Division Command 2.0

Updated: 9th November 2017 by Xtream

Division Command

The Role of a Division Commander

The Role of a Division Vice

Head of a Division (2-9 Teams)

Second-in-Command of a Division 

– Get regular feedback from your Vice regarding the status of your teams.

– Provide regular feedback to your Legion Commander regarding the status of your Division and the progress on objectives.

– Keep your Division Compliant. (See ‘Achieving and Maintaining Honour‘ for more detail.


– Get regular feedback from your Team leaders regarding the status of your teams.

– Provide regular feedback to your Commander regarding the status of your teams.

– Keep your Division Compliant. (See ‘Achieving and Maintaining Honour‘ for more detail.

– Assist in Commanding the Division in accordance with DI policy and Code of Ops and to help achieve the goals established by respective Division Commanders.

– Your team leaders should be checking regularly to see if any of their members have met the requirements for promotion. Check with them to be sure this is done. When you are notified of a promotion, ensure it is done.

– Acknowledging accepted Initiates in Initiate Applications and ensure they are assigned to a Team.

– Enforce Chain of Command in the Division.

– Enforce discipline within Division (especially TeamSpeak and forums).

– Support the Division Commander’s compliance requirements by ensuring enough Division Events are being created to meet compliance.

– Be the host for Division Events unless otherwise stated.

– Organise other more complicated events (such as Social Events or Tournaments).

– Inspect and manage the quality and quantity of Team Events created by Team Leaders. 

Provide the leadership and strategy for their Division
– Commanding the Division in accordance with DI policy and Code of Ops and to help achieve the goals established by Di HQ Leadership.

– Find out what Leadership wants you and your Division to do. Ensure you get the “What” “When” “Why” from them, and if you’re unfamiliar with the task ask the “How” as well.

– Create Monthly Team Objectives and assign them to the Division’s Team Leaders (based on the Division Objectives assigned to Commanders by Leadership).

 Keep Division compliant with the Code of Ops Train and mentor Junior Division Officers
– Ensure you understand every facet of the Code of Operations in detail. Don’t just read it, understand it. For you to be able to lead a division by the guidelines and policy set within this clan, you must understand the Code of Ops.

– Enforce Chain of Command in the Division.

– As an Officer, you are able to strike members. You are expected to do so when they do not abide by the Code of Ops. If you let one member/officer get away with something, others will follow suit. DI prizes itself on its discipline and loyalty, like such of what the Roman Legions used to be, don’t allow that standard to drop.

Mentoring & training the Division Officers

– If your officers don’t go to Morning Tea, it’s up to you to find out why and get that fixed. You should want your division to advance/progress in DI, so help them do so.

– If one of your officers are not up to the skill level you need to them to be, you should spend time to train them. Run through some stuff 1 on 1 with them. Do not run them down for not being at a good enough standard. It is your job to ensure you division is staffed with capable officers and you must bring any below your standards up to the standards.

Leadership Skills

Technical Expertise

Professionalism Awards
– Lead by example

– Be prepared

– Take responsibility

– Awards require specific details in their description.

Aim to have the following in your award when you give these awards:

What: Razed several enemies and captured a county by himself

When: During the war with House 3

Where: World 6 SHK

Outcome: Which allowed us to move other members into the county to secure the area.

Initiative TS Rank/Groups
– Understand both your role and the chain of command fully

– Act on your own initiative within these boundaries

When you are in command of a division you should always ensure your division have been assigned the correct groups on TS. These will vary depending on rank, position and the games they play. To change them right click on the person’s name in TS and select ‘Set Server Groups’. Click any additional groups they should be added to and/or click any groups they should be removed from. The member belongs to any groups that have a tick beside them.
Knowledge Editing Profiles
– Contribute to the Opium Den / Legion HQ

– Have HQ Operations, Opium Den, Announcements and your Division Subforum in your subscriptions

– There is also a lot of useful information in the member/reports section in our menu on the forums

To edit a profile go to the Members profile and on the banner image below the links, click the edit button.

Then scroll down to Division Information. The first drop down menu is used to change their Division and shouldn’t be used without a completed Division Transfer Request. In the second menu you can select what team to assign this Member to. The final menu is used to select their role with the team. 

Commitment Acknowledging Accepted Applications
– Officers exist primarily to create an organised and enjoyable environment for Members

– Dedicate at least 2 hours most days to working for the good of the clan

When a Gatekeeper accepts an application to join DI both the Commander and Vice of the division the new Initiate is assigned to are mentioned in a message posted on the application. Either of them should then acknowledge the application. This is done by using Moderator Actions when you are viewing the application.

Be sure not to acknowledge any applications that have not been accepted by a Gatekeeper, as acknowledging them moves the application to ‘Current Initiates’.

Recommended Battle Rhythm

Chain of Command

Weekly Tasks All Members of DI should follow the Chain of Command. As you can see below Division Command are part of DI Legion Structure. The chain of command for Divisions is as follows (Lowest to Highest):
– Update your Division Objectives topic. You may have no new objectives but it is still important to show what progress is being made, if teams see a task getting close to completion it may give them the extra push needed to get it done.

– Check for posts regarding team updates. Your team leaders should be posting these to help you keep track of the teams. If they aren’t posted ask the team leaders why not and inform them of the importance of these topics for your role and their benefit.

– Check to ensure each team has an Official Event scheduled for the week, either as part of your Division, or for their Team only.

– Team Member
– 2nd in Command
– Team Leader
– Division Vice
– Division Commander
– First Commander
– Legion Commander
– Chief of Staff
– Chief Aide-de-Camp
– Leader
Daily Tasks  
– When you log on, check with your Vice for any updates from that day or for updates to the objectives you assigned from team leaders.

– Check on the progress of all your teams with the team leaders from the objectives you have posted in your Division Subforum. You can do this check by either talking to them on TS if they’re online, getting them to post daily in your objectives topic, or to PM you on forums. The latter two are preferred because it means you will get the update even if they are not online. Take note of who is doing really well, you will award them later. Those who are not so good, talk to them and find out why.

– Check with your Vice if any admin/member/officer issues have occurred, if yes, deal with them if your Vice hasn’t already.

– Check your with your Vice to see if any team leaders notified them of members due for promotion.

– Check the Away section as well as the Clan Management (under the “Other” menu tag), to ensure none of your Officers are on Probation or Away, and if they are, you are aware of it. They may need to be replaced if they are on Probation or will be away for more than a few days.

Any higher ranking officer in the Chain of Command may question your actions or give you instructions but these are who you report problems to. Make sure to respect the chain of command and go to the person directly above you first. You should only go higher up the chain on urgent issues when the person directly above you is unavailable.You should add all officers between you and anyone higher up the chain of command to any communications with higher ranking officers. This way when your ranking officers log on next they know what has happened. You should also include any officers at the same level as you, where appropriate, to ensure they don’t start trying to deal with the issue as well.

HQ Officers outrank Division Officers in all matters related to HQ but for Division matters they rank as Member in the Chain of Command.