Morning Tea and 2019

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We are back in 2019 again with a new version of Morning Tea. However, unlike the more traditional version where well-to-do ladies and gentlemen delicately sip questionably “enjoyable” beverages with their pinky finger in the air, at Damage Inc it showcases all the cool and exciting things that’s been happening with our various teams and members, as well as giving those outside a glimpse into us.

So with that being said, Morning Tea will be shifting to a weekly affair that will provide a combination of entertainment and insight.


This is the new schedule:

– Intro’s

No brainer, you’ll be introduced to who is on the stream!

– Highlight of the week

Any exciting event that happened during the week in DI, we want you to keep in the know. This may be related to the community, our esports teams or events.

– Meme of the week

#feelsbadman, we will vote on stream live!

– Best Gaming moment of the week (a Medal.TV clip)

Make sure to get your clips in, and we will get the best one up!

– Streamer Highlight of the Week

Our Streamers are kinda a big deal. We will present a random one each week to get you guys familiar with them.

– Player Highlight of the Week

We are not far away from featuring our own eSports teams, and once we do – we will get them featured as well!

– Big updates coming from the Community, Esports and Events (just 1-3 things)

Upcoming tournaments, events, sponsorships – any big deal stuff that will affect DI.

– Questions

We will take some questions, but please note we will NOT be able to answer every question we get in Twitch Chat. We will also deliberately not choose questions that we don’t deem relevant, disrespectful or something that can be viewed in our rules. If your question is urgent, feel free to use other means to ask it (like posting a topic).

– Giveaway

If we hit our our sub goal for the month, we will do a giveaway


When is it?

3PM EST – every Saturday

So be there!

It’s a good place for you to put faces to names, and to connect with leadership. We want to give more insight into what is happening, with some added entertainment.


That means our first one will be in 2 days from now! See you there