Division VI

6th Division



Division Commander



Division Vice




August 2013





The 6th Division holds the honor and long history of DI's expansion into League of Legends. Long upholding the values of teamwork and leadership, they have always been at the forefront of DI's continued growth.


Super Division Status
01 October 2016
Commander Cloa 

Vice GetJinxed

Super Division Status
01 May 2017
Commander iEcho

Vice VadaShiloh


Notable Members

Black Cross Recipients


Commander's Coat of Arms Recipients


Officer's Signet Recipients





Moshay08 (Aug. 2013)


Cloa (Oct. 2016)
GetJinxed (Oct. 2016)
iEcho (May. 2017)
VadaShiloh (May. 2017)

Member of the Month

Valos (Apr. 2017)
VadaShiloh (Aug. 2017)
DrPhilandChill (Sep. 2017)

Legion Member of the Month

DrPhilandChill (Aug. 2017)

Officer of the Month

Cloa (Aug. 2016)


First Class Honors

Physics (Jan. 2014)
Cloa (Jun. 2016)
Fairy (Sep. 2016)
Shadows (Oct. 2016)
Dom (Dec. 2016)
xxYolo420Swagxx (Mar. 2017)
BootyDukes (May. 2017)

Second Class Honors

Fracturedcandy (Sep. 2014)
Jack (Nov. 2014)
Sendril (Sep. 2016)
Razgiz (Dec. 2016)

Third Class Honors

RPMarm (Jan. 2014)
JJG (Aug. 2014)
axellspite (Oct. 2014)
yeahthatace (Sep. 2016)
Paragon (Oct. 2016)
Zezette (Dec. 2016)
gggusto (May. 2017)

Previous Commanders

Name From Until Achievements
Moshay08 2013 2013 Eden - Founder 6th Division
Azulzola 2013 2013
SpiritGosu 2013 2014
Cloa August 2016 October 2016 Conqueror - Super Division Status
Paragon November 2016 January 2017
iEcho February 2017 May 2017 Conqueror - Super Division Status
SkyWave Juni 2017 July 2017
Infinity September 2017 September 2017
jbavdoyan October 2017 October 2017



His inspirational leadership style has motivated his division to extremely high levels of morale which enabled them to achieve Super Division status. With this Division culture, he was at the top of DI for 3 months. Meanwhile he continued to remain the top League of Legends player in 6th Division and accepted nothing less. His devotion to the game was an inspiration to others and made him a great player others would want to learn from. Cloa has shown time and time again that he was willing to go above and beyond his duties, by coaching players and creating guides with intent of helping lower leveled players reach higher tiers of gaming. Due to leaders like Cloa, League of Legends dominated the Damage Inc. landscape for several years as #1 most played game.



iEcho took the reigns of 6th Division during a controversial period of its history. Armed with a killer instinct and an unstoppable attitude, he transformed 6th Division once again, bringing it back to the height of its glory. As he continuously set the bar for all Divisions in DI and reached the status of Super Division on May 2017, he got promoted to Legion Commander of Legion Dagger. In this position he spent his last 3 months as officer ensuring that our standards across the Divisions remained high.

Clan Competitions

From time to time Damage Inc. holds Clan Competitions to determine which Division is the best. Different factors come in to play each time to determine the winner for the competition. The Honor of being the Best Division grants everyone in that Division a Best Division Medal and the Division itself will go down in history.

List of held Clan Competitions:

- Operation Redraw (Apr. 2016)
- Operation New Blood (May. 2016)
- Operation Redraw II (Sep. 2016)
- Operation New Blood II (Dec. 2016)
- Operation Fireworks (Aug. 2017)
- Operation Fireworks II (Dec. 2017)

Clan Competitions won by 6th Division: