News & Promotions – Mid Feb 16

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~News & Promotions – Mid Feb 2016~

New Website + Division Emblems

As many of you are now aware, I have been working on getting us an updated site from the static front page we’ve had the last 3 years. The intent of this new site is to boost our search results in Google, provide a better and more informative experience to current and future members, and to allow officers of DI to share news and updates with you as they are happening. All Division Commanders and Vices, as well as other HQ staff will have access to update and post announcements that will come up on the frontpage of our website. This provides opportunity for us to be even more professional as we step into the future.

Our intent will also be to upgrade to IPB4 when all the mods we used have been made compatible. WPCom has worked very hard to continuously test and adjust our technical back-end to make sure the transition goes smoothly, so when you get a chance make sure you thank him on TS!

You may have also noted changes in this topic about the new division emblems Ive created (or seen the changes around the place):

This again is part of the 2016 Modernization strategy. If you havn’t had a chance to see them yet, here they are:


2nd Division (DI-II)

By now I am confident that the 2nd Division is off to a good start in the Stronghold Kingdoms Island Warfare server. Thanks to all our key players for getting it off to a strong start (you know who you are), and keep the push going. Under the command of LLR (who was ironically the first Commander of the 2nd Division back in 2012), and his Vice, SirKatgang, DI-II has a promising future that will last for quite some time.

Ludus Magnum

The Ludus Magnum was the greatest training school of gladiators during the Roman Empire days. Its with great excitement that I announce its return to Damage Incorporated Multi Gaming Clan to train our Initiates in the fine art of being good warriors and members.

Each month a new Cohort of Initiates will complete all the training and integration program designed to orientate them to the ways of Damage Inc. The Ludus will be managed under the watchful eye of MI6Dashman the clan Initiate Manager.

Come check out the Ludus for more information:

DI Steam Group

If you are not part of our Steam Group, ensure you join it ASAP.

The link can be located on the top menu of our main site. There will be an audit done to see who has / hasnt joined the group, so that the Recruitment Officer can identify who is/ who isnt in DI and talk to those who may be interested in rejoining.

See this topic for more info:



Congratulations to……….


Sirkatgang on appointment as Vice of 2nd Division

Clones231 on appointment as Vice of 8th Division

Cooper on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Trickthat on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 2nd Division

VanillaThunder on appointment as a Lieutenant Assistant Gate Keeper of DI HQ

FancyChicken on appointment as a Lieutenant Head Recruitment Officer of DI HQ

MI6Dashman on appointment as a Lieutenant Initiate Manager of DI HQ


None Currently


Congratulations to……….

Specctre is awarded Commendation – Gold for superior administration work for DI-I either on TeamSpeak and forum, tracking statistic of every member and helping every new initiate to get into DI.