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Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your help! The role of officer is voluntary. It comes with the prestige of a higher ranking than members but also comes with a lot more work. If you are reading this you have been selected for an Initiate Manager position in the DI HQ.

This guide will provide you with the information you need to become an Initiate Manager and should always be referred to for assistance in your role as Initiate Manager in the future.

The guide has been divided into chapters, and structured to help provide easy access to the various aspects of your role. All chapters are hyperlinked in the index on the previous page to make navigation easier.

You should consider any information you are given in HQ discussions on TS or PMs on Forums to be private and it should only be discussed with other HQ officers. Also any information given to you in confidence by users should also be treated private and only discussed with HQ officers that require the information.

The Role of an Initiate Manager

Initiate Managers are responsible for dealing with all Initiates that wish to join DI. This involves setting up Cohorts, managing Cohorts, assigning Mentors and giving out all awards related to these tasks. This role is vital to the growth of DI. Without new members a clan will become stagnant and start to decline as current members leave.

As an Initiate Manager there are two vital sections of the forums you need to watch closely, it is recommended that you follow both of these. These sections are:

Ludus Magnum:

Initiate Applications:

Both should be checked as often as possible. Ludus Magnum is where the topics for Cohorts are posted. Initiates may post questions here, which you will need to answer. You also need to check if any Initiates have gone inactive. Initiate applications needs to be checked often so that new applicants are assigned to the next available Cohort and their names added to the post in Ludus Magnum.

Starting a Cohort

As Initiates are recruited into DI they need to be assigned to a Cohort. The cohort an Initiate is assigned to will be in the title of their application after the Gatekeepers have accepted them into DI. These can be found here: The Cohort will normally be the next available Cohort that has not yet started.

Creating Topics

For each Cohort a topic needs to be posted in Ludus Magnum, a Cohort lasts one month, so there should be a topic each month. At all times the current Cohort and the next available Cohort should be open. The current Cohort should have a title like, January Cohort 2017 [In Progress]. The next available Cohort should have a title like, February Cohort 2017 [Open].

To create the topic go to Ludus Magnum and click the ‘Start New Topic’ button near the top right.

The topic should show the month and year it is for at the top, a short greeting message to Initiates, all important dates for the Cohort and be broken down by Division showing current Initiates and those that have left during the Cohort. The Initiates should be listed using the mention system (@Username) so they get notification of the topic when added. At the bottom all Initiate Managers should be listed so Initiates know who to contact for help.

Assigning Mentors

Each Initiate in a Cohort needs to be assigned a mentor that will teach them about DI and help them become full members. Members cannot become a mentor if they are on probation. Commanders or above are not allowed to take mentees, as they are considered to already be mentoring their junior officers. Initiates are not allowed to take mentees as they are meant to still be receiving mentorship. To assign the mentors you should create a topic in the Engine Room. The topic can be created just before the Cohort starts. This topic should show the month of the Cohort concerned, important dates for the Cohort and list the Initiates by division.

Potential members will then reply to this topic either naming a specific Initiate they would like to mentor or just offering to mentor anyone.

When you assign a mentor to an Initiate you will need to edit the first post and put the mentors name beside the Initiate, using the mention system (@Username).

Mentor Reserves

Mentor Reserves is a program in Initiate Management for those who cannot signup in the first 3 days of the Cohort to sign-up as a Reserve Mentor. A reserve mentor will be what is chosen if we have to reassign a new mentor for any reason.

A topic is created and anyone on away or probation can sign up as a Reserve Mentor in this topic.

Adding Mentors to Profiles

You also assign the mentor to the Initiate in the Admin Control Panel (AdminCP). To do this go to the top of the forum page and click your name. From the drop down menu select AdminCP.


This will open a login screen. Use the same login details you use for the forums to login. After logging in click ‘Members’ on the left hand side. On the right you will see a search bar, type the user’s name here to find them. Click the user’s name in the list below when it shows up. Then go to their profile tab and scroll down to Profile Information. The seventh section down is ‘Mentored By’. In this section type in the name of the mentor. Then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page and close the AdminCP.

Initiate Messages

During a Cohort you will be in constant contact with the Initiates. This will be mainly through a group message. However, you will be required to send individual messages to Initiates in certain circumstances. The main one of these that occurs for each Initiate is when they are assigned a mentor. When this happens you will need to send a message like this to each Initiate:

Good Day

My name is YOURNAME and my partner in crime is Sprinkles, we are here to help you, in all that is needed for you to become a full member of DI. This is an exciting new time and there is a lot of things going on. We know our forums and Team Speak might seem like a daunting task but that is why we are here to help you find your way in DI and have fun while doing your initiation. We hope you all have a wonderful time in the clan and that you would get all the benefits that come with such a close knit group. Please feel free to come to us with any questions on anything you might need to know. We are here to help you and guide you every step of the way, to get accustomed to the DI culture.

Your Mentors name is @Fakemember1

Welcome to the Civ 6 Division. The division is built around the prospect of improving, and knowing all knowledge available. We often play other games as well to avoid the burn-outs that so often happen while playing a new Civ game. We have a very active and accepting core group for everyone to join, or to play with. We clown and mess about quite a lot, but we are a variable bunch with many kinds of people, from all around the world. Some of us are veterans, some of us are completely new, some of us do whatever they can to win, and some are just in it for a fun ride. We have our own TS channels in the CIV6 section,, and often where the parties start. The base Civ 6 channel is where most people play, and chat while playing non-civ-games, so it’s a good place to start.

Your Division:

So where to go to get to know the forum, starting with your own Div subforum is always a good place to start. In there is all the info you will need to about what is going on in your Div. I have added the link so you can find it easily and will get you started on your way to getting to know the forums.


There is also a calendar where we have all kinds of event’s posted. This is where we keep everything to do with games organized from clan events to practice times for Div. This is an important part of DI to remember as you can get a strike if you do not RSVP to events that have the Word [CLAN] in them. This event is color gray to make it easy to spot from all the events that are available.


Also remember to make your 50 posts add -DI- to your steam profile and to always be on team speak when online in steam. Never go inactive for more than 3 days or you will be set back to registered guest.


We have a mentorship program where you will be assigned to a member of DI. They will show you the ropes and tell you all that is needed to know. They will remind you of the rules and show you around to all the fun activities that are available. It is their job to make sure you get to full member and do it with flying colors, yet it is your job to respect your mentor reply to their PM’s and talk to them on Team Speak. They taking time out of their own game and responsibilities to help you and help to get you to full member.


In DI everything is about teamwork. We believe by helping each other that we can make this clan the best clan out there. We have a vision and we would love you to be part of that. We would like you to answer the follow few questions I know you can’t answer all these questions right now but I would like to know your answers by the end of the cohort and by the time you post your full membership application. This will help us improve your experience as well as help others.

1. What is your primary and secondary game?

2. What do you want to experience from DI?

3. Has your vice contacted you yet?

4. Has your team leader contacted you yet?

5. Has your mentor contacted you yet?

6. What is your experience in DI like so far?

7. What would be your goal that you would like to reach within DI?

You can post any concerns or questions or queries you have in this PM.

Kind Regards

Mentor Messages

You will also need to alert the mentors of who has been assigned to them. A message like this would be suitable:

Your Mentee’s Are:


Mentor Guide:

Good day all. This guide is to help all new and existing mentors with the process of how to be the best mentor you can be. The following topics will be cover in this guide. How to help your mentee reach their full potential in DI, keep them active and reach their as well as your own goals. Making the experience for both of you as pleasant and informing as possible.


  1. Choose a mentee
  2. The PM
  3. Activity
  4. Team speak
  5. Steam
  6. Forums
  7. Code of Op’s
  8. Full mentor report

Choose A Mentee:

This is the first and most important step. It’s the foundation of your mentorship. Choice someone from your division if possible. This will help as you know the division rules not just the clan rules. You play the same game so you have something in common and share the division interests. It is also a good idea to get someone that is close to your own time zone as that will make them more available at your time to talk and interact.

This is important so you can make sure they are someone you will be able to keep in contact with and help. It also helps that that person trusts you and asks you for advice so getting to know them and keeping in touch is the key.

So the key points to finding a mentee:

  1. Same division if possible
  2. Same game interests primary or secondary
  3. Same time zone

The PM:

After you have been assigned to your new mentee it is of utmost importance you send him/her a PM on the forums to introduce yourself and make sure they know who you are and that you are there to help them and take care of their questions and things they need to know about the clan.

Make them feel welcome and let them know that no question is too small to ask. Give them advice and make them PM informative, fun and easy to understand. Remember this is something to help someone else not just so you can get a mentorship clasp on your profile. It is on you if this mentee fails because you did not help them the way that is should be done.


Key points in the PM.

Let the mentee know who you are, Make the heading something that will draw their attention and help them find it easily in their sea of personal messages.

  1. In your PM add information that will help your mentee understand the structure of DI, for example; the Code of OP’s, calendar telling them what colors are the CLAN events and what color are the events for your division so they know where to look. You can tell them how to navigate the forums how to get posts and how to get the 3 referrals for their full mentor application.
  2. Add some links so they can click on it and go to the places with ease and help them to set up their notifications for things like the calendar and the announcement so they don’t miss anything important. This can be done with screenshots or step by step instructions. This is just for that extra little bit of effort.
  3. Make it fun. They need to also see the light fun side. Tell them something funny about the division or yourself make it a little personal, put that you touch in it and remember they are just as nerves if not more than you. Make them feel welcome and mean when you say you are there to help them. Reply to the message frequently and ask them how they are doing.
  4. Find out what they think of the clan what their goals are if they have any problems or need any support on something. It is a good idea to respond with a “hi how are you” once a week or “How are you today have any questions?” or “have you seen the new CLAN event in the calendar section. I usually post the Clan event link for them in my PM’s weekly as a reminder and also to keep them active.


Check their activity every 2 days. Make sure they do not go inactive for more than 3 days. If you see they are close to going to register guest get a hold of them and let them know before the time. Poke them on Team speak or talk to them on steam. Make sure they don’t go inactive by accidently. We see that happening a lot of the time. The person has a good post count and they are super active on team speak then life gets in the way and they think they have logged on but have not done so. Next thing you and them know it they are registered guest and need to reply.

Check their profiles make sure they are getting their posts in if you see they are slow and feel they might need some encouragement send them a link or inform them of a place you think they can make a good few posts to get them up and read for full member application. As there mentor you need to check on them at least 3 time a week if not more to make sure they don’t get strikes for not RSVPing or going to registered guest.

Key points in activity

  1. Check their profiles at least every 2 to 3 days to make sure they do not go inactive
  2. Send them a message on Team speak, steam and the forums if you see they are creeping near to the 3-day inactivity mark
  3. Check that they have RSVP to Clan events
  4. Check that they are on track for their 50 posts

Team Speak:

Try and talk to your mentee on team speak. Once you have spoken on voice it’s much easier to talk on the forums from there. If you speak over voice you can clear up any information that might have been misunderstood on the forums or get a better understanding of each other. It also is easier for them to ask you hard question that needs a lot of explaining instead of typing out a whole page you can now talk and go through it with voice which is much faster and easier.

Also, helps in building trust and gives you the opportunity to play a game as well as get to laugh. Making friends with your mentee is an important thing I think in building trust and lasting friendships that can give everyone the chance to want to stay. It is also a way for you to help them remember to log into the forums daily and to RSVP to upcoming events. To post and also to help them get their referrals before the time comes for full member applications.

Key points on team speak

  1. Set a meeting if possible to talk about goals and achievements the mentee might be interested in.
  2. Go through the Code of OP’s with them
  3. Get know them and make them feel welcome


It is important that you add your mentee on steam so that you can contact them not just on forums and team speak. Help them keep active and also help them to remember to RSVP. Also if you have any question or need to get hold of them this is another means of communication. It is useful and if you are an officer it is mandatory to have your division on steam.

Some of the divisions like SHK they don’t use steam that often same for LoL but I still think it’s an extra means to get hold of someone when needed. So if possible it is a good thing to have.


Help your mentee work through the forums. Help them by giving them places they need to check like announcements and calendar. Also, help them with your division forums for example: In Dota forums there are announcements that need to be read tell them about it show them where to find it. Help them understand the rules of the division as set out on the forums. Give them links to place where they can post to get there post count up. Like the general discussion or the off topic forum. Help them get there 50 posts and if they want to be top initiate help them active that also.

help them set up the follow function so they can get notifications for important forum sections so they don’t miss anything. Also remind them to check out the ludus Magnum so they can learn how to be good members. There is also a lot of helpful information on being a good mentee with lots of forum information

Important Forums to check.

Code of Op’s:

This is very important for your mentee to know as they will need this information to pass their initiation. A lot of people are struggling with these questions on their full member application it’s your responsibility to help them with this. For example: Question 8 asks about the probation a lot of initiates are getting this question wrong. It is important that you help them with the Code of Op’s they need to know about how the clan works. If they don’t know these things they will not know the rules of the clan and could one day be on probation because they did not know. It is important for them to go through the ranks also so they know what they need to do if they would like to become a senior and higher.

As their mentor , you need to help them. We are getting a lot of question about things that you could answer. It’s important to keep in contact with them and help them with all these requirements and make sure they understand it all. Also that they know how to follow it. Like having their name the same on Team speak, forums and steam, that they need to be on team speak when on steam. Make sure they know how strikes work so they don’t get 3 and get out on registered guest.

Key forum to read

Full Member Application:

Make sure you know your mentee as you will have to fill in a full mentor report. This has been made mandatory so make sure you are prepared. Make sure your mentee knows that they still need their 3 referrals one from a senior or higher. This way they will be able to do it in time. Help them as also another question we get is how do we get referrals? Help them with that give them advice you can even introduce them to some of the people you know and make them feel like they can talk to some of the people in the clan. A lot of people are shy and don’t always have the confidence to go out and start talking to people. Help them with that. Be active on team speak and tell them to do the same so they can reach new people and get their referrals.

Key points for full member application

  1. You need to fill in a full mentor report
  2. Help them get referrals
  3. Help them on team speak with the rules
  4. be active with your mentee or you won’t be able to answer the questions.

1. How long have you known your Mentee?

2. Why did your Mentee join Damage Inc and did they find what they were looking for?

3. Did your Mentee have issues with RSVPing and attending Clan Events during their cohort? If Yes give details and whether they improved.

4. What do you consider to be the Mentee’s biggest area of development and/or contribution during your mentorship?

5. Is your Mentee completely aware of the Code of Ops and did you discuss it with them in detail?

6. Did your Mentee have issues being active on the Forums? If Yes give details and whether they improved.

7. Was your Mentee striked during their initiation? If Yes give details and whether they learned and improved.

8. Was your Mentee responsive towards you as their Mentor on TeamSpeak and to your forum PMs?

9. Would you Recommend this Initiate becoming a Full Member of Damage Inc? Answer carefully.

10. Any other comments or observations you would like to include?

During a Cohort

During a Cohort your main responsibilities will be checking for any Initiates that have gone inactive and removing them from the Cohorts and answering any questions that Initiates ask you. The best way to answer Initiate questions is to have a group private message either between all Initiate Managers and all Initiates in a Cohort or if the Cohort is too large have smaller groups in a private message, this way all the Initiates in the private message benefit from the answer you give to each question and they will all learn more.

Removing Initiates

If an Initiate leaves DI or is removed from DI for any reason you edit the first post in the Engine Room topic, remove their mentor and type ‘Left Cohort’ beside the Initiates name. You should also remove the mentors name from the Initiate in the AdminCP. To do this go to the top of the forum page and click your name. From the drop down menu select AdminCP.


This will open a login screen. Use the same login details you use for the forums to login. After logging in click ‘Members’ on the left hand side. On the right you will see a search bar, type the user’s name here to find them. Click the user’s name in the list below when it shows up. Then go to their profile tab and scroll down to Profile Information. The seventh section down is ‘Mentored By’. In this section remove the name of the mentor. Then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page and close the AdminCP.


It is advisable during the cohort to use Team Speck to check on progress of Initiates. You can move between channels looking for Initiates and try to have a short text or chat conversations with them asking about how they are finding DI, are there any issues they are having and has their Team Leader and Mentor been explaining DI to them. This will help you resolve any issues Initiates are having and check that Team Leaders and Mentors are carrying out their job correctly.

Preparing for Next Cohort

During a Cohort you always need to be preparing for the next Cohort that will open. In order to do this you need to create a topic so any new Initiates can be added to the topic and you can keep track of them until the Cohort starts.

The next available Cohort should have a title like, February Cohort 2017 [Open].

To create the topic go to Ludus Magnum and click the ‘Start New Topic’ button near the top right.

The topic should show the month and year it is for at the top, a short greeting message to Initiates, all important dates for the Cohort and be broken down by Division showing current Initiates and those that have left during the Cohort. The Initiates should be listed using the mention system (@Username) so they get notification of the topic when added. At the bottom all Initiate Managers should be listed so Initiates know who to contact for help.

Checking for New Initiates

In order to add Initiates to the Cohorts you need to know what new members have been accepted into DI. Once an application has been processed by the Gatekeepers and acknowledged by the appropriate Division Commander they will become Initiates of DI and should be added to a Cohort. Once this happens their applications will be moved here:

As this section of the forum defaults to sorting by application start date you may need to resort them to by last reply. To do this you click ‘Sort By’ on the top left and select ‘Last Reply’.

After you have sorted them. Check all applications replied to after the last Initiate added to the Cohort, then add all the new Initiates to the next Cohort.

End of a Cohort

When a Cohort finishes your main responsibilities will be deciding who were the top three Initiates of the Cohort, handing out awards and giving reports to Leadership.

Cohort Report

At the end of each Cohort you will be required to send a Cohort report to Leadership. This report should show the retention rate and failure rank broken down by divisions. An example of the report is:

Deciding Initiate Awards

The Initiates need to be ranked under a scoring system. If they do very well during their Initiation then they may graduate as one of the Top 3 Initiates in their Cohort and be awarded special Initiation Ceremony with Honors. The current scoring system is listed below:

Total Rank Scoring Breakdown:

Events AttendedUp to 40 x Points

  • 5 x Points for every Event Attendance received in addition to the first four minimum required
  • Max Points Possible is 40, after 12 Events are attended (4 min + 8 additional at 5 x Pts each) no further is counted

Forum ActivityUp to 30 x Points

  • 1 x Point for every 5 posts over the minimum 5
  • Max Points Possible is 30 Points (200 posts, 50 min + 150 additional), after this no further posts are counted

Bonus Points:

Joining the Steam GroupBonus Points

  • 10 x Points

Awards received during InitiationBonus Points

  • 5 x Points – Honor Star
  • 10 x Points – Star of Valor – 3rd Class or Bronze Commendation
  • 25 x Points – Star of Valor – 2nd Class or Silver Commendation
  • 50 x Points – Star of Valor – 1st Class or Gold Commendation

Receiving a strike automatically eliminates an Initiate from a top 3 position.

Mentor Awards

There are two specific awards that are handed out to mentors for there achievements. These are handed out after they have mentored one Initiate and after they have mentored initiates for 6 consecutive months. They are considered to have mentored an Initiate if the Initiates meets all the requirements to become a full members and is promoted to full member rank (or higher). For the Star of Mentoring the months successfully mentored must be consecutive and at least one Initiate must become a full member per month. Any additional Initiates mentored in a month have no affect.

Mentorship Clasp

Awarded to members that have gone above-and-beyond and undertaken Mentorship responsibilities in DI to further help develop the community and clan community.

Award authority: Initiate Managers Only | Honor Points to Member: n/a

MA – Star of Mentoring

Successfully mentor initiates for 6 consecutive months.

This award must be applied for here: Applications for the award are handled by Activity Managers.

Handing out Awards

To give an award to a member you need to create the award. This is done from the drop down menu ‘Create’ to the right of your username on the top right of the forums.


When you click ‘Award’ a new screen will popup for you to fill out the details of the award.


In member you put the member receiving the award. You can only put one at a time. The award section has a drop down list of all available award for you to select from. Finally the reason section is where you fill out the details of the award. Once finished hit the save button at the bottom.

Striking Mentors

As an Initiate Manager you may be required to strike (warn) mentors for not carrying out their duties as mentor.

There are two ways a warning can be issued. You should only use the below method as the other is for warnings related to a specific post. Go to a members profile. On the left hand side you will see any warnings a user has and a Warn User button. Click this to warn them.


This will give you a popup screen for issuing a warning. On this you need to fill out three sections. Firstly the reason. This is done from a drop down menu. The type of warning you issue will then fill out the number of points, the remove points date and time and the penalty as applicable. You then fill out the note for member explaining to them why you are issuing the strike, this should clearly state what they did wrong so they understand how to avoid further strikes for the same thing. Finally, you complete the note for moderators section. Again explaining the warning. You can also post any evidence you have to support the warning here.


Once you have filled everything in press the issue warning button on the bottom right.

Chain of Command

As you can see above Initiate Managers are part of DI HQ. The chain of command for Initiate Managers is as follows:

  • Initiate Manager ranking directly above you.
  • Any Initiate Managers above them.
  • Head Administrator.
  • Chief of Staff.
  • Chief Aide-de-Camp.
  • Leader.

Any higher ranking officer in the HQ may question your actions or give you instructions but these are who you report problems to. Make sure to respect the chain of command and go to the person directly above you first. You should only go higher up the chain on urgent issues when the person directly above you is unavailable.

You should add all officers between you and anyone higher up the chain of command to any communications with higher ranking officers. This way when your ranking officers log on next they know what has happened. You should also include any officers at the same level as you, where appropriate, to ensure they don’t start trying to deal with the issue as well.

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