Game of the Month – Hearthstone and Stick Fight: The Game

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Hearthstone won Game of the Month again with 15 votes, nearly tying with Heroes of the Storm, Planetside 2, and Battlerite. It was a close month, but it seems the Hearthstone fever has yet to subside at Damage Incorporated. Meanwhile, Stick Fight: The Game finally dominated the Paid Category with 20 votes! A bunch of members have slowly been picking up this indie title over the past two months, and now, it’s finally won the campaign!

Notable January GOTM Hearthstone Competitors:

 DrPhilnChill – for winning both the NA and EU Hearthstone Tournament Invitational Finales!

Ender, DrPhilnChill – for winning NA Hearthstone Tournaments in the GOTM Hearthstone Tournament Series!

BDSally – for winning an EU Hearthstone Tournament in the GOTM Hearthstone Tournament Series!

Additionally, Game of the Month went through a restructuring discussion! The latest changes include:

  • Paid Category spending cap has been increased: $15 → $20


  • New Category: Single-Player – Events will consist of thoughtful discussion about characters, themes, and universe. Research outside of event times is highly encouraged. Events will culminate in an essay contest, and the winner will receive a community citation. Winning essays may be featured on the Damage Incorporated News Feed!


  • Volunteer Opportunities to earn awards! Please PM Zezette and Jonse with the information for scheduling your event on the calendar following the formatting of the Events Charter.

Win the Single-Player Game Category Essay Contest!

 Host 5 events for Game of the Month!

 Host 15 events for Game of the Month!



Hearthstone was released on March 2014, and has become a mainstream title in the CCG video game genre. Based off of the lore of the MMORPG hit World of Warcraft, Hearthstone has a strong eSports and tournament scene fostered by its company, Blizzard. Blizzard hosts through numerous local LAN events, as well as high-profile cash-prize tournaments.

Each Hearthstone card deck features a class with special abilities and cards available to them. Players can compete their decks in PvP casual or ranked matches, or, play a dungeon run which involves playing against progressively more difficult AI opponents.

We will be hosting another Hearthstone Tournament Series this month! All are welcome! Come for the chance to win an honor star or a third class star of valor, as well as meet all the other Hearthstone players in Damage Incorporated! For information about the tournament rule-set, click here.


Stick Fight: The Game was released on September 28th, 2017, priced at only $5 on Steam, and it has quickly grown to become one of the most played casual indie online multi-player titles at Damage Incorporated. A platform fighting game similar to Brawlhalla and Super Smash Bros, Stick Fight features fast-paced rounds, 80 different maps, and tons of different weapons! The level editor is currently in beta.

We will be hosting Stick Fight events every weekend. This fighting game is an excellent way to get any pent-up negative energy out of your system while also having fun with your friends!

Check the Social Events Calendar to see when this months events will be!