Code Of Ops

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Member Ranks

MOTM Member of the Month is awarded to members of a particular month for spectacular performance, activity, and effort towards Damage Inc (Clan Wide).
– Enter Hall of Fame
– Access to the Opium Den (Officers Forum).
– Appointed based on overall activity across the whole Clan throughout the Month
– Must be a Member (Officers/Initiates ineligible)
HMOTM House Member of the Month is awarded monthly to members of a specific House for spectacular performance, activity, and effort towards their House.
– Access to the Speak Easy (Senior Member Forum) & House HQ (House Forum)
– Appointed based on overall activity across a House throughout the Month
– Must be a Member (Officers/Initiates ineligible)

Wardens are the bridge between officers and members that generally serve as 2nd-in-Command’s of a team.
– Basic moderator perms (including Events creation) & Speak Easy access
 – Hand picked promotion only.
Mentor Mentors are senior members of the community who play a crucial role in the development and integration of initiates and newer members.
– Access to the Speak Easy (Senior Member Forum) & the Ludus Magnum
– Volunteer promotion by any Member.
Veteran Veterans are the epitome of Damage Inc membership, the die-hard core of the clan that have proven their loyalty.
– Access to the Speak Easy (Senior Member Forum)
– Any Officer Signet, or
– 12+ Months membership and 1000+ Reputation.
Elites are semi-pro full members of the community who are top 1% within their respective games.
– Ability to Vote on Full Member Applications
– Joined through the Elite Entry Program or are  top 1% in their game.
Full members are the backbone of DI’s Community, and awarded on completion of initiation.
– Ability to Vote on Full Member Applications
See Full Member Applications
Initiate An Initiate is a possible future full member of Damage Inc tasked with completing all assigned requirements in order to be eligible to become a full member. See Initiate Applications
Associate Associate is for full members that have gone inactive on forums and/or TeamSpeak without any reason or need a “break” from DI’s requirements while preserving their access.  – A privileged reserved rank for full members to preserve membership.

To read about Officer Ranks or the Clan Structure click here.

Activity Requirements

Activity Requirements are designed to ensure our community remains extremely active and tightly-knit (which is one of our greatest qualities) and is the minimum baseline expectation from the community. Everyone is expected to contribute in one way or another to continue to support our vision as a community.
Initiates and Elite Initiates
Full Members, Elites and Officers
As per Initiation Requirements  25 Reputation per month
How to gain Reputation
You will earn XP (building blocks towards your REP) for certain events, where 20 XP is worth 1 REP (20:1 Ratio). Reputation earned for the CURRENT and LAST month will be displayed on the MDR.
 Posting 1 XP / post XP will be automatically converted to REP every hour
Logging On/Checking the Forums 10 XP / day XP will be automatically converted to REP every hour
Attending Community Events (MT, BBQ, SW) 4 REP Event Tokens will automatically be converted to REP every day
Attending Other Events 2 REP Event Tokens will automatically be converted to REP every day
Successfully recruiting new initiates 4-12 REP Recruiting Tokens will be issued by Gate Keepers and are automatically converted to REP every day
Successfully mentoring an initiate REP / mentee Mentor Tokens will be issued by Gate Keepers and are automatically converted to REP every day
 Streaming on DI’s Twitch 3 Rep / Hour Streaming Tokens will be issued by Twitch Staff and are automatically converted to REP every day
 Official Coaching through the Order of AFU 4 Rep / Hour Coaching Tokens will be issued by AFU Staff and are automatically converted to REP every day
Writing a Quality Guide  4 Rep / Guide Guide Tokens will be issued by DI’s Guide Committee and are automatically converted to REP every day 
Branding and Coding related work delivered 4 Rep / Hour  Branding Tokens will be issued by Branding Staff and are automatically converted to REP every day
Become an Officer/Warden/Mentor XP Weekly Salary Each group will get their respective salary every week
Become a Subscriber (DI.Gold/DI.Red/Twitch) 5/3/2 Rep Respectively Each group will get their respective reputation every 7th Day of the Month
Inactivity Grace Period
The period of time someone can be offline from TeamSpeak/Forums without notifying anyone in Vacation/Absence Requests.

Forums: Regular Initiates: 3 Days – Elite Initiates: 4 Days – Full Members: 5 Days – Elites: 9 Days – Officers: 5 Days
TeamSpeak: 10 Days (for everyone)

Take note: You are required to have the same display name on Forums, TeamSpeak, Steam or any other platform for that matter. This is to ensure we keep track of where our members are so that you are not removed by mistake. You are able to change your name in your forum profile settings.


All members are expected to maintain high levels of discipline and professionalism within the community. Listed below are all the events which are considered breaches of our code of professionalism (aka rules) and the penalty that will accompany them. Initiates are removed from DI if they reach 3x Strike Points. Members are removed at 5x and Blacklisted at 6x Strike Points respectively.

Not idling in Teamspeak when online (ie. Steam) 30 Days
1 Point
100 XP You are required to be on TeamSpeak if your status on Steam or another Game Client says “online” or “in-game”. You are exempt if your status on Steam says “away” or “snooze” or if you are accessing Steam from a mobile device/browser.
Failure to Notify Attendance 60 Days
1 Point
100 XP You are required to RSVP your availability/ability to attend Official Events relating to your Team, Division or Clan in the Calendar.
Failing to achieve Activity Requirements 60 Days
1 Point
40 REP Maintaining a minimum monthly standard of Activity is the responsibility of everyone and ensures that our Community’s quality remains high.
Failing to comply with orders 60 Days
1 Point
100 XP If you are asked to do something by a certain deadline from a ranking officer then you are required to do it.
Lack of Integrity Displayed 60 Days
2 Points
200 XP You are expected to behave in an honorable and honest manner. Don’t take shortcuts or be lazy, and don’t game the system to avoid your responsibility to the clan.
Spamming 30 Days
1 Point
100 XP Content on the forum must add to the conversation or topic. The use of mass, unsolicited information or a pasted response to multiple threads is not accepted.
Inappropriate Content 30 Days
1 Point
100 XP Creating content that is of a racial, discriminatory, self harm/suicidal, overly religious or overly sexual in nature, or encouraging illegal activity on any of DI’s platforms.
Minor Abusive Behavior 30 Days
1 Point
100 XP Small level flame/excessive trolling against others in DI. Includes cyber bullying, discriminatory or inappropriate speech to induce emotional pain, annoyance etc.
Major Abusive Behavior 30 Days
3 Points
300 XP Excessive flame/harassment against others in DI. Includes attacks of ones religion, ethnicity, gender, race, family member, personal property, etc.
Negligence 30 Days
1 Point
100 XP Failing to fulfill responsibilities and/or commitments to DI in or out of game due to laziness or any circumstance that is within your control is considered negligence.
Inciting Unrest in DI 60 Days
3 Points
300 XP Causing arguments, fueling tension and breeding mistrust for whatever reason is not tolerated. We are meant to work together as a family, not cause divide.
Inciting Revolt Against DI 120 Days
6 Points
Reputation to -200 Scheming or planning to break off from DI with members, or plotting to betray DI and influence others to your cause is a massive betrayal of the loyalty that you swore to this clan. Do not compete with DI or use it to create an entity that would compete with it. If you are unsure about a case scenario, approach leadership to doublecheck you are not breaching this rule. 
Treason 120 Days
6 Points
Reputation to -200  Betrayal of any kind1 against the community will result in an immediate blacklist. This includes trash talking the community, its leadership, its members in any form on any platform; joining a community/group that is a break off or revolt from DI and which DI considers hostile. Joining such a hostile group even as a registered guest will prevent you from ever rejoining DI.Community.

Clans/Communities that are not allowed, and would fall under the multi-clanning rule:
– Anything that has any form of membership (Official teams, website membership, roster, etc)
– Anything that requires that you represent them (e.g. clan tag in your name, advertise/recruit for them)
– Anything that plays games that could put you in opposition to DI (e.g. other factions in SHK, opposing dota/LoL teams, etc) 
Lack of Officer Qualities Displayed 60 Days
3 Points
*Officers Only* Being an Officer means setting an example to members. Failing to set an example or acting immaturely, unprofessionally or without loyalty will result in a strike. An Officer’s commitment to this clan should never be questioned.
Negligence in Officer Duties 60 Days
1 Point
100 XP *Officers Only* Failing to fulfill responsibilities as an officer due to laziness, incompetence or any circumstance that is within your control is considered negligence.

Justice System

Strikes or Blacklists that are deemed unfair or an abuse of power may be appealed to the Justice Committee by the affected member. Officer Bans or any rule changes cannot be appealed through the Justice Committee. You can also not lodge an appeal on someone’s behalf or if the strike occurred more than 2 months ago. To lodge an appeal click here.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why was my strike upheld? The strike was correctly given by the officer deeming you to have breached the Code of Ops
The strike I handed out was overturned, why? Either the member did not breach the Code of Ops or the wrong strike was issued that did not align to the breach.
This officer is mistreating me. The strikes they gave me were overturned, but what happens to them now? If an officer is behaving unprofessionally they will be penalized accordingly. No one in the clan is above the rules, however, you will not be informed of what punishment is handed out to the officer.
I am appealing a strike that a Justice gave me, how does this work? In this situation, the Justice in question will not be involved in the review, however may be consulted as a witness to the event.
My strike was upheld, can I appeal again? The only situation in which you can re-appeal a strike is when new evidence has come to light that could change the decision. If there is no new evidence, the strike cannot be re-appealed, as all Justice decisions are final.
The officer didn’t warn me before giving a strike, why?  Officers are not obligated to give an additional warning before the warning. A strike is a warning, and if you receive one, it tells you that “you have received a warning”. 
What happens in a Justice review? Justice review will go through 3 stages. Investigation, Debate and Voting. During the Investigation (if required) more information will be gathered from involved parties. During the Debate the Justices will evaluate the information prior to voting on a decision through majority vote.

Reputation Levels

While your monthly reputation counter resets, your lifetime reputation gains are kept. Upon acquiring reputation each month, you will level up and unlock certain benefits with each level. Damage Inc. seeks active members, so the more active you are, the more you will be rewarded for your contribution.
Reputation Levels
1cdc1c5fae8c25b0c54b95d2a76ac2fc.png Parasite Negative 50 or worse REP   
Lost Negative 1 REP  
Level 0 – Unhatched Starting level  
Level 1 – Bambi 10 REP  
3d9ff14f2dca4d06e1f1a53043a26d22.png Level 2 – Survivor 40 REP  
Level 3 – Warrior 100 REP  
4fe3c634217e9ac48193cad92a1a93df.png Level 4 – Companion 300 REP
7e39c5cbcf3ac6d2bcc0a854aa9a7c57.png Level 5 – Senior 600 REP  
ea0bf675c54c21af33ee8d3f1a4da887.png Level 6 – Veteran 1000 REP  
9c1fa3009c01071700b92773188a9d6f.png Level 7 – Esteemed 1600 REP  
e7dfa02ad411efab4b297a675061fe3f.png Level 8 – Distinguished 2400 REP
ebf0a38d634984c303cab8e21b744f29.png Level 9 – Admired 3600 REP

Glory & Triumphs Requirements


Laurel Triumph

To get a Tournament recognized for a Laurel Triumph the participants need to seek advanced approval prior to the final match in the event. Factors such as the prestige of the event, number of other competing teams/players, prizepool, exposure (is it streamed to a large audience online?) are all considered when deciding whether to make the event a laurel triumph eligible. The team/participants must then still win the event – coming second does not count.


Super Division Triumph

Super Division is measured on the MDR under each division with a counter called “SD: X Days”. When a Division reaches 50+ members (the minimum) the counter will turn green and start counting everyday that the division is above 50+. After 90 consecutive days, the Super Division Triumph is awarded. Any break or drop below 50 during this period will automatically reset the counter – therefore careful planning is needed by the division’s leadership.