Mid Month News – May 16

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Leadership’s Perspective

We are currently remaining on track to meet our end of year objectives, the most important thing to do now is not to let the momentum dry up. Keep pushing, dont stop, dont look back, and dont let go. A lot of people’s time has been deeply invested, and so far as a clan we have got a lot to show for it, but its easy at this point to kick back and relax and let the momentum of this big ship start to slow down.
Everyone needs to keep looking out for ways to improve the clan, from improving the way your team is run, to your division which ultimately affects the clan. Remaining adaptable is very important.
Secondly, as our numbers grow, it offers us the benefit of spreading out into more games. I am glad this is happening, as it edges us closer to our end of year goals. Starting a Venture is not easy, and many people have failed trying to do so. However the challenge for someone stepping up to do it doesnt stop when they hit Division status, as it is extremely hard work to maintain a Division in a compliant state, therefore ensure you all do what you can to support our Venture Leaders and Commanders.


Community Super Weekend

DI will be holding an awesome Super Weekend on 27-29 May 16 and you should make every effort to attend! You can expect a variety of games and events covered and hosted by our Community Division that will drag you away from your usual primary games. Expect things like Age of Mythology, Mini Golf and Heroes of the Storm just to name a few, make sure to keep an eye out on Upcoming Events and sign up so the hosts can plan for the numbers! Its important we break away from our “silos” and divisions we usually game with in order to strengthen and maintain the tight community we have always been.


Editor Wanted

Given all that is happening around the clan, we would like an Editor to join the HQ team to communicate with all the Divisions and collect material to be used on a DI “Newspaper”. The purpose is for entertainment, laughs and community spirit, as well as letting everyone know of the various happenings across the clan. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, send me a PM.


Last Mid Month Announcement

With the push for a more “fun and interesting” “newspaper” on the events of the various divisions, I will be cutting away the mid-month announcement, in favour of just one end of month announcement that covers things like MOTM, Awards, Promotions etc. If anything happens throughout the month that cannot wait, or something justifies a mid-month announcement one will be created, but for now, given the great stability and progress that the clan is making its becoming less needed, and the focus should instead be on covering what the various divisions are doing.


Congratulations to……….


Zoof on appointment as a Captain Team Leader of 8th Division

Xitenic on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 7th Division

Mervan on appointment as a Lieutenant Events Manager of 7th Division



This is the prime rank that a member can achieve during their first 3 months of membership. Its a distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. It is achieved after gaining 3 honor points, which is earned through various awards in which themselves take hard work and effort to earn.

I take great pleasure today awarding the Companion’s Shield to:

+Wetletus, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.