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Mid Month News – March 16

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What a crazy month so far! I have a notepad full of various topics I need to cover, and so much has happened in the last 2 or so weeks alone. So without further delay..

Clan Events Forum and Roll Calls (Important)

I have been working with CindersKnight to find a way to make Activity Management more efficient in DI. I have found that Roll Calls causes a lot of unnecesary tension, because for a lot of members they do not serve a clear and objective purpose. They DO serve a purpose, but it may be perceived as subjective (keeping people active on forums, as its the heart of the clan that brings everyone from different games and divisions together).

Then the Calendar. Lets face it, who REALLY checks it? And how many who DID use it, found it clunky and terrible? Judging by the small sample size I used, it was not many liked it. Yet the Calendar served an important purpose as well, allowing Event Hosts to plan properly based on the number of attendees they get to events. But how can they plan when most people dont respond about their ability to attend?

So trying to kill two birds with one stone, I decided to merge the two. And the forum “Upcoming Events” was born.

From this day forward, there will be no more Roll Calls. Instead…

Members are required to respond to events relating to their Team or Division as well as Clan Events such as Morning Teas and BBQs for instance.

Each Event created will have a list of either the Division (sometimes Teams) or the Clan (just like roll calls), and the host marks people off who has responded. This does not mean events are mandatory for you to attend, it just means that you MUST respond whether you can or cannot attend before the event commences. This is pretty much a Roll Call in itself, but with more benefits, namely:

  1. You get more time to respond. Events must be posted at LEAST 48 hours prior to occurring, but often you will find many posted 8+ days away. They have all been color coded with badges in the topic title, so you can quickly check which ones you must respond to before the time runs out.
  2. Allows the Host to better plan the event, as they have an indication of who can make it and who cannot and then make changes accordingly to ensure the event runs well.
  3. This serves a lot more purpose than a roll call, and it still ensures members check the forums daily.

Hosts will not be using Polls to see who can attend, as its too difficult to track. It will be done just like a Roll Call with the memberlist pulled from Officer Tools and pasted into the event topic, then marked off by the Host as members respond. When the event occurs, the topic gets locked and an Activity Check is done to see who responded and who didn’t, and those that didn’t will be managed exactly in the same manner as a Roll Call (Code of Ops to be updated to reflect this).

There will be no need to post events on the forum calendar anymore.

This will still be overseen by the Activity Managers but instead of creating Roll Calls, they will ensure that Hosts are following the Events Template and are marking members off the lists etc and ensuring that the Events are on Steam Calendar (for clan wide events). There is a Multi Mod that changes the Color Tag in the topic title, this will also be the Activity Managers responsibility to update on a daily basis as needed (Shand/Jenn if your not sure what im talking about, poke me on TS).

Hosts will be accountable for the success of their events, hence why all Official Events (events that are posted in Upcoming Events), must be hosted by an Officer. If a member wants to host an Event, they need to ensure there is an officer who is willing to be accountable for the success of the event, and guide the member to ensure it complies with DIs new event framework.

Given this is a very big change in the clan, there will be a 7 day grace period (where no one will get striked for failing to respond to an Upcoming Event) whilst the new system is implemented. My advice is to start checking the Upcoming Events section daily, and ensure you post your availability and ability to attend on Events concerning your Division and Clan Wide events.

As to all Officers, I encourage you to hold more Events than the bare minimum of 2 per Division per week. I have seen many Division Events, but I want to let Team Leaders know, you are free to organize a Team Event for your team (and I would expect this especially from the Dota Teams, but also SHK Team Leaders). Division Commanders, your Team Leader’s Events do count towards your min 2 per division per week requirement, so encourage your Team Leaders and support them to run more events for their team. Team Leaders can also (with the blessings of their Commander) run events for their Division, as Jammychgo recently ran a DI-II event for all of DI-II.

There is a lot of flexibility in this, and if you are still not sure dont be afraid to poke me on TS. And each time an Official Event is held, it means more Events Attendance tokens for members which is crucial for them to advance in the clan.

Officers on Long Term Away (LTA)

Due to some confusion earlier in the month, a need has been identified to clarify how LTA works with Officers. With members its easy, if you need to take a long period of time off, you just need to let Shand the Activity Manager know, and off you go and your membership will be waiting for you on your return.

However with Officers it becomes more complicated. With extra responsibilities, an officer taking LTA can significantly hurt their Team, Division or Clan depending where they are operating. Therefore, if an Officer needs to take LTA, they will be required to step down from their appointment/position. On their return, they may be appointed back to their previous position by their Commander, Myself or CindersKnight, however this will not be guaranteed (just depends on clan’s needs at the time).

However don’t despair, as when RL calls (and it eventually does for everyone), there is no shame in stepping down at all, I have done it and many before me have too when RL took up a lot more time. This change has already been written into the Activity Management part of the forum.

Division Transfer Requests (Important)

Some of you may have noticed a Division Transfer Requests sub-forum appear under HQ Operations Room. This has been brought in due to the current mass fluctuations within the Clan that is causing some chaos with teams and divisions with members constantly moving.

So, whilst all members have the ability to move divisions because their game tastes change, it will be tracked better to ensure that Commanders, Vices and Team Leaders know and understand where members are going, and for what reason. This will also reduce instability.

Our Newest Elders

Good work to CindersKnight, Shand and SirKatGang for being the clans newest Elders. This is not really a rank or position, but rather a “get out of initiation free card” for if they ever go inactive or have to leave DI and want to come back. Voting for new Elders occur every three months and only three get selected. Once you are selected, you remain an Elder for life, unless you get blacklisted.

Other members who get Elder privileges automatically include anyone who achieves the rank of Ace or become a member of First 9. Some people dont even know their Elders, because anyone can be nominated and voted in, including ex members who are registered guests.

Major Site Upgrade Coming

Due to all the issues the forums have created recently, there is only so many bandaid solutions me and WPCom can apply before it is going to die. Therefore, the time is ripe for an upgrade.

When WPCom gets better internet than the current connection he has similar to those who live in Antarctica, we will be doing a major site upgrade to IPS4 (we are currently running on IPS3). For those that don’t know, its a significant software upgrade which is much more responsive and faster. There will be some tweaks as we update all the mods to (like MoTM and Awards) to meet the new site requirements, but overall, you are going to notice quite a nice experience!

It also means we are getting a new forum skin. Unfortunately the current one will not be compatible, so we cannot keep it. But, i am confident you guys will like it, it will be a similar color scheme.

Real Life Event

There is some discussion about having a Real Life Event in the NorthEast of the US (to make it easier for our EU brothers, but also reasonable for our Asia Pacific brethren to attend) towards the end of the year, I will make another topic about this to find out what the interest level is from people. This is the pinnacle of a clan’s community. If we pull of a succesful RL Event, we have achieved the ultimate aim of a great tight knit community that trusts each other.

Shoutout to Frosty

Frosty has stepped down from his appointment as Commander of 1st Division, due to RL commitments that he has to attend to. He has been a great Commander of the 1st Division and will be forever framed into their history. He will still be in DI but without the extra responsibilities that come with being a Commander.

More Games to Choose From

Update your Profiles if you have not done so already. I have added something like 20 more games for you to select as your Primary and Secondary. This is important because its how HQ determines what Division is best for you.

More Strategy Forums

As many of you racing to win Op Redraw may have noticed, there is THREE extra Strategy Forums for Rust, HearthStone and CSGO due to popular demand. Make sure you guys use them, as I remove inactive strategy forums (RIP StarCraft II).

Removing Assistant HQ Positions

I have removed Assistant HQ positions, as in most cases its two people working together equally to get work done as partners. This also flattens the HQ structure slightly. So instead of having an Assistant Gate Keeper and Gate Keeper, they will both just be known as the “Gate Keepers” for example, same with Activity Managers and Initiate Managers etc etc. Naturally, if there is a rank difference, the Chief of Staff and myself will hold the higher ranked officer a lot more accountable than the other, but where its equal rank, its equal accountability.

HQ Junor Officer Promotions are also based on performance and merit, so you may have a member who became an officer a lot later than another officer, but gets promoted quicker to Captain or Vice due to exceptional performance and initiative and activity. For all our HQ Officers wondering how to reach Vice quicker, I have 1 piece of advice: Take Initiative. If you need to be always told what to do, or, you needed to be reminded about your responsibility because you are not doing it often enough, you will find this advancement slower. I don’t currently have an issue with anyone, im just providing this info as people were wondering how it worked in HQ. Good luck to you all.


Congratulations to……….


Specctre on appointment as Commander of 1st Division

Mesinga on appointment as Vice of Community Division

LadyCynthiaJ on appointment as a Captain Gate Keeper of DI HQ

Edavis on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 2nd Division

Tjeekan on appointment as a Lieutenant Initiate Manager of DI HQ


This rank is given to members who not only have been active in the community via event attendance/discussion contribution, but also for their willingness to mentor other members which truly sets them aside as Senior members of this community.

+Alionnor, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.