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SHK - World 8



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The 7th Division of Damage Inc has always had a heavy presence in representing Damage Inc in various massive multilayer online (MMO) platforms. From EVE Online to Neverwinter, the 7th Division has consistently pushed into new territory for the glory of DI.

Their latest success can be found in the Civilization scene. Having won the Civilization VI Esports Challenge hosted by Team Liquid, they are driven to compete in the Esports scene.

The 7th Division today can be found on the playing fields of Rocket League. After a split from 5th Division in Nov. 2017, they are continuing their push as one of the most played games in Damage Inc and are participating in various ESL tournaments. With Europe as their main region, many big things are expected and everyone continues to look on in anticipation.



Victory - Civilization VI Esports Challenge
25-26 March 2017 - $500 1st Place Prize
Commander commander.gifGammaray 

 Vice major.gifDasgutenbrat


Notable Members

Black Cross Recipients


Commander's Coat of Arms Recipients

Gammaray (Aug. 2017)

Officer's Signet Recipients




Gammaray (Mar. 2017)
Dasgutenbrat (Mar. 2017)
Bobbafett (Mar. 2017)


Snider (Aug. 2013)
TheSuperSoldier (Dec. 2016)




Member of the Month


Legion Member of the Month


Officer of the Month



First Class Honors


Second Class Honors


Third Class Honors


Previous Commanders

Name From Until Achievements
Snider 2013 2013 Eden
Ghennen 2013 2013
TheSuperSoldier 2014 2014
Drunkler 2015 2016
TheSuperSoldier December 2016 February 2017 Eden
Gammaray March 2017 September 2017 Victor
BDSally October 2017 October 2017



Taking over the reigns from TheSuperSoldier, Gammaray went through merciless training, discussions, strategic planning, teamwork, and a lot of scrims with other Civ. groups. While maintaining a relative small, but stable, Division he participated in the first ever Civilization 6 Esports Event hosted by Team Liquid. All their hard work payed off, earning them a triumph that hasn't been handed out since almost a year and half ago in DI history and won the largest prize pool in DI history at the time. After his well earned victory he served as the Division Commander of 7th Division for a total 6 months. Keeping the Division stable and thriving during that time, Gammaray earned his spot in the history of 7th Division.

Clan Competitions

From time to time Damage Inc. holds Clan Competitions to determine which Division is the best. Different factors come in to play each time to determine the winner for the competition. The Honor of being the Best Division grants everyone in that Division a Best Division Medal and the Division itself will go down in history.

List of held Clan Competitions:

- Operation Redraw (Apr. 2016)
- Operation New Blood (May. 2016)
- Operation Redraw II (Sep. 2016)
- Operation New Blood II (Dec. 2016)
- Operation Fireworks (Aug. 2017)
- Operation Fireworks II (Dec. 2017)

Clan Competitions won by 7th Division:

Operation New Blood

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