June 2017 News

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~June 2017 News~

Falx: “So, June…Bunch of ventures, DI-II collapse, what else?”

Members of the Month

Congratulations to the following members for going above and beyond and achieving glory and prestige for Damage Inc and their Divisions, congratulations!

Legend.gif Member of the Month

ApeLincoln (8th Division)

dmotm.gif Division Members of the Month

– 13thShade (10th Division)

– Sleeperbat (11th Division)

Officer of the Month

– Xtream (Community Division)

They have all been awarded their respective Medals (see Awards) for achieving their coveted status.


4th Division Triumph – Super Division

Super Division Status
01 July 2017
Commander KillaH — Vice Hannibal

With a lot of dedication and effort by 4th Division under the steady leadership of KillaH and Hannibal, they have earned the coveted status of Super Division along with the triumph that goes with it. This is a very prestigious triumph that recognizes outstanding leadership and motivation within a Division to exceed above and beyond, and now they will enjoy the fruits of it with all the members who have helped make it happen having the ability to unlock the Member Achievement. Well done!



2nd Division Downgraded

It’s with great sadness that I announce 2nd Division has been disbanded. They were unable to maintain the minimum requirements of compliance to remain a Division and therefore lost their status and have been merged into Community Division or transferred into other Divisions.

Thanks to everyone who put a lot of effort into 2nd Division, its sad to see it go, and this is our third Division failure this year and hopefully the last. Just remember how important it is to recruit and keep your Divisions compliant, help each other and help your officers to bring new people in. It’s not easy but, it’s such an important part of what we do here to keep the enjoyment levels high for everyone.

On a good note, we are consistently seeking new Venture Leaders who are up for the incredible challenge (and rewarding experience) of building a Venture into a Division. If this sounds like something you may like, speak to Snek.


HQ positions open (by AFDragon)

I am glad to announce that HQ has limited positions open.

Serving as an Officer in HQ provides an unique perspective of the clan due primarily to the fact that you are focusing on issues, processes and structure that affects the entire clan. Doing a stint in HQ is also important for members aspiring to leadership positions, as it gives you broad exposure on how most of the clan is run. Currently HQ is looking for the following positions:

  • 2x Gate Keepers (Anyone can apply) – Point of contact: @Warfororks (Head Gate Keeper)

If you are interested, ensure you PM the relevant Point of contact on the forum with your interest, or you may get a hold of them through Teamspeak.
Please note that at the bare minimum, high forum activity is one of the key things that are reviewed for these roles. Do not apply if you don’t consider yourself much of a “forum person”. But again, that is ONE of the key requirements in order to join HQ so don’t be worry if you are not so active on the forum yet.

Once you join HQ, you will be working with a Team, being coordinated by the Head of the specific Department so you won’t be doing the work alone. You’ll receive all the support you need until you get the grasps of the job you applied for. In order to get an image of what the available position listed above involves, here is a guide that may help you:
 Gate Keeper guide – https://dmg-inc.com/officers/guides/gatekeeper/

After reading through this and you might still not be sure about what the job involves, feel free to ask the Point of contact any questions or address any concerns that you may have. If you apply for the position and you don’t get the job, don’t feel discouraged. As the clan grows and prospers, HQ will keep expanding. We are looking forward to hear from you.


Elite Management

There is some changes coming with how our clan manages elites that are recruited through the Elite Entry Program (EEP). At the moment after an initiate completes the EEP, they are granted full member status with the same rights, expectations and requirements of other members. If we are going to be serious about entering Esports we need to change our structure to support these Elites better. I have always said that we, as a clan, has had 5 years to foster and build this community with many changes, trials and errors tried and tested over time to get us to where we are now. As a community, we are in a very good place.

However, with elites, we still have adjustments to do, and one of those adjustments is shifting the balance of requirements to weigh heavier towards ingame achievement and training, rather than forum or other community requirements. That way these elites who are playing competitively for DI can have minimal distractions with getting good. I know some people may say “well how does this affect the community?” and the answer is simple: It doesn’t. The requirements from DI will still be high, but just like during initiation, the focus will be on events and competitive play. Anyone will have the option to become an elite (just need to be good at the game), and elites or players with good ingame skill can still choose to be part of the regular community.

There is still a decent amount being discussed, but for a quick idea


New rank called Elite which will be equivalent to Member, which will have some extra exemptions from things like RSVPing for CLAN events and a longer grace period from forums before being placed on probation, with the trade off being that there is no upward movement for these elites as Senior/Master/Guardian are seen as Community achievements. There will also be a minimum training and events requirement each month for these elites to retain their rank (with the expectation that they will train weekly and compete often).

New Unit in Damage Inc called Elite Team with unique compliance requirements (we currently have Casual, Competitive and Venture Teams)

Incentives and awards aligned to elites (winning events, pulling publicity on twitch etc)

Team Managers and Coaches that are better integrated into DI and a method for us to lure coaches outside of DI, especially top tier coaches.

Dedicated streaming support – the media team in its current format is too bureaucratic (red tape) and needs to become more agile


Plus more! but that is the basic outline.

It is important for us to retain elites and to remain flexible enough to the changing demands of all our members in order to continuously grow and succeed.


Initiation Ceremony

Congratulations to the Cohort of June 2017 for joining our ranks as full members. You have no doubt gone through a somewhat difficult process in the Ludus Magnum, where many of your peers fell to the relentless assaults from the activity managers, your Commanders and Team leaders who expect the highest performance from you and lastly, the barrier tests from the Initiate Managers. Due to the demand, some of you have been offered officer positions to take up more responsibility within the clan. Ensure you use this to the glory of DI and always for the best of the clan as a whole.

Top 3 Initiates of this Cohort:
The following 3 members finished at the top of their Cohort, and have been given their Final Oaths with honours. Congratulations:

1stplace.png 1st – Evani

2ndplace.png 2nd – DJWombat

3rdplace.png 3rd – PrincessRex

These members have graduated the June 2017 Cohort, Congratulations:


  1. Evani
  2. Alice
  3. martini09
  4. Aldurendal
  5. havrekim
  6. KillerSlo
  7. Halloumi
  8. CorinWolf
  9. Esiland
  10. Zrocken
  11. FYouSeeKay
  12. Vod


  1. DJWombat
  2. ACalmingMirage
  3. Scabadoobop
  4. Thavron
  5. HitmanHart
  7. Goedirt
  8. wasd1234qwerty


  1. RainyDaysAreFun
  2. IcarusV
  3. GreatStain187
  4. Windchill
  5. Fanta
  6. aHero


  1. HayZo
  2. Renclave
  3. Moleman
  4. Muggy


  1. Mista
  2. Crew
  3. Sorye
  4. LaChance
  5. Linzy


  1. notarth
  2. GrumpySarge
  3. goldenrpgs


  1. Black
  2. blaster56745
  3. Taka
  4. DtMob
  5. Drea
  6. Fortes
  7. SolarWinds
  8. Henzii
  9. VincentDante
  10. LukeSkyFAKER
  11. PrincessRex
  12. methunder
  13. Blade


  1. ConnaS
  2. Tygara
  3. Matt122
  4. Vomakith
  5. skorks
  6. Queen
  7. Dsan2660
  8. Pepper
  9. Voltron


  1. muntasirms
  2. AmirAlexander
  3. Azumarill
  4. DargonVGC
  5. OmegaEinhorn


  1. Glacuis
  2. ohfiddsticks
  3. brencmcd
  4. Macon3
  5. Shiro
  6. Hope4Tomorrow


  1. Rabugento
  2. BeerCheese
  3. lukabg
  4. Shado


  1. SiXtYnInE
  2. NotAntarctican



Congratulations to…

Officer Promotions

Shand on being granted honorable retired title of Retired Leader
For serving 12 months in one of the most challenging roles in Damage Inc, Shand, having been apart of DI for years, has helped me (GreatJackal) significantly in the last year in completely transforming this clan. It has come leaps and bounds to where it was not that long ago when Shand first stepped up to become Chancellor Chief of Staff. It is a very historic rank with strong ties to the community over the years as the clan has evolved. Shand complimented my weaknesses and provided the help and guidance to the other General Staff when needed and together we made an outstanding team, it is with great sadness he has had to stand down for real life reasons, however with the Retired Leader rank he will still be around and have full access to Officer areas of DI to provide mentorship, guidance and advice for the up and coming wave of new leaders. Appointed in May 2016, Shand has served as Chief of Staff for over a year. Maintaining a good Record of Service, he has earned the rank of Retired Leader as he steps down. Well done mate!

AFDragon on appointment as Chancellor Chief of Staff of DI-HQ
AFDragon has maintained an outstanding record as an Officer in Damage Inc since he was first appointed as an Initiate Manager of HQ in June 2016. He has a well rounded background in both HQ and within divisions having served in various areas from Initiate Management to Activity Management as well as a Division Vice. He has also remained consistent with his leadership and developed a very strong eye for detail within DI which has helped him succeed throughout his time here. His combined Division and HQ experience, as well as senior leadership experience will set him up well for the challenges ahead especially in regards to managing the difficult Compliance portfolio of the clan. Well done.

Nechtmarrie on appointment as General Legion Commander – Trident of DI-HQ
Nechtmarrie has a long history with DI and has recently served as the Commander of Community Division for almost a year, he was very successful having personally see the introduction of four ventures that became divisions within Damage Inc. He is welcomed back and ready for the challenge of helping grow the legion to the next level. Well done.

OverwatchTho on appointment as Commander of 3rd Division
Enigma on appointment as Commander of 5th Division
Evani on appointment as Vice of 1st Division
DJWombat on appointment as Vice of 3rd Division
SneakyPanda on appointment as Vice of 5th Division 
Martini09 on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 1st Division
FYouSeeKay on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 1st Division
CorinWolf on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 1st Division
IcarusV on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 4th Division
DieLabtec on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 4th Division
Blargin42 on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 5th Division
Vaylon on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 5th Division
ENIGMA on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 5th Division
Garrett on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 6th Division
LaChance on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 6th Division
Linzy on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 6th Division
Chk on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 7th Division
Annihilatrix on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 7th Division
KillerRex on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 8th Division
AnimaLibera on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 9th Division
Vomakith on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 9th Division
Queen on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 9th Division
claduva on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 10th Division
TACO on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 11th Division
ohfiddsticks on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 11th Division
SiXtYnInE on appointment as Captain Venture Leader of Community Division
NotAntarctican on appointment as Captain Venture Leader of Community Division
Askao on appointment as Captain Venture Leader of Community Division
Last on appointment as Captain Team Leader of Community Division
Mathnerd on appointment as Captain Activity Manager of DI-HQ
Taka on appointment as Captain Activity Manager of DI-HQ


Member Promotions
Congratulations to…


The rank Warden is a handed picked promotion only and act as the bridge between officers and members. These members have a solid understanding of the Code of Ops and are the “Moderators” of Damage Inc to ensure its interests are protected.

+Shinji, for protecting the interests and community of DI.

+Koenkloofor protecting the interests and community of DI.

+Revezfor protecting the interests and community of DI.

+jaaboi1679for protecting the interests and community of DI.

+Boxy, for protecting the interests and community of DI.


This is the epitome of DI membership. Its an extremely distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. Guardians are the die-hard core of the clan that have proven their loyalty and skill time and time again. They are given automatic Elder status in gratitude of their service to Damage Inc.

+Frosty, for legendary service to DI, and being the epitome of what DI stands for.



The rank Master is awarded to those who have consistently led by example and helped Damage Inc. These members are also exceptional mentors and have mastered the Code of Ops of Damage Inc and used their experience to help others.

+Mrepic513, for phenomenal service, loyalty and activity to DI.

+TrachinusDraco, for phenomenal service, loyalty and activity to DI.



This rank is given to members who not only have been active in the community via event attendance/discussion contribution, but also for their willingness to mentor other members which truly sets them aside as Senior members of this community.

+Keegan, for dedicated service, loyalty and activity to DI.



Congratulations to…

Merf ~ Star of Valor – 1st Class (By GreatJackal)

Awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for her performance as Legion Commander during 2017. With her initiative and ability to get things done, Merf has been a stable factor to ensure that our standards across the divisions remains high. Your impact on the clan has been massive and a big part of us reaching our 2017 Goals. Thank you.

Shand ~ Commendation – Gold (By GreatJackal)

Awarded Commendation – Gold for his performance as the Chancellor Chief of Staff of Damage Inc throughout his years of service. You have consistently maintained a position of respect and lived by the values of what makes a great officer of Damage Inc. Keeping a vision for your staff, you transformed HQ and have been a big factor in meeting our annual objectives. Thank you

Xtream ~ Guardian’s Shield
Awarded to Members who have spent 6+ continuous months in DI and have earned 2+ Member Achievements.



Achievements recognize those officers who endured in their roles and served at least six months in a particular position. It is a difficult feat to endure through the challenges and obstacles that comes with being an officer for so long.

Congratulations to…
Physics ~ Commander’s Coat of Arms
Awarded to Officers who have served 6+ Months as a Division Commander

TheGamer777 ~ Tome of Wisdom
Awarded to Officers who have served 6+ Months as a HQ Officer


Thanks All