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Sep 2012 - Feb 2014

SHK - Domination 1

4th Division

4th Division is an official Division of DI.Community and is part of House Sabre. It was established in November 2013, with Stronghold Kingdoms as their primary game, and is an original member of Battle Group Dagger. It saw an inactive period of over 2 years after their victory on SHK's Domination server, and was reactivated in June 2016 with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 4th Division has 1 major tournament on its name and achieved Super Division Status twice.

It is lead by a Division Commander, who is responsible for leading that Division from a tactical standpoint within their particular game, and a Vice, who acts as the 2nd-in-command of the Division and is responsible for managing the respective Division its events and oversee its new members.


Victory - SHK Domination 1
23 February 2014
Commander Nicole 

Vice PrimaDonnita

Super Division Status
31 December 2016
Commander Nota

Vice bioMonster

Super Division Status
1 July 2017
Commander KiLLaH

Vice Hannibal


Notable Members

Black Cross Recipients

Strongandbold (Feb. 2014)

Commander's Signet Recipients


Officer's Signet Recipients

DieLabtec (Dec. 2017)



Nicole (Feb. 2014)
PrimaDonnita (Feb. 2014)


Kronos (Nov. 2013)
Arc (Jun. 2016)
Raptor (Jul. 2018)


Nota (Dec. 2016)
BioMonster (Dec. 2016)
KiLLaH (Jul. 2017)
Hannibal (Jul. 2017)


Member of the Month

Mal (Jan. 2017)

House Member of the Month


Officer of the Month



First Class Honors


Second Class Honors

KingDru (Aug. 2014)
Jammeh (Aug. 2016)
Moe (Jan. 2017)

Third Class Honors

SainThesys (Dec. 2013)
altari257 (Jul. 2016)
Mux1c (Mar. 2018)


Imperium - First Class


Imperium - Second Class


Imperium - Third Class



Founded upon release of Stronghold Kingdoms server USA1, consisting of a map of the United States, 4th Division was mobilized under Command of Kronos. Along with the re-activation of 5th Division, the community's numbers began to soar as soon as they were established in-game. On September 7th, Oshanix was appointed General of Battle Group Dagger, consisting of 4th, 5th and 6th Division. During the same time, due to attrition and member churn, 4th Division was to merge into 5th Division as individually the Divisions were beginning to struggle to maintain compliant.

As new SHK worlds almost always got a full Division of players in the matter of days, the 4th Division was re-instated from hibernation to take the lead into a new World; Domination 1. This Brutal World focused on a more aggressive gameplay due to its limited time of 100 days (after which the world will end) and various rules to make for a more faster progressing game. Upon launch of this new world, Rmeresh would be appointed as its Commander. About a month later Nicole would take over and be appointed Commander 4th Division as Rmeresh focused on a community administrative role. Nearing the end of the Domination World, 4th Division was hanging on by a thread as Nicole was leaning towards joining Colton's revolt. Fortunately, Nicole pledged to let DI win the Domination World, which DI did, prior to her departure and the disbandment of 4th Division.

After an inactive period of over 2 years, 4th Division was reactivated by Arc who managed to successfully grow CS:GO from Venture to Division in May 2016. Not even 2 months later Arc had to step down and MegaNob took over Command of 4th Division for the next 3 months. Under his watch, on August 6th, DI won its First Official CvC match. Taking over Command from MegaNob, Nota was appointed as Commander of 4th Division on November 1st, 2016. Going on a recruiting spree and establishing various competitive teams, 4th Division went far above and beyond their required size and ultimately achieved Super Division Status on December 31, 2016. Being promoted to Commandant of Legion Trident begin February, KiLLaH took over reigns of the Division and like-wise achieved Super Division Status later that year on July 1st, 2017. At the time, this was the second Division to ever achieve the status of Super Division twice.

For the remaining months of 2017 to end May 2018, 4th Division would face several Commanders, each who only lasted a couple of months or weeks. While they were once one of the most active Divisions in DI, they were overtaken by the new rising stars; League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League. In these 6 months, 4th Division came close to degradation several times. Even though it always survived, it lacked the morale and proper Command to succeed. As of end May 2018, Raptor took over Command of 4th Division and managed to pull it out of its demise. Bringing in many new faces and reorganizing the Division, they were once again on track to reach Super Division Status, split, and compete with the other major eSport titles.

Previous Commanders

Name From Until Noteworthy Events
Kronos 2013 2013 Eden
Rmeresh 2013 2013
Nicole 2014 2014 Victor
Arc 1 Jun. 2016 1 Jul. 2016 Eden
MegaNob 1 July 2016 1 Oct. 2016
Nota 1 Nov. 2016 1 Feb. 2017 Conqueror
KiLLaH 1 Apr. 2017 1 Aug. 2017 Conqueror
Maverick 1 Sep. 2017 1 Nov. 2017
CydoNia 1 Nov. 2017 1 Jan. 2018
Tecardo 1 Apr. 2018 1 May. 2018
Raptor 1 Jun. 2018 1 Aug. 2018 Eden



An outstanding member, a current ring holder of the First 9, a veteran of the 1st generation of DI and one of the very very few left in the class of 2012. Strongandbald has proven himself to DI on so many occasions that it has become hard to count. He is known for his dry Norwegian personality ready to shut any unsuspecting troll baiter down, but he is also known for his outstanding in-game prowess. Strong, since day 1 in Brutal World, was there spearheading DI to a faction and then house, then displayed a level of endurance not seen before, surviving an onslaught of enemy attacks and pushing into new areas of battle without being asked. He has set an outstanding example to other members, been the beacon of hope when morale in DI-IV was low, and continues to push DI through until the very end of this world. Strongandbald is recognized by Damage Inc. the time and effort he has placed into her and for that you he will always be a part of our history.



Nota's leadership of 4th Division was nothing but legendary. He managed to lead 4th Division to the largest it has ever been to 78 members and earning it the Super Division Triumph on the way. For his outstanding tenure as a Commander of 4th Division Nota was promoted to Commandant of Legion Trident. He was pivotal in strategically guiding and mentoring all the Team Leaders of Legion Trident to support all the Commanders.



Ever since joining 4th Division, KillaH was actively helping his Commander and Vice with their events. Most importantly, he started hosting CS:GO servers for DI which gave us an opportunity to host events on. Later, when Nota got promoted to Commandant, KiLLaH took over command of 4th Division and managed to achieve Super Division Status in the months following.

Community Competitions

From time to time Damage Inc. holds Community Competitions to determine which Division is the best. Different factors come in to play each time to determine the winner for the competition. The Honor of being the Best Division grants everyone in that Division a Best Division Medal and the Division itself will go down in history.

List of held Community Competitions:

- Operation Redraw (Apr. 2016)
- Operation New Blood (May. 2016)
- Operation Redraw II (Sep. 2016)
- Operation New Blood II (Dec. 2016)
- Operation Fireworks (Aug. 2017)
- Operation Fireworks II (Dec. 2017)
- Operation Crusher (Mar. 2018)
- Operation Mayhem (Jun. 2018)
- Operation New Blood III (Sep. 2018)

Community Competitions won by 4th Division: