Commanders typically command Divisions of 40+ members and are responsible for leading that division from a tactical standpoint within their particular game. – Nominated by respective House General
– Appointed by the Leader of Damage Inc

– Or,  build a Venture into a Division

Vices would generally act as the 2nd-in-command of a Division or be the head of a HQ administrative section. – Nominated by the respective Commander
– Appointed by a General
Captain Captains form the backbone of the community’s officer group and would typically command teams or work in an HQ administrative section. – Appointed by the respective Commander or a HQ Vice

Esteemed Ranks

The Former Leaders and Founders of the Damage Inc Community have spent countless hours working as an officer to the community succeed. As recognition for their service as a Leader/Founder, they receive the title of Council and help guide and shape the future Leaders of Damage Inc.
– Lifetime access to the Opium Den
– 1 year of continuous unbroken service as Leader or Chancellor
– 2 years of continuous unbroken service as General

– Must Maintain a good Record of Service
Elders are retired members of Damage Inc who have served for a long period as esteemed members of the clan. It is a status granted to very few people who have consistently given a lot to the clan. They don’t have anymore access than Registered Guests however there is one key benefit:
– Ability to return at anytime to their previous Member Rank without the need to do Initiation again.
– Earn a Black Cross OR
– Earn Veteran + 100 Honor Points OR

Command & Support Positions

House General
House Generals command a House within DI.
Key responsibilities include:
– House Compliance & achieving strategy set by the Leader
– Mentoring & Training Division Commanders
– At least 6+ Months of Division Command
– Excellent history of achieving triumphs & objectives
First Commander
First Commanders act as the House 2nd-in-Command.
Key responsibilities include:
– Helping other Division Commanders with Promotions/Demotions (has ACP)
– Mentoring other Division Commanders
– Appointed by the House General
Division Commander
Division Commanders command a Division within DI.
Key responsibilities include:
– Division Compliance & achieving objectives set by the House General
– Mentoring & Training Division Officers (Team Leaders & Vice)
– Outstanding leadership and ability to recruit
– Expert within the game and strong understanding of the competitive scene
Division Vice
Division Vice act as the Division 2nd-in-Command.
Key responsibilities include:
– Division Events (ensuring all teams in division meet compliance reqs)
– Initiates within the Division (managing retention by working with Team 2ICs)
– Strong understanding of DI’s policies and compliance
Team Leader
Team Leaders command a Team within DI.
Key responsibilities include:
– Team Compliance
– Team Events
– Leadership potential and ability to recruit
– Strong in-game experience
Team 2IC
Team 2IC’s act as the Team 2nd-in-Command.
Key responsibilities include:
– Lead Mentor of Initiates in Team (ensuring they are integrated and meet reqs)
– Good with people
– Strong discipline and mentoring history

Grouping & Compliance

Damage Inc’s Community consists of different types of groups such as Teams, Divisions and Houses that form part of the Clan. Teams make up Divisions, and Divisions make up Houses and so on. Each group has a different set of conditions that must be maintained by its respective leader to avoid it being disbanded and continue the Clan’s continual growth and high activity levels. This is also known as Compliance.
 Minimum (Compliance)
Grace Period
The minimum a group needs to be deemed stable. Favorably looked upon for promotion and awards. The bare minimum a group needs to avoid disbandment or adverse action being taken against its leader. Amount of time to rectify non-compliance

(4-6 Divisions)

200+ Members

80%+ Compliance of Divisions

All Commanders appointed

150+ Members

60%+ Compliance of Divisions

All Commanders appointed

30 Days

(2-6 Teams)
<35 Members = 4 teams max
35 – 49 = 5 teams max
50+ = 6 teams max

Any combination within the Max 6 is allowed.

40+ Members

100%+ Compliance of Teams

Division Vice + Team Leaders appointed
Post 1+ Division Announcement per month

30+ Members

100%+ Compliance of Teams

Division Vice + Team Leaders appointed
Post 1+ Division Announcement per month

14 Days

Competitive & Venture
(5-15 Members)

5 – 15 Members
Host 3+ Events per week
Compete in 1+ CvC per month

(if part of a Competitive Division)
Team Leader and 2IC appointed
Maintain a Team Topic in respective Division sub-forum 
7 Days

(5-15 Members)

5 – 15 Members
Host 1+ Events per week

Team Leader and 2IC appointed
Maintain a Team Topic in respective Division sub-forum 
7 Days

Failure by a respective group leader will be managed as follows:
First Instance – Counseling from respective Chain of Command

Second Instance – Strike for “Negligence in Officer Duties”
Third Instance – Non-negotiable demotion
*if a 3 month period between instances has passed, the escalation level resets

Compliance will be evaluated throughout each month using the Master Division Registry and Division Calendars/Forums. 

Glory & Triumphs Requirements


Laurel Triumph

To get a Tournament recognized for a Laurel Triumph the participants need to seek advanced approval prior to the final match in the event. Factors such as the prestige of the event, number of other competing teams/players, prizepool, exposure (is it streamed to a large audience online?) are all considered when deciding whether to make the event a laurel triumph eligible. The team/participants must then still win the event – coming second does not count.


Super Division Triumph

Super Division is measured on the MDR under each division with a counter called “SD: X Days”. When a Division reaches 50+ members (the minimum) the counter will turn green and start counting everyday that the division is above 50+. After 90 consecutive days, the Super Division Triumph is awarded. Any break or drop below 50 during this period will automatically reset the counter – therefore careful planning is needed by the division’s leadership.

Enforcing Discipline

There may come a time where you as an Officer must take disciplinary action against members who have broken our Code of Ops. As an officer you are expected to uphold and enforce our Code of Ops to its fullest extent with no exception and across the entire clan. There may also be times that you may have to strike a member from another Team, Division etc when none of that member’s officers are online.

Striking Members from other Divisions
If you see someone committing a breach of Discipline, and:

A) An Officer is online from their Division (and not afk!, they must be responsive to a poke), then:

1.     Poke the Officer, and let them know what you just witnessed.

2.     That Officer is to investigate, and issue strikes as required/Suspend from Forums/TeamSpeak as required etc.

B) There is no Officer online from their Division, or the Officer is not responding to a TeamSpeak poke, then

1.     The Officer who witnessed the discipline breach is to issue the Strike/s, and Suspend from TeamSpeak/Forums as deemed reasonably necessary.

2.      The Officer who witnessed the discipline breach is then to PM the Division Commander and Team Leader of the offender, notifying them of the breach that occurred, and the actions taken (including any strikes/suspensions).

Important Notes

– Even after consideration of a Commander’s disagreement, the Justice Committee may rule that the strike stands.

– The Commander (or anyone) must not intimidate, berate, insult or attack the Witnessing Officer in anyway, as they are the ones who did what is expected of them as an Officer at the time the event took place, and upheld the discipline of DI in the absence of an officer from the offender’s division.

– If the member decides not to appeal their strike, then the strike will stand regardless of whether the Commander believe it unreasonable or not.

– The Commander is not obliged to challenge a strike of one of their members, even if one of their Division Officers believe it was unreasonable.

If there is a disagreement from the:

A) Team Leader or Vice of the offender with any aspect of the Strike issued (either the quantity, the type of offense striked for, the reason for striking etc), they must take the case to their Commander, who must review all the facts and determine whether the strike is deserved and abides with DI’s Code of Ops.

B) Commander of the offender with any aspect of the Strike issued (either the quantity, the type of offense striked for, the reason for striking etc), they must:

1.     PM the Chief Justice with their concerns, providing reasoning as to why they deem the strike as unreasonable.

2.     Encourage the offender to Appeal their strike within the Justice System.


– All Officers have the Right to Strike any member, regardless of Division, as long as the conditions above have been met.

– The purpose of allowing cross-division discipline enforcement is to ensure that members do not take advantage of AFK or offline opportunities to breach the Discipline code set forth by Damage Inc.

Officer Bans

As an officer you are held to higher standards than regular members, and you are expected at all times to set a good example to the rest of the clan. If officers set a bad example it creates dysfunction within the clan, and this has a snowball effect towards the members. However DI understand that sometimes you have to step down for reasons outside your control (such as when something comes up in RL) or when you have served a long and successful tenure and wish to take a break.
Good Faith
Bad Faith
If you step down (and your division, team or appointment is in good standing and served in your position/current appointment for at least 3+ months) If you step down (and your division, team or appointment is in bad standing and/or served in your position/current appointment for less than 3 months)
If you are removed/stepped down in good faith a subsequent time If you are demoted (for any reason INCLUDING being placed on Probation)
Under any of the above circumstances, a mandatory 2 month officer ban will apply Under any of the above circumstances, a mandatory 6 month officer ban will apply
Important Note: Moving between positions in a division is allowed, with approval of  the Commander. Side-ways moving (same role, different division) is prohibited and results in an officer ban. If you are removed in bad faith a subsequent time
A mandatory officer ban of 12 months will apply each time

Note: Failure or demotion as Venture Leader does not result in an officer ban.

Frequently Asked Questions
I served in good faith for 6+ months in my previous role, was offered (and accepted) a new role, but had to step down after 2 months in it. Will I still get an officer ban in bad faith? Yes. Every new position you take (which is added to the announcements) is considered a new “contract” and therefore requires 3+ months, irrespective of your previous good service. DO NOT accept a new role unless you can commit at LEAST 3+ months to it.
Can I appeal an officer ban? No. It is not a strike – therefore cannot be appealed.
Under what circumstances can an officer ban be waived? In operational need approved only by the Leader. In 95% of the situations this would only cover a role like Division Commander in order to save a division – and it would only be considered if all other options have been exhausted.  Having a ban waived also generally includes a “double or nothing” clause which means should someone who has had their ban waived fail again – they will get a 12+ month officer ban.
Who is responsible for posting an officer ban in the officer ban register? If it is a Team Leader or Division Vice stepping down, the Division Commander posts it. If it is the Division Commander stepping down, the House General posts it. If its a General stepping down, the Chief of Staff posts it.
Who is responsible for issuing an officer ban? The Chief Justice, and in their absence, the Justice’s.
If I had to step down due to reasons outside of my control, will I still get an officer ban? Yes, it is why you are asked prior to taking an officer role whether you are able to commit 20+ hours a week for at least 3+ months. Any new or upcoming school, job, travel or life commitments should be seriously considered prior to accepting a new position.
What is the longest period an officer ban can be given? 2 Year officer bans are issued to officers who grossly neglected a division and caused it to die.