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July 2017


Black Desert Online once existed as a Division in 2016. It however took heavy casualties and was eventually relegated to inactive status. A new group of members was formed in July 2017, who were bent on returning it to its former glory. Operating out of a venture, they managed to hit Division status within several weeks on July 23rd. Unfortunately, it went already back to venture status after 3 weeks, as its Commander committed treason and they spiraled down in both numbers and activity once again. They never recovered and the venture got shut down soon after.

Not a month later, under leadership of NotAntarctican, a new venture rose to Division status on September 3rd - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. PUBG would be the first Battle Royale Division within Damage Inc, and despite its popularity saw a lot of revolts and Commanders in a short amount of time. It wasn't until February 1st 2018, when Bent took Command of 14th Division, that the Division stabilized and was able to maintain 50+ members. Due to its popularity, and Bent creating an operational basis for PUBG, 2018 would be the expansion of Battle Royale, with Division splits happening and a lot of inter-Division tournaments.


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Fluix (Nov. 2017)
deztroy (Feb. 2018)

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Previous Commanders

Name From Until Achievements
NotAntarctican 1 Sep. 2017 1 Oct. 2017 Eden

Clan Competitions

From time to time Damage Inc. holds Clan Competitions to determine which Division is the best. Different factors come in to play each time to determine the winner for the competition. The Honor of being the Best Division grants everyone in that Division a Best Division Medal and the Division itself will go down in history.

List of held Clan Competitions:

- Operation Redraw (Apr. 2016)
- Operation New Blood (May. 2016)
- Operation Redraw II (Sep. 2016)
- Operation New Blood II (Dec. 2016)
- Operation Fireworks (Aug. 2017)
- Operation Fireworks II (Dec. 2017)
- Operation Crusher (Mar. 2018)

Clan Competitions won by 14th Division: