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5th Division

5th Division is an official Division of DI.Community and is part of House Sabre. It was established in February 2013, with World of Warcraft as their primary game, and is an original member of Battle Group Dagger. At a later point that year, with the release of Stronghold Kingdom's USA 1 world, they reactivated 5th Division after a short downtime, and later again in 2016 with Rocket League. 5th Division has managed to split its Division twice in November 2017, won 1 Community Competition, has 3 major tournaments on its name, and achieved Super Division Status three times.

It is lead by a Division Commander, who is responsible for leading that Division from a tactical standpoint within their particular game, and a Vice, who acts as the 2nd-in-command of the Division and is responsible for managing the respective Division its events and oversee its new members.



Victory - SHK USA 1
13 August 2014 - 1st Age
Vice Grimmr

Victory - SHK USA 1
27 November 2014 - 2nd Age
Vice KingDru

Super Division Status
1 April 2017
Commander Physics

Vice TheRandomSona


Super Division Status
19 December 2017
Vice Abi

Community Competition Victory
01 January 2018
Commander Enigma

Vice Abi

Victory - RLCS
28 February 2018 - Qualifiers
Virus, Venomous &


Super Division Status
17 April 2018
Vice PinkDraconian


Notable Members

Black Cross Recipients

Enigma (Feb. 2018)

Commander's Signet Recipients

Physics (Jun. 2017)
Enigma (Jan. 2018)

Officer's Signet Recipients




LadyBrenza (Aug. 2013)
Grimmr (Aug. 2013)
Grimmr (Nov. 2013)
KingDru (Nov. 2013)
Virus (Feb. 2018)
Venomous (Feb. 2018)
HypoFinn (Feb. 2018)


Kofolacitrus (Feb. 2013)
Yoshi (Sep. 2016)
Enigma (Dec. 2017)
Enigma (Dec. 2017)


Physics (Apr. 2017)
TheRandomSona (Apr. 2017)

Enigma (Jan. 2018)
Abi (Jan. 2018)
Chantal (May. 2018)
PinkDraconian (May. 2018)


Member of the Month


House Member of the Month

Sharpz (Dec. 2017)
LukE245 (Jan. 2018)
Venomous (Feb. 2018)
Razzah (Mar. 2018)
Mrkebabber (Sep. 2018)

Officer of the Month

Falx (Apr. 2017)
Enigma (Oct. 2017)
Enigma (Nov. 2017)
Chantal (Apr. 2018)


First Class Honors

Neopazen (Nov. 2013)
Leedynasty (Aug. 2014)

Second Class Honors

Grimmr (Jul. 2014)
S3XyKill3r (Oct. 2014)
Abi (Sep. 2017)

Third Class Honors

MADMastiff (Oct. 2013)
myadidas1212 (Nov. 2013)
taakerhari (Sep. 2014)
Paris (Feb. 2017)
DraplinJr (Apr. 2017)
Chantal (Dec. 2017)


Imperium - First Class


Imperium - Second Class


Imperium - Third Class



While 5th Division, as many of its kind back in Damage Inc's early days, is primary known for its success on Stronghold Kingdoms USA 1, it was founded by Kofolacitrus who successfully led a venture into World of Warcraft and was appointed Commander of the 5th Division in early 2013 - marking the first time DI expanded outside of Stronghold Kingdoms (SHK). Word of Warcraft however began to stagnate and decay in the months thereafter, as recruiting was a major challenge for this game in order to maintain compliant. 5th Division was placed on notice for imminent disbandment if it could not reach and maintain compliance of at least 20 members, and unfortunately reached this point around May 2013 - causing another blow to the 2013 Plan and made DI once more a community still dependent on one game.

It wasn't until Stronghold Kingdoms announced the impending release of a new never-before-seen world: USA 1, consisting of a map of the United States, that 5th Division would be reactivated. This once again provided another opportunity for DI to expand and become less reliant on one division. It was soon decided that 4th and 5th Division would be mobilized for this under the Command's of Kronos and Oshanix respectively. On September 7th, Oshanix was appointed General of Battle Group Dagger, consisting of 4th, 5th and 6th Division. During the same time, due to attrition and member churn, 4th Division was to merge into 5th Division as individually the Divisions were beginning to struggle to maintain compliancy. Several weeks later, Kronos needed to step down for RL reasons and LadyBrenza was appointed Commander of 5th Division in USA 1.

Due to her great leadership skills and influence on morale within 5th Division, she placed DI as a highly powered force within USA1 with many active members going strong and having fun. She led 5th Division to victory of the first Age and set the founding for many victories to come. It wasn't until the middle of February 2014 when Slpstk was appointed Commander of 5th Division and took over from LadyBrenza to continue securing victory for DI on US1.

Around July 2014, many Commanders within other Divisions had become apathetic in their crucial roles of maintaining compliance and growth within their divisions. This was most notable in 5th Division. Having enjoyed a very long and stable reign of success 5th Division had started to find their strength dwindling on World USA 1 - SHK. Damage Inc had been previously almost destroyed on this world, but with the help of its longstanding and crucial ally called "SOS", managed to rebuild their position over the previous months. But this position was now under threat, as the slow decay of time and the growing pressure of surrounding enemy factions began to eat away at the morale and effectiveness of 5th Division. A sign of hope however presented itself on 14th August 2014 with 5th Division claiming victory on USA 1 - SHK after a grueling 400 day glory round. This lasted more than a year and truly tested the stamina and endurance of Damage Inc as a community, as well as the members and officers who worked hard to make this triumph a reality.

With a new Commander in charge, November 2014 marked 5th Division's its second victory under command of Grimmr during the second age on USA 1 - SHK. The achievement was unfortunately overshadowed by the tension and resentment that was hanging over the community, and 5th Division would be disbanded in the next few weeks.

After an inactive period of over 2 year, 5th Division was reactivated by Yoshi who managed to successfully grow Rocket League from Venture to Division in September 2016. Not even a month later Yoshi had to step down, and Addiral took over Command of 5th Division for the next 3 months. It wasn't until Physics got appointed as Commander in January 2017 that 5th Division began its growth to the power-house it is today. Throughout his 6 months as Commander, with determination, organization and his eyes set on gaining the competitive edge, he has seen to it that 5th division has gone far above the call of duty, especially in terms of competitive play. Managing to achieve a Super Division Triumph as well, he laid the foundation of Rocket League as we know it.

After Enigma took over Command in July 2017, he quickly set sail to make 5th Division the pinnacle of what a great division should be like. Building a stable competitive scene for his Division, participating in various ESL events, and managing to get 5th Division their second Super Division Triumph in December 2017, Enigma showed the importance a strong Commander has on a Division. While contributing to the branding efforts of DI, he simultaneously made 5th Division sky-rocket in numbers and managed to pull off 2 Division Splits in November 2017. This immense growth led to Rocket League being in the top 3 primary games of Damage Inc as of 2017. After 6 months, and at the end of his tenure in 5th Division, Enigma secured the ongoing Community Competition (Operation Fireworks II) in December 2017 before being appointed as House General.

The next official Commander of 5th Division, Chantal, was appointed in February 2018 and just like her predecessors managed to achieve Super Division Status after 3 months (in April 2018). Earlier that year one of her Competitive Teams, with Virus, Venomous and HypoFinn in its roster, spearheaded the E-Sports efforts within Rocket League by winning the RLCS bracket. It was challenging and required a very high level of stamina and endurance, however DI prevailed over its enemies and 5th Division was awarded with the extremely prestigious laurel triumph. Another big surprise was in store during March. Giving Community Division a run for their money, they just came short to win Operation Crusher. After 3 months, and just having achieved Super Division Status, Chantal had to take a break and take care of some real life commitments. During this time it however quickly became noticeable the division wouldn't survive with her being away. Unable to return early, she agreed to step down so someone else could take up command and take care of the unrest that had grown in her absence.

The 5th Division of Damage Inc holds the glorious title as the first division to lead the way into the multi-gaming sphere which allowed other divisions to follow. 5th Division's members have never been afraid of taking risks to achieve greatness, and have set the precedent for other divisions throughout the history of Damage Inc.


Previous Commanders

Name From Until Noteworthy Events
Kofolacitrus 2013 2013
Oshanix 2013 2013
LadyBrenza 2013 2014 Victor
Grimmr 2014 2014 Victor
Slpstk 2014 2014
Yoshi 1 Sep. 2016 1 Oct. 2016 Eden
Addiral 1 Oct. 2016 1 Jan. 2017
Physics 1 Jan. 2017 1 Jul. 2017 Conqueror
Enigma 1 Jul. 2017 1 Jan. 2018 Conqueror, Eden x2, Commander's Signet
Chantal 1 Feb. 2018 1 May. 2018 Conqueror, Committed Treason Against DI
TurtleComplex 1 Jun. 2018 1 Aug. 2018



From the very beginning of taking over command of the 5th Division LadyBrenza jumped in with enthusiasm and serious dedication to our success in USA1. With her skills & patience in diplomacy, her leadership & positive influence on morale within the 5th Division placed DI as a highly powered force within USA1 SHK with many active members going strong and having fun. While going above and beyond the call as she always does, while managing other worlds she still manages to be one of our most effective players on USA, capping and razing village on her own with no attempt to for recognition. Always ready to jump in or take care of other peoples issues. This ensured her Division to remain loyal, effective and active at all times which led to the victory of the first Age and set the founding for many victories to come. Due to her long standing commitment and unmatched Leadership she is a major part of 5th Division's history.



While his achievements got overshadowed at the time, his recognition as a great officer hasn't. Grimmr's journey started in June 2014. With LadyBrenza having earned his respect and already holding a senior officer role within the alliance, it was an easy call to join DI when they were looking for strong players to join their ranks. After successfully passing initiation, he began to aid LadyBrenza as Vice of 5th Division, and they secured the 1st Age shortly after. Leading them into the 2nd Age, Grimmr got promoted to Commander. Over the course of the next 3 months, he maintained their high rank and control over the server. While tension was rising within DI due to policy changes and morale was lowering, he managed to secure another victory for Damage Inc by winning the second age on USA 1.



Physics has approached 5th division with determination, organization and with his eyes set on gaining the competitive edge. Throughout his 3 months he has seen to it that 5th division has gone far above the call of duty, especially in terms of competitive play. Managing to achieve a Super Division Triumph, he laid the foundation of Rocket League.



As active Commander of 5th Division ENIGMA is nothing short of a talented officer. While leading 5th Division to Super Division, participating in ESL events and building a stable competitive scene for his Division, he managed to pull off 2 Division Splits in November 2017. This led to Rocket League being in the top 3 primary games of Damage Inc as of 2017. While growing, expanding and maintaining a well organized Division he is also known for his excellent contribution towards our design projects with front end web development as well as graphics design. His Damage Inc. Trailer has earned wide acclaim and has no doubt had a major impact in helping spread the message about our community and what we seek to create. Hitting the rank of Grand Champion in Rocket League and with an ever growing Division, he got promoted to House General of House Sabre in January 2018.



After taking over Command from Enigma, Chantal arguably created the most active Division in the entire community. She created a prime example Division for others to learn from. Constantly improving and striving to bring forth the best in our competitive teams, she ultimately achieved Super Division Status for 5th Division in April 2018. After stepping down and having taken a break to focus on real life, she ended up committing treason against DI.

Community Competitions

From time to time Damage Inc. holds Community Competitions to determine which Division is the best. Different factors come in to play each time to determine the winner for the competition. The Honor of being the Best Division grants everyone in that Division a Best Division Medal and the Division itself will go down in history.

List of held Community Competitions:

- Operation Redraw (Apr. 2016)
- Operation New Blood (May. 2016)
- Operation Redraw II (Sep. 2016)
- Operation New Blood II (Dec. 2016)
- Operation Fireworks (Aug. 2017)
- Operation Fireworks II (Dec. 2017)
- Operation Crusher (Mar. 2018)
- Operation Mayhem (Jun. 2018)
- Operation New Blood III (Sep. 2018)

Community Competitions won by 5th Division:

Operation Fireworks II