News & Promotions – 19 Feb 16

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I was going to wait until the end of the month, but there is simply just too much that has happened (and happening) so I am releasing another mid-month announcement.

DI & Facebook

If you dont mind, make sure you like DI on Facebook! We have been posting on there and growing our presence in Social Media. This is an important aspect for any Multi Gaming Clan that wants to make an impact.

Elder Rank

For those not familiar with the Elder Rank, it was designed to allow members who have made a great impact in DI to be remembered for their time here, and if they were ever to come back, to jump straight to their previous rank without the need for Initiation. Every once and a while there is a vote by the clan who decides who shall be added to that list.

In honor of their service, the First 9 have been added to the list of Elders, should they go inactive without reason and fade into history. Earning the Ring of First 9 is something that only the most loyal members of DI can ever do, and it takes a long time to get there. So should they fade and lose their ring, the very least they can get in return is a quick comeback should the need ever arise.

Division Competition Coming in March!

I will release a separate Announcement covering the details, but the focus will be on the Forums and Community bringing us tighter as a clan. We have had many people join us recently, and I think holding a feast competition is a great way for you to win glory for your Division and Damage Inc.

Speaking of Community

We are working closely with the Community Division to bring back old favourites that this clan loved. Other than Morning Tea’s, expect to to see organized community game matches in games such as:

  • Rust
  • PlanetSide2
  • Age of Mythology
  • And some others

Its what made the Community what it was back in the day, getting 20 or so online at the same time to go mess around in a game was great, and it broke us all out of our Division Silos to do some gaming with the whole clan. More will be released on this shortly.

LoL (and later Dota2) Tournament

With our recent success on Facebook with advertising, I am looking to expand us into new frontiers.

Damage Inc will be hosting a League of Legends Tournament, that will be advertised on FaceBook to attract other teams, that will have cash prizes (through Steam Credit). The details are still being finalized, but the event will be sponsored by Damage Inc (with some private backers), with the ultimate aim of getting our name out more and bringing our LoL division back to its former glory.

More will be released after the Officer Meeting this weekend. Down the line, we will do the same for Dota2.


The new website is just about done, with a few more tweaks to go. Go have a look at the content if you have not already done so, some of it has changed (I re-worded Clan Ranks and the Discipline system for instance).


Its great to see Damage Inc with all the energy and activity it currently has. 45-50+ people on TeamSpeak most of the time is quite a good level of activity. Keep it up everyone, it is great to see us working so hard to achieve honor and glory.


I am going to start including DI’s financial position on our Announcements, as I believe that all the members who have donated should be notified of how their money is spent, and that transparency generates trust and in turn makes us all a tighter knit community.

Current Balance – $87

Recent Spending (Jan/Feb) – Nil

Upcoming Expenses – Teamspeak approx $45


I will be putting up a couple of Donation Panels on the Forums to the right hand side. Throughout DI’s life I have personally paid for the domain, hosting and forum software, which I am fine to continue doing. However there is a couple of items that I will list on the side.

  • Our TeamSpeak is an recurring expense that needs to be covered.
  • Fundraising towards the LoL tournament (and future events). The TS is more important, however if you want to contribute to this it will go a long way into marketing the clan, and hopefully securing the return of our LoL Division.


Congratulations to……….


CindersKnight on appointment as Director Chief of Staff of DI-HQ.
Cinders has been with Damage Inc for a very long time, serving in various administrative and game appointments. His calm and professional approach to Damage Inc, along with his experience with how the engine of the clan runs, will make him an exceptional addition to the leadership ranks. Congratulations.

SIRKATGANG on appointment as Commander of 2nd Division

WABM on appointment as Vice of 2nd Division

MasterPuha on appointment as a Captain Team Leader of 2nd Division

Augustus on appointment as a Captain Team Leader of 2nd Division

Birdnamedrook on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Meatwad on appointment as a Lieutenant Recruitment Officer of 8th Division

Kkrunchbite on appointment as a Lieutenant Assistant Gate Keeper of DI HQ


None Currently


Congratulations to……….

Tyrant is awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for superior management and leadership both administratively and ingame in returning the 8th Division to its former glory. Constant effort towards recruitment, motivation, inspiring his members to work as a team, and setting a vision for his Division has seen it on a massive upwards swing.


LLR is awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for extraordinary ingame effort and leadership to the start of SHK Island Warfare that has seen the 2nd Division start as a top 5 faction, and ensure Damage Inc’s spearhead mission into the world was successful.


WPCom is awarded Commendation – Gold for superior administration and developer work for Damage Inc. He has been very pro-active in fixing many of the technical issues that has bugged DI, including making our site much faster, recovering people’s deleted accounts through a site error and helping prepare DI for software upgrade to IPB4. Without him, we could not have done any of this.