Damage Inc Dives into Esports

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Damage Incorporated is excited to announce that we will be continuing our presence in competitive gaming by diving straight into Esports with our first ever Esports Academy. Our students will learn how to grow their Twitch stream, manage their social media and better their in-game skills with  professional coaches over 12 weeks. While we plan to focus on PUBG and Rocket League at first, GreatJackal, the Head of Damage Incorporated, has the hope that we will continue to expand and contain all games represented within our community and to grow our position within Esports.


“As someone who is very invested in putting back into eSports, I am glad that we at Damage Inc are able to offer this program to our members so that they too, can achieve their dreams.”

– GreatJackal, Damage Incorporated Founder & Leader

I’m excited for our program to start, we have a lot of potential in our community and I’m glad we’re able to expand that and put it to use.”

Silicate, Esports Academy Chief Instructor

Applications have been released, and we welcome you to apply under our Esports Academy page as we start this journey with our new coaches, new players and our community as a whole. If you’re interested and would like to receive updates, please follow our Twitter: @dmgincs.