August 2016 News

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~August 2016 News~

Cloa: “Its only 8am, why is my Division this active already?”   GreatJackal: “Because they like the smell of blood in the morning”


Members of the Month

Congratulations to the following members for going above and beyond and achieving glory and prestige for Damage Inc and their Divisions, congratulations!

Legend.gif Member of the Month

– Duchess (2nd Division)

Division Members of the Month

– eq1warbit (1st Division)

– reedsnake (3rd Division)

– benjammin (5th Division)

– TheGamer777 (8th Division)

Officer of the Month

– Cloa (6th Division)

They have all been awarded their respective Medals (see Awards) for achieving their coveted status.


Rocket League Venture Success!

Congratulations to 5th Division!

Commander: Yoshi
Vice: Tjkeegan

After a hard couple of months or recruiting, training and some sweat and blood, the Rocket League Venture Team have finally reached the requirements for the honorable upgrade to a Division. It is not easy building a Division from scratch, but despite all the odds, the members of the now 5th Division pulled it off and are now on their way to glory and greatness, as well as no doubt seizing many triumphs for DI!


Op Redraw II – Congratulations….

8th Division!

Commander: Kay
Vice: Roy

It was another insanely competitive face off between our divisions, with 8th Division facing stiff competition from other Divisions to hold their title from Op Redraw I. Yet despite the odds, they managed to come together and pull it off with an average of 71 posts per person, which is a LOT for a division of 60+ members!

As a reward for their efforts, everyone in the Division is awarded the:

Best Division Medal
For outstanding teamwork as a Division


And those who guessed the winner correctly, will receive the Degenerate Gambler Event Attendance token.


For the Individual Performance, Congratulations to:

1st Place – TheGamer777 (DI-VIII)   total of 1690 posts (in 2 weeks wtf?)

2nd Place – Ennasai (DI-VI)              total of 739 posts

3rd Place – TheTinMan (DI-VIII)        total of 437 posts

4th- Nash (DI-C)                   400 posts

5th- AFDragon (DI-I)             275 posts

6th- Jammeh (DI-IV)             252 posts

7th- MegaNob (DI-IV)           167 posts

8th- Mely (DI-VIII)                 151 posts

9th- Jam (DI-C)                     146 posts

10th- Dracowolf (DI-II)          140 posts


Division Rankings – By Average Posts Per Person (PPP)

1st – 8th Division – Avg 71 PPP

2nd – 6th Division – Avg 46 PPP

3rd – 4th Division – Avg 42 PPP

4th – Community Division – Avg 38 PPP

5th – 1st Division – Avg 32 PPP

6th – 3rd Division – Avg 21 PPP

7th – 5th Division – Avg 20 PPP

8th – 2nd Division – Avg 17 PPP


Super Div Triumph – Community Division

Commander: Nechtmarrie
Vice: Jam

Community Division have done so well this year under the Commander Nechtmarrie and Vice Jam, that they have finally earned the prestigious Super Divisions Status and Triumph for their Division for successfully mentoring and guiding 4 different Ventures into fully fledged Divisions, an outstanding achievement for any Community Division leadership team. Since taking command in January this year, Nechtmarrie has been a symbol of stability and stamina within Damage Inc. Facing the very difficult challenges of commanding multiple Venture Teams, a unique approach by both him and his vice was needed to ensure the success of these Ventures into Divisions. Never giving up, and never tiring from the burden of command, Community Division continues to make progress regardless of the challenges or obstacles faced.

Well Done Community Division!


Triumphs – What Are They?

You may have noted them on the forums as well as on the Divisions pages on our site. Essentially a Damage Inc Triumph is based off the Ancient Roman Tradition and is a recognition of honor, held to publicly celebrate and sanctify the success of a Division Commander who had led Damage Inc forces to victory or glory in the service of the clan or one who had successfully completed a very difficult achievement with their division. It is a difficult to gain a triumph, given the amount of coordination and effort it requires from its members, officers and leadership team to achieve. Below are the current Triumphs by DI and their description:

Glory Race (SHK) or Approved Major Tournament Won


Domination World (SHK) Won


Clan vs Clan Action


Super Division Status Achieved


If the Triumphs are grayed out on the forums, it means it was achieved during a previous Commander’s tenure. If it retains its color, it means the current Commander led the achievement of the Triumph.

Despite the heavy recognition given to the Commander, it is important to note that a Division with several active triumphs has demonstrated their cohesiveness and effectiveness as a whole, which is crucial for them to succeed and to keep crushing.


Code of Ops Changes / Updates

There has been some additions / changes that you all need to be aware of (Officers ensure all your members know this). I will add it to the Code of Ops later over this weekend from this announcement.

Naming Conventions – Affects Everyone  

Effective from 04 September 2016

Your name must be consistent on Forums, TeamSpeak and Steam. This is incredibly important for Officers to be able to do their jobs, and also to prevent spies or blacklisted people getting access when they shouldnt. At the end of the day you must be identifiable.

The rule currently includes that your name on TeamSpeak and Forums must be the same (so you are identifiable) but this has now extended to include steam.

If you want your name changed, there will soon be a place on the forums for you to do so (similar to transferring Divisions) and we can change your name through that on forums.

Secondly, you must have -DI- in your name on Steam. I have seen people on Steam without this, which to me means they no longer wish to be apart of DI and will be treated as such. Brand recognition is crucial to getting sponsors, so stick that -DI- in there with pride because you are only harming the clan by not having it.

Breaches will be considered a breach of the Code of Ops and will result in strikes being issued. Discipline is important for a community as large as ours to continue to function smoothly and without issues.

Officer Changes – Affects Officers Only

Effective from 28 August 2016

As an officer you are held to higher standards than regular members, and you are expected at all times to set a good example to the rest of the clan. If officers set a bad example it creates dysfunction within the clan, and has a snowball effect towards the members. Therefore:

Not Being on TeamSpeak when Online as a Senior Officer – Will result in a strike of “Lack of Officer Qualities Displayed” in ADDITION to the “Not Idling on TeamSpeak when Online” strike. Simply extremely unacceptable for a Senior Officer to not set the best example to their Division and Clan.

Being placed on Probation as an Officer – Will result and count as a Demotion (which has implications below). Again, as an Officer, you should NOT be going on probation, its just poor judgment and leadership on your behalf if you are not checking Opium Den everyday, your Division Forums, the Calendar and your PM’s. Lead by example.

Mandatory Officer Ban periods for Officers – In an attempt to reduce the instability facing many divisions at the moment, the following will apply:

In good faith:

If you step down (and your division, team or appointment is in good standing and served in your position for at least 3+ months)
A mandatory officer ban of 2 month will apply

If are removed in good faith a subsequent time
A mandatory officer ban of 2 months will apply

In bad faith:

If you step down (and your division, team or appointment is in bad standing and/or served in your position for less than 3 months)
A mandatory officer ban of 3 months will apply

If you are demoted (for any reason INCLUDING being placed on Probation)
A mandatory officer ban of 4 months will apply

If are removed in bad faith a subsequent time
A mandatory officer ban of 6 months will apply each time

This will become part of the Code of Ops and managed by the Justice Committee.

Difference between “In Good Faith” and “In Bad Faith”

Relatively self explanatory. Stepping down In good faith you have served in your position well for a decent amount of time, you have have provided stability and support and there was not an issue with your performance or motivation (aka you were a good officer) and you are able to hand your team/division/position over without baggage (issues) to your successor. This may occur when something in RL came up or you have grown fatigued from leadership and you had to step down to take a break. The ban period should not to be seen as a punishment, but rather a well earned break where you wont be asked to provide more to DI (and buying you the time you need to sort out your RL issues).

On the other hand, if you are stepping down in bad faith, it means you are stepping down in a period where your division, position or team needs you most. You are leaving behind chaos for someone else to step in and fix. This may sometimes be unavoidable, especially if you are a Venture Leader or a new Commander and something in RL forces you to step down. However I have carefully balanced the amount of time this occurs vs people who step down because they are either incompetent or lazy. It is what it is and no ban will be waived. So think carefully about instances that may impact you in RL before accepting more responsibility in DI and whether you can give at least 3+ months to that position. On the other end, if you are demoted, the ban is very straightforward and means you need to spend more time in DI as a member learning about how the clan works and the culture that is expected.

What Officer Bans mean and why they exist

Officer Bans were created to manage instability in teams, divisions and HQ by ensuring that people who take the positions of officership actually have the time, skills and motivation to succeed in that position. It is also to ensure that officers who were demoted in one division dont become promoted in another or HQ (for at least some period of time). At the end of the day, not everyone is suited to leading (whether a team, division or HQ role), and in many instances they need more training and experience in DI before taking on this responsibility. I also have an issue with people taking responsibility but without the proper time to devote to the efforts involved in a leadership position.

Whilst on an Officer Ban, that particular person is not able to serve in any officer role (see the Officer Charter in HQ Operations Room to see what constitutes an officer role). They cannot lead teams, divisions or serve in any official capacity (even as a member rank). The Officer Ban list will be pinned up in the Court of Justice and accessible to senior officers (and should be consulted by Commanders and Leadership before considering the promotion of someone to officer). In extremely rare circumstances an officer ban may be waived for operational reasons, but requires approval by the Leader of Damage Inc and will not be approved unless all other options are exhausted.


Initiation Ceremony

Congratulations to the Cohort of August 2016 for joining our ranks as full members. You have no doubt gone through a somewhat difficult process in the Ludus Magnum, where many of your peers fell to the relentless assaults from the activity managers, your Commanders and Team leaders who expect the highest performance from you and lastly, the barrier tests from the Initiate Managers. Due to the demand, some of you have been offered officer positions to take up more responsibility within the clan. Ensure you use this to the glory of DI and always for the best of the clan as a whole.

Top 3 Initiates of this Cohort:
The following 3 members finished at the top of their Cohort, and have been given their Final Oaths with honours. Congratulations:

1stplace.png 1st – Roy

2ndplace.png 2nd – Jammeh

3rdplace.png 3rd – Kay

These members have graduated the August 2016 Cohort, Congratulations:


  1. IbnBattuta
  2. jonse2011
  3. eq1warbit
  4. firenicknl


  1. merlin3341


  1. Liani
  2. LordJagermeiste
  3. juGGernaut442
  4. LuxuriousAuto
  5. UdnQuid
  6. Roflosaurus


  1. ShiKaan
  2. Szadus
  3. M4X1MU5
  4. Senti
  5. Jammeh


  1. Bulu
  2. GhostCat


  1. LiLPeeWizzle
  2. SoryeGeTon
  3. Themisbro
  4. xTsuchikagex
  5. Lifey
  6. GetJinxed
  7. CynicalBrit
  8. ismokeythebear


  1. tanvir
  2. Carl
  3. Faxlim
  4. ApeLincoln
  5. Kay
  6. Roy


  1. PsmasterDaryan



Congratulations to…

Officer Promotions

Nechtmarrie on appointment as General of Community Division
Nechtmarrie took his first command within DI of Community Division at the start of 2016 with vigor and determination. After a few short months he completely reshaped the goals and purpose of Community Division, and successfully led the development of four different Venture Teams into fully fledged Divisions. Leading with a strong hand and being the embodiment of stability to DI, Nechtmarrie is appointed the honorable rank of General, and allocated an Aide-De-Camp officer.

Yoshi on appointment as Commander of 5th Division

Kay on appointment as Commander of 8th Division

Specctre on appointment as Vice of 1st Division

LightningHawk on appointment as Vice of 2nd Division

Tjkeegan on appointment as Vice of 5th Division

CynicalBrit on appointment as Vice of 6th Division

Roy on appointment as Vice of 8th Division

AFDragon on appointment as Vice of Activity Manager of DI HQ

Heather on appointment as Vice of Gate Keeper of DI HQ

Dracowolf on appointment as Marshal Events Officer of 2nd Division

Lastboss42 on appointment as Marshal Aide-de-Camp of Community Division

Mikeythelegend on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 6th Division

Mal on appointment as Captain Team Leader of 8th Division

wetletus on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 1st Division

firenicknl on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 1st Division

MasterPuha on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 2nd Division

antipyre on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 3rd Division

SyCoGaToR on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 3rd Division

Szadus on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 4th Division

M4X1MU5 on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 4th Division

EchoMid on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 5th Division

iFatility on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of 6th Division

SoryeGeTon on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 6th Division

AngryDog on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of 8th Division

Andremull on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Carl on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Fireplay on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Faxlim on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Mechanoid2k on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

VadaShiloh on appointment as Lieutenant Events Officer of Community Division

Tr1ckShoTz on appointment as Lieutenant Venture Team Leader of Community Division

Nash on appointment as Lieutenant Team Leader of Community Division

Jammeh on appointment as Lieutenant Initiate Manager of DI HQ

ApeLincoln on appointment as Lieutenant Initiate Manager of DI HQ


Member Promotions


These are members who have dedicated a lot of effort and commitment to DI. Their loyalty is unquestioned, and they have been around for a while and seen the way things run in DI. They can be relied upon to complete objectives to a high standard, and they maintain a good example of what it means to be DI.

+TheGamer777, for exceptional service, loyalty and activity to DI.




Congratulations to…

M4X1MU5 ~ Star of Valor – 1st Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for extraordinary team leadership and performance ingame in CSGO. Consistently pushing his team to new levels, M4X1MU5 has lead spearheaded his team in several clan vs clan battles for the glory of Damage Inc with very consistent results, and continues to lead the Clan vs Clan scene for 4th Division.

Bobdown ~ Star of Valor – 1st Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for for his extraordinary achievements in 3rd Division. Bob Down has consistently ranked at the top of the leaderboards with the highest points and rank in all of DI’s factions in SHK. He has played a pivotal role in several invasion operations, including razing 13 villages, becoming King of China.

ShiKaan ~ Star of Valor – 2nd Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 2nd Class for outstanding ingame prowess as part of Team A in 4th Division CSGO. ShiKaan has participated in almost all of 4th Division’s Clan vs Clan battles and helped secure several victories for his division and Damage Inc.

MegaNob ~ Star of Valor – 2nd Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 2nd Class for outstanding division leadership that has seen 4th Division spearhead Damage Inc into the Clan vs Clan scene. Under MegaNob’s leadership, 4th Division has exploded in growth which has helped position it well for future wars.

Merf ~ Star of Valor – 2nd Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 2nd Class for outstanding ingame leadership that has seen 3rd Division seize their first triumph since their creation in September 2012. Under Merf’s leadership, 3rd Division has completely re-organized itself as an example division that continues to set the highest standards.

Zeik ~ Star of Valor – 3rd Class (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Star of Valor – 3rd Class for excellent ingame skill as part of Team A in 4th Division CSGO. Zeik has participated in most of 4th Divisions Clan vs Clan battles and helped secure several victories for his division and Damage Inc.

TheGamer777 ~ Commendation – Gold (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Gold for coming First Place in Op Redraw II

JNota ~ Commendation – Silver (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Silver for the consistent high quality videos he is providing Damage Inc from 4th Division to further expand our social media presence. This has been crucial to developing our YouTube presence.

Ennasai ~ Commendation – Silver (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Silver for coming Second Place in Op Redraw II

TheTinMan ~ Commendation – Silver (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Silver for coming Third Place in Op Redraw II

Nash ~ Commendation – Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Bronze for coming Fourth Place in Op Redraw II

AFDragon ~ Commendation – Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Bronze for coming Fifth Place in Op Redraw II

Jammeh ~ Commendation – Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Bronze for coming Sixth Place in Op Redraw II

MegaNob ~ Commendation – Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Bronze for coming Seventh Place in Op Redraw II

Mely ~ Commendation – Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Bronze for coming Eighth Place in Op Redraw II

Jam ~ Commendation – Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Bronze for coming Ninth Place in Op Redraw II

Dracowolf ~ Commendation – Bronze (By GreatJackal)
Awarded Commendation – Bronze for coming Tenth Place in Op Redraw II



Keep up the good work DI, all this could not have been achieved without the contribution from everyone in this clan.