October 2016 News

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~October 2016 News~

Nota: “GreatJackal’s mentor was The Gods. So then who mentored The Gods???????????????????????????”

Members of the Month

Congratulations to the following members for going above and beyond and achieving glory and prestige for Damage Inc and their Divisions, congratulations!

Legend.gif Member of the Month

– CindersKnight (8th Division)

Division Members of the Month

– Duncan (2nd Division)

– Bert001 (3rd Division)

– Moxie (6th Division)

Officer of the Month

– Jam (Community Division)

They have all been awarded their respective Medals (see Awards) for achieving their coveted status.


Rust Venture Success!

Congratulations to 1st Division!

Commander: Addulous
Vice: Blackbird

It happened very fast over the space of a few short days. After heavy recruitment from many members the Venture was an astounding success which has postured it well to future victories. Well done to everyone involved in building and organizing 1st Division  and re-instating it back to active status after a short hiatus. Many big things are expected and everyone continues to look on in anticipation.


History Update

New chapters of History has been added to the Damage Inc History Project thanks predominantly to Sairane, Shand, JennOfTroy and Mal. Go check it out and get a good understanding of what this clan has gone through in the last 4 years as it will provide a lot of context to our culture, customs and traditions that we still continue to this day.


Long Term Away Abuse

There has been a few cases of people taking Long Term Away then abusing it by still playing a considerable amount of hours of gaming. Long Term Away was made for those that had unexpected circumstances come up in their life that required their time for more than a month where their access to a PC / internet would be extremely limited and not enough to maintain the minimal activity requirements of Damage Inc. Many member’s had their membership revoked for this abuse, with the stance that they can rejoin once their “busy” schedule freed up again.

This has required a new policy approach to distinguish those that abuse it to those that do not, as the harm it caused to Divisions and morale in the clan was too much. Just think, you diligently join TeamSpeak everyday, RSVP to clan events etc, and theres a member on steam playing 40 hours a week of games and doesnt do any of this because they put in their LTA application.

So, that being said, the new Policy will be as follows:

“Abuse” of LTA is clarified as:

  • Playing more than 15 hours of games over a 2 week period (tracked by Steam and other platforms such as Origin)
  • Revoking any of the Requirements under which LTA is administered (see below)

You are deemed to have enough time to meet clan requirements if you are capable of playing this much games. Considering that the clan requirements are minimal and many people in DI who only have 2-3 hours a week of spare-time comfortably manages to keep up.

If you are caught abusing the LTA system, your membership will be automatically revoked no questions asked. Should you ever choose to rejoin you will undergo initiation again.

Considerations when applying for LTA:

  • Make sure you have explored other options first. If you cannot access the forums via a PC but can through a mobile device etc then look into it. Only use LTA as an absolute last resort.
  • All LTA Applications will be scrutinized by Activity Managers in much more depth than a regular Away Application (yes, theres a difference between LTA and regular “Away”)
  • Long Term Away is granted for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum 6 months. Extensions may be granted but requires the LTA member to formally post another Application to request an extension.
  • If you have any record of LTA Abuse, even if you rejoin the clan at a later date, you are permanently ineligible to apply for LTA again and the maximum length of time you can take away from DI will be extremely limited. Do not abuse it.
  • Your Steam Account needs to be public (or at least have the Activity Managers added as friends) in order for LTA to be granted.

Requirements and Rights whilst under LTA:

  • In addition to the usual of being immune to Activity Requirements (forums, events rsvp, teamspeak etc),
  • You are permitted to come onto the Clan TeamSpeak, where your time permits, only for the purpose of communicating with members.
  • You are not permitted to participate in any clan events.
  • You are not permitted to participate in gaming (whether planned or casual) with Damage Inc members under any circumstances.

When you take LTA, you lose some privileges but gain others (such as immunity) for the purposes of allowing you to address the issues that you need to in your life. Any breach of the above requirements will constitute “Abuse” and your membership will be revoked immediately.

The TeamSpeak rule allows for members who use Damage Inc for social support, especially people going through difficult real life circumstances. You are more than welcome to come and talk to your friends where your time permits.

What we are trying to do is distinguish between those who’s intent remains to genuinely belong to Damage Inc, and those who seek to circumvent the clan rules but still enjoying the privileges of membership.


Negative Repping on Forums

There has been issues on forums with people deliberately misusing the repping system (even if it was just for a laugh) and it has had a negative impact on morale. I have removed the ability for anyone to be negative repped on the forums through posting.

However, a system is currently under development that will give you negative rep when you get striked. It wont be just -1 rep either, expect it to be higher. This will tie reputation into the Strike/Discipline System. Watch this space!


The Last 60 Days – Important

We are into the final 60 days of the year. There isnt long to go and we have to still create 2 more Divisions and recruit 200 ish members to reach our Damage Inc 2016 Plan. Recruiting has been excellent and our cohorts are capping over 100 each month which is crucial for our growth. However, we need to work on our retention. Too many initiates drop because of inadequate support from their Team Leaders or poor quality mentors.

Everyone needs to rally for the last 60 days, as we are going to push 1st, 4th and 5th to become Super Divisions. Anyone interested in starting a Venture make sure you PM Nechtmarrie on the forums.


Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions are to thank those members who have needed to step down or retire but who attained the rank of at least General within Damage Inc and made a huge impact within the clan. We have two honorable mentions to make in this month’s announcement:

Kronos has stepped down and retired from Damage Inc for RL reasons. He is once again re-instated with the honorable rank of Retired Leader for his time in leadership back in 2014. He has been a pivotal part of the Justice Committee for most of this year, and provided a lot of insight and assistance in setting up the Justice System within Damage Inc with Nom and INV404. We wish you well and hopefully see you pop into TS from time to time to say hello.

Cloa has stepped down from his previous position as Commander of 6th Division and is going to chill as a member. He gets a mention for the phenomenonal turnaround he made with 6th Division. Taking it from a Division with barely 25 members and not many teams to the esteemed status of Super Division and many well-run in only three short months. He has definitely left a legacy and big shoes to fill for the next Commander who takes his place. Cloa will spend his time now to focus on improving his ingame skill through SoloQ.


HQ Positions Open

Serving as an Officer in HQ provides a unique perspective of the clan due primarily to the fact that you are focusing on issues, processes and structure that affects the entire clan. Doing a stint in HQ is also important for members aspiring to leadership positions, as it gives you broad exposure on how most of the clan is run. Currently HQ is is looking for the following positions

  • 1 x Justice (Must be a Vice+ or been a Marshal for at least 2 Months) – Point of Contact: Nom (Chief Justice)
  • 1 x Activity Manager (Anyone can apply, however full members are preferred) – Point of Contact: JennOfTroy (Deputy Chief of Staff)
  • 1 x Gate Keeper (Anyone can apply, however full members are preferred) – Point of Contact: JennOfTroy (Deputy Chief of Staff)
  • 2 x Recruitment Officers (Anyone can apply, however full members are preferred) – Point of Contact: JennOfTroy (Deputy Chief of Staff)

If you are interested, ensure you PM the relevant Point of Contact on the forums with your interest and they will get back to you.

Please note that at the bare minimum, high forum activity is one of the key things that are reviewed for these roles. Do not apply if you dont consider yourself much of a “forum person”.

Other Open Positions

If you are seeking a role within your Division or ingame leadership positions, take a look at the Master Division Registry and anything that says VACANT means it is actively looking for candidates. Ensure in the first instance you speak with your Commander if you are interested in more responsibility in your own division.


Autumn Awards 2016

Congratulations for the following members for winning a Autumn Award, for their efforts they get a Signature Bar and an Honor Star. Good effort


Initiation Ceremony

Congratulations to the Cohort of October 2016 for joining our ranks as full members. You have no doubt gone through a somewhat difficult process in the Ludus Magnum, where many of your peers fell to the relentless assaults from the activity managers, your Commanders and Team leaders who expect the highest performance from you and lastly, the barrier tests from the Initiate Managers. Due to the demand, some of you have been offered officer positions to take up more responsibility within the clan. Ensure you use this to the glory of DI and always for the best of the clan as a whole.

Top 3 Initiates of this Cohort:
The following 3 members finished at the top of their Cohort, and have been given their Final Oaths with honours. Congratulations:

1stplace.png 1st – Shadows

2ndplace.png 2nd – Atomiccow

3rdplace.png 3rd – xParagon

These members have graduated the October 2016 Cohort, Congratulations:


  1. Jaaboi1769
  2. Atomiccow


  1. AlinaStarkova
  2. Tilac1988
  3. Maddeadman1


  1. Triggered
  2. Kevenchronicles


  1. Roach


  1. Eastonn8
  2. xParagon
  3. DraegonX
  4. DopsonR
  5. Jarmstrong
  6. Baka
  7. Pleasuefaucet
  8. Akroterion
  9. Shadowjumper888
  10. VolidyrSin
  11. Zinkerking
  12. DSNatsu
  13. Shadowfox98


  1. WarriorofAeons
  2. MRSA
  3. Deathsarge


  1. Mervan
  2. Omina
  3. Sprinkles



Congratulations to…

Officer Promotions

Nota on appointment as Commander of 4th Division

Paragon on appointment as Commander of 6th Division

Blackbird on appointment as Vice of 1st Division

Roflosaurus on appointment as Vice of 3rd Division

bioMonster on appointment as Vice of 4th Division

Sendrill on appointment as Vice of 5th Division

DSNatsu on appointment as Vice of 6th Division

Andremull on appointment as Vice of 8th Division

AFDragon on appointment as Vice of Community Division

Jam on appointment as Vice Initiate Manager of DI HQ

Specctre on appointment as Vice Aide-de-Camp to the Leader of DI HQ

Reedsnake on appointment as Marshal Activity Manager of DI HQ

Xtream20 on appointment as Marshal Initiate Manager of DI HQ

Atomiccow on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 2nd Division

Juggernaut on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 3rd Division

Senti on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 4th Division

TRIGGERED on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 4th Division

s0LA on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 5th Division

DopsonR on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 6th Division

Krill on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of 8th Division

Jonse2011 on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of Community Division


Member Promotions


This is the epitome of DI membership. Its an extremely distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. It is awarded to Veterans who have gained at least 10 honor points, which is gained through various awards in which themselves take hard work and effort to earn. They are also given automatic Elder status in gratitude of their service to Damage Inc.

I take great pleasure today awarding the rank of Ace to:

Alionnor, for legendary service to DI, and being the epitome of what DI stands for.

Physics, for legendary service to DI, and being the epitome of what DI stands for.



These are members who have dedicated a lot of effort and commitment to DI. Their loyalty is unquestioned, and they have been around for a while and seen the way things run in DI. They can be relied upon to complete objectives to a high standard, and they maintain a good example of what it means to be DI.

+Beravin, for exceptional service, loyalty and activity to DI.



This rank is given to members who not only have been active in the community via event attendance/discussion contribution, but also for their willingness to mentor other members which truly sets them aside as Senior members of this community.

+Ender, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.

+Fatality, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.

+MikeytheLegend, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.

+Rabb01, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.

+Yoshi, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.

+Cloa, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.



This is the prime rank that a member can achieve during their first 3 months of membership. Its a distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. It is achieved after gaining 3 honor points, which is earned through various awards in which themselves take hard work and effort to earn. I take great pleasure today awarding the 2314_shield.pngCompanion’s Shield to:

+AlinaStarkova, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+Bert001, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+Duncan, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+Shikaan, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+MadDeadMan1, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.



Congratulations to…

AFDragon ~ Commendation Gold (By JennOfTroy)
Awarded Commendation Gold for his excellent performance of his duties while leading the Activity Management Team, countless hours of hard work and dedication during his time in HQ.

INV404 ~ Commendation Silver (By Nom)
Awarded Commendation Silver for his excellent work in the Justice department and being integral in keeping the team functioning and progressing cases. Excellent work being predominantly the sole justice member the last month and ensuring everything gets done and cases are still worked on and attention given to all tasks. You are an asset to DI and your work and effort is greatly appreciated.

Xtream20 ~ Commendation Silver (By JennOfTroy)
Awarded Commendation Silver for his dedication and hard work in HQ Gate Keeping, performing extra duties in other HQ areas above what was already expected of him.

Heather ~ Commendation Bronze (By JennOfTroy)
Awarded Commendation Bronze for handling initiate applications, full member applications and voting under less then ideal circumstances, being the only Gate keeper at this busy time.

Reedsnake ~ Commendation Bronze (By JennOfTroy)
Awarded Commendation Bronze for stepping up to take the lead in Activity Management when most needed. Always working behind the scenes to make sure everything gets completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Espy56 ~ Commendation Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation Bronze for his excellent recruiting efforts in bringing multiple new people into 1st Division and helping them through the application process and supporting their integration into the division.



Thanks All