Mid April News

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Theres not a lot to add this mid month, overall we are tracking well as a clan. Keep it up

Well Done – League of Legends

Congratulations to the guys in the League of Legends Venture and our stellar Recruitment Team who has worked hard to build this Venture Team. Well today I am proud to grant the League of Legends Venture Team the honorable status of 6th Division. May you all keep pushing and growing and carry the honor of your division to the very end. 6th Division has a long and honorable history with League of Legends, and DI expects to see many great things from them in the coming years.

Commander: KingD3rp
Vice: Tjkeegan


Ranks Re-activated

Due to DI’s spectacular growth in the last few months, we are of a size again where we can expand and bring back out our shelved 3 star ranks. They were shelved last year because there was no point having them when the clan was only small in numbers.

The ranks and their requirements will be updated in the Clan Ranks section, but in summary, these are the ones coming back:

Chancellor – Leadership (2 gold stars) – essentially the 2nd-in-Command of the Clan, there can only be 1

General – Senior Officer (3 silver star) – experienced veteran Commanders with 6+ months of Division Command experience and who have 50+ members in their Division

Marshal – Junior Officer (3 bronze stars) – senior administrative rank, used primarily in DI HQ for support staff and for experienced senior support officers in Divisions (such as Events Officer).


Some of you have been striked now, and to some extent I hold team leaders (and by default, Commanders) and mentors responsible. Team Leaders you guys need to message everyone on your team to check Upcoming Events, be pro-active. Mentors, you have a responsibility to your initiate (who is still learning what DI is) to let them know about the importance of posting in events marked with [CLAN].

We have suffered some casualties over this, and I want to prevent future casualties and confusion. Commanders ensure your Team Leaders are doing their jobs.

Global Conflict 2 – DI-III

DI’s expedition is well underway now within the Global Conflict 2 World. 3rd Division has been on many worlds of SHK throughout the years, this is another notch to add to their belt. Make sure to welcome them when they join us, and continue the expansion and glory of Damage Inc.

More Ventures Wanted

DI is craving more expansion into different games. If there are leaders amongst you, come forward and take the dangerous and difficult path to glory. Set out on an expedition in the name of DI and conquer more territory for the empire. It requires leadership, initiative and a thirst for glory. If this sounds like you, PM Nechtmarrie on the forums. Games DI is especially interested in expanding into includes CSGO and Rust, we just need the leaders to get us there!

HQ Positions Available

If you have an eye for detail or want to help people (especially initiates), and enjoy the forums/teamspeak, we have various positions available in DI HQ. These roles are crucial to keep the war machine ticking forward, and supports the infrastructure of the clan.

If you are interested, make sure to let CindersKnight know via forum PMs.

DI History Project

If you havent already, go read this https://di.community/topic/15096-the-di-history-project-updated-15-apr-16/

Whilst I am focusing on working with the Council of Elrond to draw the big picture. I am looking for members/officers/anyone who want to write about their Division/Game/World about the history that occured there, kind of like a sidestory. I wont have the ability to cover that level of detail, but for example, Clones231 has already written a side story about the 5th Division’s exploits on the SHK US1 map. This will be included when the project is finally published.



Congratulations to……….


KingD3rp on appointment as Commander of 6th Division

Tjkeegan on appointment as Vice of 6h Division

JennOfTroy on appointment as Vice Activity Manager of DI HQ

Jammychgo on appointment as a Captain Event Officer of 2nd Division

Mzz on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 2nd Division





This is the prime rank that a member can achieve during their first 3 months of membership. Its a distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. It is achieved after gaining 3 honor points, which is earned through various awards in which themselves take hard work and effort to earn.

I take great pleasure today awarding the Companion’s Shield to:

+Deadmen249, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.