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August 2013





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SHK - World 8



May - Jun 2016

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7th Division

7th Division is an official Division of DI.Community and is part of House Trident. It was established in August 2013 and is an original member of Battle Group Trident. 7th Division has managed to split its Division once in February 2018, won 1 Community Competition, and has 1 major tournament on its name.

It is lead by a Division Commander, who is responsible for leading that Division from a tactical standpoint within their particular game, and a Vice, who acts as the 2nd-in-command of the Division and is responsible for managing the respective Division its events and oversee its new members.



Community Competition Victory
01 June 2016
Commander Drunkler

Vice Messinga

Victory - Civilization VI Esports Challenge
25-26 March 2017 - $500 1st Place
 Vice Dasgutenbrat

Super Division Status
26 September 2018
Commander Blazervitch 

Vice Yogzie



Notable Members

Black Cross Recipients


Commander's Signet Recipients

Gammaray (Aug. 2017)

Officer's Signet Recipients




Gammaray (Mar. 2017)
Dasgutenbrat (Mar. 2017)
Bobbafett (Mar. 2017)


TheSuperSoldier (Dec. 2016)
Edge300 (Feb. 2018)


Blazervitch (Sep. 2018)
Yogzie (Sep. 2018)


Member of the Month


House Member of the Month

MystaT (Oct. 2018)

Officer of the Month

Edge300 (Feb. 2018)


First Class Honors


Second Class Honors

DizzGamez (Jan. 2018)

Third Class Honors



Imperium - First Class


Imperium - Second Class

Blazervitch (May. 2018)

Imperium - Third Class



7th Division's history dates back, as with most of DI's historic Divisions, to Stronghold Kingdoms. A faction from World 8 led by Snider wanted to join DI en masse, and negotiations between GreatJackal, KonArtis and Snider commenced to work out the terms of the arrangement. This arrangement was soon finalized and on 17th August 2013 Snider was appointed Commander of 7th Division with all the members of his faction now a part of the 7th Division. Snider's factions "The Scorpions" would later be integrated with the logo of 7th Division.

On September 7th, Rmeresh was appointed the General of Battle Group Trident, consisting of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th Division. Not a week later, on September 15th, 3rd and 7th Division won the glory race on World 8, marking a significant turn in history for the community. Their success in-game however didn't outweigh the grudge some of its members held when Snider faction merged with DI. Towards the end of September 2013, tension with the merge of 7th Division into DI was reaching breaking point. Some members of 7th Division who did not agree with the merge from the beginning were starting to deliberately ignore the requirements of the Code of Ops. Eventually Snider clashed with GreatJackal, as he refused to discipline the members in his Division himself and on September 30th, 7th Division revolted. This was the first large scale revolt in DI since its inception, and sent shockwaves through the ranks.

Fortunately, in November 2013, the inauguration ceremony for EVE Online was held for reaching the honorable Division status and Ghennen was appointed Commander and re-established 7th Division successfully. It was however at this point "Fortius Quo Fidelius" no longer held any meaning for some, as 7th Division revolted on the morning of December 2013. It began with the unexpected and rapid revolt of Ghennen, Commander 7th Division, and the members of 7th Division. Ghennen announced to Saraine, Chancellor of DI, that although he found DI "moderately useful" the time had "finally come to be independent of DI". In the upcoming weeks it was found that the plotting of the revolt began the day the EVE Online Venture was established which resulted in Ghennen and SlyRoach (his Vice) being blacklisted for their crimes against DI. As there were zero to none members left to rebuild the EVE Online Division, it was shut down completely.

A sign of hope presented itself on August 14th 2014 as 7th Division re-instated with Division honors in Neverwinter with TheSuperSoldier at its helm. With moderate success in-game, the Division fell after a few months due to being unable to remain above 20+ members. This was yet again the case when Drunkler managed to achieve Division status with his Black Desert Online venture in May 2016.

It wasn't until TheSuperSoldier managed to re-establish 7th Division with Civilization on December 1st 2016 that it would be able to remain stable and active. In the upcoming 3 months, TSS built the foundation for Gammaray who took over command on March 1st, 2017. During his 7 months of Division Command, Gammaray managed to create several competitive teams and provide a casual environment for any Civilization player inside DI. Within his first month, his own competitive team took part in the Civilization VI Esports Challenge hosted by Team Liquid. Gammaray, Dasgutenbrat and Bobbafett managed to field 3 out of the 4 prize winning teams and won the tournament. Due to their success in game and their Tiers List in the strategy forums that attracted over 40K+ views, a lot of Civilization players found the forums of Damage Inc. when browsing the internet.

Unfortunately after a year, even Civilization came to an end due to a lack of members and it was downgraded to venture in November 2017. However as the saying goes "every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end", and after a split from 5th Division in Nov. 2017 the 7th Division of today can be found on the playing fields of Rocket League. With Europe as their main region and being one of the most played games in Damage Inc, they are participating in various ESL tournaments and providing a home for 50+ members. Being the first official Commander after the split, Edge300 took command of 7th Division on January 1st. After setting up several rosters and organizing the new Division, Edge managed to grow 7th to sufficient size and prepared for a split himself. Continuing the growth of Rocket League, and catching up on Overwatch as #1 most played game in DI, the 22nd Division of Damage Inc was founded later that year on February 22nd. Under the leadership of Edge300, 7th Division successfully managed to split its Division, earning him an Eden Triumph. After a 3 month tenure, he switched positions and became House Aide-de-Camp for House Trident.

While he wasn't the immediate successor of Edge, Blazervitch had the honor to take Command of 7th Division and has been in charge ever since. Together with his Vice (Yogzie) they provide a stable environment for any casual or competitive player. On track to achieve Super Division Status since July 2018, they hold regular events, team training's, and participate in Esl tournaments as well as the RLRS qualifiers - spearheading the eSports efforts of DI.Community.

Previous Commanders

Name From Until Noteworthy Events
Snider 2013 2013 Eden
Ghennen 2013 2013
TheSuperSoldier 2014 2014
Drunkler 1 May. 2016 1 Jun. 2016 Vanquisher
TheSuperSoldier 1 Dec. 2016 1 Mar. 2017 Eden
Gammaray 1 Mar. 2017 1 Oct. 2017 Victor
BDSally 1 Oct. 2017 1 Nov. 2017
Edge300 1 Jan. 2018 1 Apr. 2018 Eden
Blazervitch 1 May. 2018 1 Nov. 2018 Conqueror, Commander's Signet



Managing to be granted the honorable status of Division, Drunkler's Black Desert Online venture graduated in May 2016. While it didn't last as long as they hoped for, their efforts did no go unnoticed. Winning the ongoing Community Competition Operation New Blood, they gained an initial boost in members. By mid June, he stepped down and jtmedic took over as Commander - even if for a few weeks.


Taking over the reigns from TheSuperSoldier, Gammaray went through merciless training, discussions, strategic planning, teamwork, and a lot of scrims with other Civ. groups. While maintaining a relative small, but stable, Division he participated in the first ever Civilization 6 Esports Event hosted by Team Liquid. All their hard work payed off, earning them a triumph that hasn't been handed out since almost a year and half ago in DI history and won the largest prize pool in DI history at the time. After his well earned victory he served as the Division Commander of 7th Division for a total 6 months. Keeping the Division stable and thriving during that time, Gammaray earned his spot in the history of 7th Division.

Community Competitions

From time to time Damage Inc. holds Community Competitions to determine which Division is the best. Different factors come in to play each time to determine the winner for the competition. The Honor of being the Best Division grants everyone in that Division a Best Division Medal and the Division itself will go down in history.

List of held Community Competitions:

- Operation Redraw (Apr. 2016)
- Operation New Blood (May. 2016)
- Operation Redraw II (Sep. 2016)
- Operation New Blood II (Dec. 2016)
- Operation Fireworks (Aug. 2017)
- Operation Fireworks II (Dec. 2017)
- Operation Crusher (Mar. 2018)
- Operation Mayhem (Jun. 2018)
- Operation New Blood III (Sep. 2018)

Community Competitions won by 7th Division:

Operation New Blood