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Clan Structure

Revised: 14 July 2017 by leader.gifGreatJackal

“The most important document ever written for Officers and Members. Ensure you study and memorize this in great detail” ~ GJ

Important: This structure only affects the Community side of Damage Inc, and is not related or has any impact on the Esports/Corporate side.



Command & Leadership – The 4 Spans of Command
Probably one of the most important concepts to master in DI is understanding the 4 Spans of Command. In addition to the above mentioned Clan Command and Division Command, there also is Legion Command and Team Command. Teams operate like squads within the Division to achieve goals set by their Commander. It’s important to understand that there are 4 Command positions in Damage Inc, they are the:

– Leader of the Clan (Clan Command)
– Commander of a Legion (
Legion Command)
– Commander of a Division (Division Command)
– Leader of a Team (Team Command)


Clan Command



 Key Responsibilities Eligible Ranks
Leader of Damage Inc
 Command 1. Head of Damage Inc.
2. Establish and execute the DI yearly plan.
3. Lead the Clan Strategy.
Chief of Staff Support 1. Head of all Staff and 2nd-in-Command of Damage Inc.
2. Ensure HQ is functioning optimally.
3. Train and mentor senior leadership staff (eg. Generals).

Chief Justice

 Support 1. Head of Justice.
2. Ensure all appeals are processed immediately.
3. Responsible for ensuring the judgments are enforced.

Chief Administrator

Support 1. Head of Clan Administration.
2. Pro-actively seeks problems and improvements within the administrative functions and resolves/improves them.
3. Train and mentor HQ administrative officers as needed.

HQ Admin Officers

 Support 1. Run and manage an administrative area within DI HQ in accordance with the Code of Ops.
2. Key Administrative Areas:
—Initiate Managers
—Gate Keepers
—Activity Managers


HQ Staff Officers

Support 1. Run and manage the media/design/product area within DI HQ in accordance with the Code of Ops.
2. Key Business Areas:
—Media Team
—Branding & Design Team
—Product Team



 Support 1. Part of the Justice Committee.
2. Ensure all appeals are processed immediately.
3. Assist in ensuring the judgments are enforced.


 Support 1. Responsible for helping the Leader of Damage Inc in tracking, follow up and communication of various projects in Damage Inc. Vice


Legion Command



 Key Responsibilities Eligible Ranks
Legion Commander  Command 1. Head of a Legion (4-7 Divisions).
2. Standardize all processes and practices across Divisions to ensure they keep within the DI culture and with a focus on the Division Commanders.
3. Responsible for ensuring Division Commanders are trained and mentored within their positions.
First Commander Support 1. Second-in-Command of a Legion.
2. Standardize all processes and practices across Divisions to ensure they keep within the DI culture and with a focus on the Team Leaders.
3. Responsible for mentoring other Commanders in their Legion


Division Command



 Key Responsibilities Eligible Ranks
Division Commander Command 1. Head of a Division (2-9 Teams).
2. Provide the leadership and strategy for their Division.
3. Responsible for ensuring their Division remains compliant with the Compliance Page.
Division Vice  Support 1. Second-in-Command of a Division.
2. Train and mentor Junior Division Officers


Team Command



 Key Responsibilities Eligible Ranks
Team Leader Command 1. Head of a Team (5-15 Members).
2. Provide the leadership and strategy for their Team.
3. Responsible for ensuring their Team remains compliant with the Compliance Page.
Team 2nd-in-Command Support 1. Second-in-Command of a Team.
2. Support the Team Leader in providing leadership and strategy for their Team.
3. Assist the The Team Leader in ensuring their Team remains compliant with the Compliance Page.


Clan Ranks

Revised: 26 June 2017 by leader.gifGreatJackal

Important: These ranks only affects the Community side of Damage Inc, and is not related or has any impact on the Esports/Corporate side.

Officer Ranks


 Description  Requirements
Leader Leader is the highest ranked official in Damage Inc. The Leader is responsible for the overall well-being of the clan and leading it from a strategic standpoint. – Leaders appointed by First 9
– Nominations Require First 9 vetting and approval
– There can only be one
Chancellor Chancellor is the second highest ranked official in Damage Inc and are essentially the second-in-command of the Clan. The Chancellor is responsible to help the Leader manage the overall well-being of the clan and leading it from a strategic standpoint. – Nominated by the Leader of Damage Inc
– Approval required by First 9


Generals are also carefully selected from officers who have demonstrated very strong leadership and work ethic in DI, as well as outstanding competence and initiative. Generals typically command legions of 200+ members, or oversee large sections in HQ such as tournaments or clan administration etc. – Appointed by the Leader of Damage Inc


Commanders are carefully selected for their leadership ability and strategic gaming experience. They are responsible for leadership and organization of their division, as well as leading that division from a tactical standpoint within that particular game. – Nominated by the respective Legion Commander
– Appointed by the Leader of Damage Inc
– Successfully lead and build an Official DI Venture into a Division.

Vices are generally officers who are well rounded and have a strong understanding of how Damage Inc operates. A typical Vice would generally work as the 2nd-in-Command of a Division or be a Senior HQ Administrative Officer. – Nominated by the respective Commander
– Appointed by a General
Captain Captains are the first step in the Officer path and are selected from members who have shown leadership or administrative potential to help form the backbone of the officer group. Captains typically command teams or work in an HQ administrative function. – Appointed by the respective Commander or a HQ Vice



Member Ranks

 Rank  Description  Requirements & Benefits
MOTM Awarded to members of a particular month for spectacular performance, activity, and effort towards Damage Inc (Clan Wide). This is a great honor to have for the clan and recognizes this member’s achievements that stood out through the entire clan.

– Recognition of Outstanding Achievement within the entire Clan
– Access to the Opium Den (Sub-forum for Officers Only) including the power to vote on clan policies, participate in discussions etc

– Voted on by Officers each month
– Must be a Full Member (Cannot be an Officer or Initiate)
DMOTM Awarded monthly to members of a specific division for spectacular performance, activity, and effort towards their Division and Damage Inc. This is a great honor to have for the clan and recognizes this member’s achievements that stood out within their Division.

– Recognition of Outstanding Achievement within their Divisions
– Access to the Speak Easy (Sub-forum with direct access to Leadership)

– Awarded by Division Commanders each month
– Must be a Full Member (Cannot be an Officer or Initiate)
+Warden  The rank Warden is a handed picked promotion only. They are the bridge between officers and members. These members have mastered the Code of Ops and are the “Moderators” of Damage Inc.

– Basic Forum and TeamSpeak moderation ability
– Ability to make events on the Calendar

 – Hand picked promotion only.
+Veteranguardian The epitome of Damage Inc membership, Veterans are the die-hard core of the clan that have proven their loyalty and skill time and time again. They are the protectors of Damage Inc’s values, culture and history and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience for others.

– All Senior benefits plus:
– Automatically granted “Elder” status

– 12+ Months Membership
– 80 Events Attended
– 800 Posts
– Mentorship Clasp
+Senior These are members who have given a lot of time and effort to help build DI. They have maintained a good level of activity and dedication and have always helped DI improve. Being a senior signifies strong loyalty and dedication to DI, and an active commitment to the community.

– All Member benefits plus:
– Access to the Speak Easy (Sub-forum with direct access to Leadership)

– 3+ Months of Membership
– 20 Events Attended
– 200 Posts

– Mentorship Clasp
This is an official member rank of Damage Inc. Member status is obtained after at least a 4 week Initiate period showing that one is worthy enough and has achieved the activity and community requirements needed to be apart of Damage Inc.

– Ability to Vote on Full Member Applications
– Ability to Vote on Elder Nominations

See Full Member Applications


Initiate An Initiate is a possible future full member of Damage Inc. This rank is granted after the review process has finished on your Initiate Application. The Initiate rank lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks and during this time Initiates are required to fulfill all requirements and expectations by the deadline set in order to be awarded the privilege of applying for full membership. See Initiate Applications
Probation Probation is a privilege reserved for full members should they go inactive on forums without any reason for more than 5 days or have obtained too many strikes through misconduct. The rank is issued in recognition of prior good service of that Member, and allows them a chance to obtain member status once again when they improve the area that they lapsed in.





 Description  Requirements


The Former Leaders and Founders of Damage Inc have served their time in DI. They have spent countless hours working as an officer helping behind the scenes without any recognition. As recognition for their service as previously as a Leader/Founder, they receive the title and honours of Council and form a part of the advisory group in which to help guide and shape the future Leaders of Damage Inc.

– Lifetime access to the Opium Den

– Have been the Leader or Chancellor of Damage Inc for 12+ months
– 2 years of continuous unbroken service as General

– Must Maintain a good Record of Service
– First 9’s Approval of Service


Elders are retired members of Damage Inc who have served as legendary or esteemed members of the clan during their heyday. It is a status granted to very few people who have consistently given a lot to the clan. They don’t have anymore access than Registered Guests however they do have a few benefits.

– Ability to return at anytime to their previous Member Rank without the need to do Initiation again.

– Earn a Black Cross / Ring of the First 9
– Achieve rank of Veteran



Revised: 26 June 2017 by leader.gifGreatJackal

Important: This page only affects the Community side of Damage Inc, and is not related or has any impact on the Esports/Corporate side.

General Information

You are expected to maintain a high level of discipline as a member of Damage Inc. DI prides itself on its discipline and teamwork and you must maintain these levels to the utmost ability.

If you make a mistake, you will get a strike. This is part of the learning process, and it is expected at some point in your DI life that you will make a mistake or two. A few strikes will not remove you from the clan, but will instead help guide you to be an honorable member. However, multiple strikes in short periods of time can lead you onto Probation or even removal.

Any strikes that are felt as unjust or wrongfully given can be appealed to the Justice System contact form. All rulings about strikes from the Justice System are final and a strike may only ever be tried for appeal once.


Full Members

You get 6 Strike Points allotted as a Full Member.

At 5 strikes, you will be automatically placed on probation and will need to go through the Probation Process to be returned to full member status.

At 6 strikes, you will be automatically removed from clan and blacklisted. Any appeals will need to be made through the Justice System.


You get 3 Strike Points allotted as an Initiate.

At 3 strikes, you will be automatically removed from the clan. You will be able to re-apply for initiation after your strikes have expired and if you are not blacklisted.

Note: HQ Officers will not strike initiates for: Not idling in Teamspeak when online and Failure to Notify Attendance. These offenses will be internally managed by a Team Leader/2IC or Division Commander/Vice. After friendly chats, they can still strike you for repeatedly breaking the rules.











Strike Offences

 Title  Points  Expiry  Description
Not idling in Teamspeak when online (ie. Steam)  1 30 Days You are required to be on TeamSpeak if your status on Steam or another Game Client says “online” or “in-game”. You are exempt if your status on Steam says “away” or “snooze” or if you are accessing Steam from a mobile device/browser.
Failure to Notify Attendance  1 60 Days You are required to RSVP your availability/ability to attend Official Events relating to your Team, Division or Clan in the Calendar.
Failing to comply with orders  2 60 Days If you are asked to do something by a certain deadline from a ranking officer then do it. Discipline is paramount to the success of any clan, so ensure you display the highest levels of it.
Lack of Integrity Displayed  2 60 Days You are expected to behave in an honorable and honest manner and always strive to put forth your best effort to help the clan. Don’t take shortcuts or be lazy, and don’t game the system to avoid your responsibility to the clan.
Spamming  1 30 Days Content on the forum must add to the conversation or topic. The use of mass, unsolicited information or a pasted response to multiple threads reduces forum content quality and therefore is not accepted.
Minor Inappropriate Content  1 30 Days Creating content that is of a racial, discriminatory, self harm/suicidal, overly religious or overly sexual in nature, or encouraging illegal activity on any of DI’s platforms, including but not limited to forums, TeamSpeak and Steam.
Major Inappropriate Content 3 30 Days Creating very serious content that is of a racial, discriminatory, self harm/suicidal, overly religious or overly sexual in nature, or encouraging illegal activity on any of DI’s platforms, including but not limited to forums, TeamSpeak and Steam.
Minor Abusive Behavior 1 30 Days Small level flame/excessive trolling against others in DI. Actions that fall under minor abusive behavior are cyber bullying, discriminatory or inappropriate speech against others to induce emotional pain, purposeful annoyance, etc.
Major Abusive Behavior 3 30 Days Excessive flame/harassment against others in DI. Actions that fall under major abusive behavior are attack of ones religion, ethnicity, gender, race, family member, personal property, etc.
Negligence in a Warzone or Game  1 14 Days Purposeful mistakes or negligence will receive you one strike. This includes throwing matches or not maintaining your responsibilities in-game.
Negligence in Mentorship Duties  2 45 Days Failing to complete the responsibilities you accepted when you volunteered to Mentor an Initiate due to laziness or any reason that is within your control is poor performance and will result in a strike.
Negligence in Media Team Duties  1 30 Days Failing to complete the responsibilities given to you as a member of the Media Team or as a content creator due to laziness or any reason that is within your control is poor performance and will result in a strike.
Inciting Unrest in DI  3 60 Days Causing arguments, fueling tension and breeding mistrust for whatever reason is not tolerated. We are meant to work together as a family, not cause divide.
Inciting Revolt Against DI  6 120 Days Scheming or planning to break off from DI with members, or plotting to betray DI and influence others to your cause is a massive betrayal of the loyalty that you swore to this clan.
Treason  6 120 Days Betrayal of any kind1 against the clan will warrant a immediate removal from the clan via the strike system.
Lack of Officer Qualities Displayed  3 60 Days *Officers Only* Being an Officer means setting an example to members. Failing to set an example or acting immaturely, unprofessionally or without loyalty will result in a strike. An Officer’s commitment to this clan should never be questioned.
Negligence in Officer Duties  1 60 Days *Officers Only* Failing to complete the responsibilities given to you as an Officer due to laziness or any reason that is within your control is poor performance and will result in a strike. You should always make the effort to know how to do your role, and how to do it well. If you are not sure, ask someone.
¹Clans/Communities that are not allowed, and would fall under the multi-clanning rule:
– Anything that has any form of membership (Official teams, website membership, roster, etc)
– Anything that requires that you represent them (e.g. clan tag in your name, advertise/recruit for them)
– Anything that plays games that could put you in opposition to DI (e.g. other factions in SHK, opposing dota/LoL teams, etc) 


Long Term Away Abuse

“Abuse” of LTA is clarified as:

  • Playing more than 15 hours of games over a 2 week period (tracked by Steam and other platforms such as Origin)
  • Revoking any of the Requirements under which LTA is administered (see below)

You are deemed to have enough time to meet clan requirements if you are capable of playing this much games. Considering that the clan requirements are minimal and many people in DI who only have 2-3 hours a week of spare-time comfortably manages to keep up. If you are caught abusing the LTA system, your membership will be automatically revoked no questions asked. Should you ever choose to rejoin you will undergo initiation again.


Requirements and Rights whilst under LTA:

  • In addition to the usual of being immune to Activity Requirements (forums, events rsvp, teamspeak etc),
  • You are permitted to come onto the Clan TeamSpeak, where your time permits, only for the purpose of communicating with members.
  • You are not permitted to participate in any clan events.
  • You are not permitted to participate in gaming (whether planned or casual) with Damage Inc members under any circumstances.

When you take LTA, you lose some privileges but gain others (such as immunity) for the purposes of allowing you to address the issues that you need to in your life. Any breach of the above requirements will constitute “Abuse” and your membership will be revoked immediately.

The TeamSpeak rule allows for members who use Damage Inc for social support, especially people going through difficult real life circumstances. You are more than welcome to come and talk to your friends where your time permits.

Considerations when applying for LTA:

  • Make sure you have explored other options first. If you cannot access the forums via a PC but can through a mobile device etc then look into it. Only use LTA as an absolute last resort.
  • All LTA Applications will be scrutinized by Activity Managers in much more depth than a regular Away Application (yes, theres a difference between LTA and regular “Away”)
  • Long Term Away is granted for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum 6 months. Extensions may be granted but requires the LTA member to formally post another Application to request an extension.
  • If you have any record of LTA Abuse, even if you rejoin the clan at a later date, you are permanently ineligible to apply for LTA again and the maximum length of time you can take away from DI will be extremely limited. Do not abuse it.
  • Your Steam Account needs to be public (or at least have the Activity Managers added as friends) in order for LTA to be granted.
















Division Triumphs


You may have noted them on the forums as well as on the Divisions pages on our site. Triumphs were introduced to Damage Inc in early September 2016 and are based off the Ancient Roman Tradition and is a recognition of honor, held to publicly celebrate and sanctify the success of a Division Commander who had led Damage Inc forces to victory or glory in the service of the clan or one who had successfully completed a very difficult achievement with their division. It is a difficult to gain a triumph, given the amount of coordination and effort it requires from its members, officers and leadership team to achieve. Below are the current Triumphs by DI and their description.



 Triumph  Description  Requirements
Glory Race (SHK) or Approved Major Tournament Won

Being the Victors of an entire Age on Stronghold Kingdoms or winning a major Tournament that Damage Inc officially entered is considered a tremendous achievement for a Division that takes hundreds of hours of effort and commitment and is recognized with a laurel wreath.

– Win an entire Age in SHK
– Win an Official Tournament that Damage Inc has entered
Domination World (SHK) Won

Being the Victors of Domination World on Stronghold Kingdoms is one of the most difficult feats possible for a Division, given the nature of such a world, there is no rest for those who commit the hours into achieving this prestigious triumph of a laurel wreath with crossed swords.

– Win a Domination World in SHK
Super Division Status Achieved

It takes an entire Division working together to put forth the effort to be granted the legendary honor and status of “Super Division”. Countless hours and teamwork is needed to achieve this triumph and its recognized with a gold crown.

– Achieve “Super Division” Status



Triumphs will be reflected on a Division’s history for many years after it was achieved with the names of the Commander and Vice who led the achievement carved into that history. A Triumph that is represented on the forums next to the respective division who earned it with its color (gold for example) illustrates that it is the current Commander of that Division who achieved it. If a Triumph is grayed out it means its a historic/previous Commander who achieved the triumph.



DI Teamspeak Server Information:

Server Address:

Backup Adress:

You are required to idle in teamspeak when you are online, its part of us being an active and organized clan. Not being in teamspeak while online can risk getting you striked (see Discipline for definition of “online”).

Be aware that when first joining the server you will need to be granted permissions for full access.

Installation video for Teamspeak can be found here.

TeamSpeak Rules:

  1. Your nickname on TeamSpeak must always be a reflection of your Forum Username and Steam Name. Always be recognizable on TeamSpeak and everywhere else in DI. If you wish to change your name, you can do it here.
  2. Be respectful to your fellow users, we are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Toxic players will be dealt with accordingly.
  3. The use of derogatory words or phrases in a nickname is prohibited and will be dealt with under the Discipline system.
  4. Officers and Members are not allowed to sit in locked channels and client limited channels unless it’s for the purposes of media team managed streams, Justice investigations or exceptional circumstances( competitive games for example).
  5. If you’re not on TS for more than 10 days and you’re not on away, you will be placed on probation and treated in the same manner as if you were inactive on forums.


Justice System

Naturally, as Damage Incorporated grows in size, the more opportunities there are for internal conflict, and rule-breaking. It is the responsibility of the officers of the clan to mediate these conflicts and enforce the rules, delivering punishments when necessary. However, Officers are people too, and with this comes the possibility of human error.

The Justice System is in place to oversee any punishments that members deem to be unfair, and to thoroughly investigate these situations with a neutral and fair stance. Think of the Justice Team as the Judge and Jury, while the member and officer involved are their own Defense Attorneys.


The Justice Team

The Justice Team is comprised of an uneven team of (typically) 3 Justices.

This is to rule out a tied vote and to provide sufficient numbers to ensure several viewpoints are presented, and all angles and interpretations observed.

A Justice must be logical, fair, and have a particular mind for the rules. You can always trust the Justice team to act without bias.


Appealing a Strike/Blacklist

If you receive a strike or become Blacklisted, the first thing you should do is visit the Discipline section of the Code of Ops.

Once you have read the criteria for the strike you received, decide whether or not you believe your behaviour has met the criteria for this strike.

If you still believe the strike was Unjust, please contact the Justice Team via the official contact point, here.


Tenets of Justice:

Attention to Detail:

Each Justice case is looked into thoroughly. All parties involved are questioned when necessary, and all evidence is analysed. No stone is left unturned. To ensure that all details are obtained and analysed, some cases may take longer than others.


The Justice Team is Neutral by nature. They are on no one’s side. If the Code of Ops was a person, they would be on their side. If a member is in the wrong, the appealed strike will be upheld. If an officer is in the wrong, the appealed strike will be overturned.


All Justice Cases are confidential. Any communications with the Justice Team relating to a Justice Case are in strict confidence. Justice cases will only be discussed with those who are part of the case, or are required to be involved to provide further information.

Upholding the Code of Ops:

The Code of Ops is the Damage Inc. word of Law. The Justice Team will uphold these laws completely. If, for example, an officer hands out a strike for Minor Abusive Behaviour, but the behaviour in question does not fit this criteria, it will be overturned.

If, however, the Justice Team sees the behaviour as deserving of a different strike, that strike will be handed out instead. All Justice rulings are final.



Q:Why was my strike upheld?

A: If your strike was upheld, it was correctly given by the officer and you were found to be in breach of the Code of Ops. Learn from this and correct your behaviour accordingly.

Q:The strike I handed out was overturned, why?

A: If the strike you handed out was overturned, it was found that the member was either not in breach of the Code of Ops at all, or the strike was the wrong strike to give and the member was in breach of the Code of Ops for another reason than the one you struck for.

Q:This officer is mistreating me. The strikes they gave me were overturned, but what happens to them now?

A: If an officer is behaving in a manner unbecoming of an officer, they will be punished accordingly. No one in the clan is above the rules, however, you will not be informed of what punishment is handed out to the officer. Everything is on a need to know basis, and no one in the clan needs to know how others are being punished.

Q: What happens if there are only 2 Justices?

A: In this situation, if there is a tie in voting, a senior officer , typically the Leader (unless they handed out the strike, then it will be the Chancellor), that is not directly involved in the case will step in to cast the deciding vote.

Q:Is The Leader (Current GreatJackal) involved in any of the appeal decisions?

A: Very rarely. See above.

Q: I am appealing a strike that a Justice gave me, how does this work?

A: In this situation, the Justice in question will not be involved in the investigation and decision making of the case, and will be treated as a non-Justice officer for the duration of the case, and will be questioned by the Justice Team as usual.

Q:My strike was upheld, can I appeal again?

A: The only situation in which you can re-appeal a strike is when new evidence has come to light that could change the decision. If there is no new evidence, the strike cannot be re-appealed, as all Justice decisions are final.

Q: I was just speaking my mind, how can that be considered Inciting Unrest?

A: Damage Incorporated is not a Democracy, it is a militaristic structure. If you have any issues, you should be bringing it up via the Chain of Command (2ndInCommand-TL-Vice-Commander-Leadership). While open discussion and debate is not against the rules, the manner in which this is carried out is vital in defining the Inciting Unrest strike. If a discussion is confrontational, argumentative and/or disrespectful, it will breed drama and unrest within the clan, and that is a strikeable offence. Keep discussions positive and constructive, or keep it private and within the chain of command.

Q: The officer didn’t warn me before giving a strike, what gives? 

A: Officers are not obligated to give an additional warning before the warning. A strike is a warning, and if you receive one, it tells you that “you have received a warning”. Think of them as yellow cards in a sport. Any initial warning given by an officer is a courtesy and should be appreciated as such. The only strike in which Officers would need to give sufficient time before striking is “Failure to Comply with Orders”, because the member needs time to carry out the order once it is given.

Q:What happens in a Justice case?

A: A typical Justice case will go through 3 stages. Investigation, Debate and Voting. During the Investigation stage, if more information is necessary than provided in the strike, the appropriate officers and members will be contacted and questioned in confidence. Once a satisfactory amount of information has been collected, the Justice Team will discuss the evidence, and what they believe to be the right course of action. After discussing the case, each Justice will vote, and the majority vote will be the final decision.

Q:I was Blacklisted, what do I do now?

A: If you were Blacklisted recently due to a strike that you think was Unjust, appeal the strike like you would any other, and if it is Overturned, so will the Blacklist be removed. If you were Blacklisted a while ago and you did not appeal any strikes, you may directly appeal the Blacklist. If you do appeal the Blacklist, you must provide a very good reason why we should accept you back into the clan.