Atlas Reactor – One of the best games you have never played

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Released in October 2016, Atlas Reactor is a turn based team tactics game developed by Trion Worlds and is available to download on Steam and is completely Free-to-Play. The style of the game is in a similar to that of the rising Esports hit Overwatch, featuring detailed animated characters that loaded with personality and features. These characters are the Freelancers of the city of Atlas. Freelancers are divided by role into Firepower (damage specialist), Frontline (tank and crowd control) or Support (utility and team survivability). But why should you be excited to play this game?

Game Mechanics:

As mentioned, Atlas is a turn based game. However, the turns of all eight players must be completed in a single, sometimes-frantic 20 second window. Coordinate with your team: focus damage on a vulnerable target, shield your ally from harm, or prepare a trap for an opponent. Consider the enemy’s point of view and options. Will they dash away, nullifying your attack? Are you yourself in the crosshairs of an enemy? These factors and much more must all be accounted for before the turn timer runs down! Player psychology and predictive skills are crucial, because reading and countering your opponent’s intentions creates the biggest and most exciting moments of gameplay. Player prediction is not a science, so there is limitless opportunity to out-gambit your enemy, and it’s always your turn, so there’s never a dull moment.

Esports and Twitch:

On the world’s biggest gaming platform, Twitch, Atlas Reactor is not often seen in the list of top games. But that could be about to change. The game is still new, and in spite of positive ratings and reviews, the competitive scene is still in its infancy. That is why the next section is so exciting and important for gamers, sponsors and Esports fans.

Damage Incorporated, Atlas Reactor Invitational.

Damage Inc Invitational

Damage Incorporated has put together a big event for Atlas Reactor, with an invite only tournament of 16 teams and a prize pool of $1000, This is the BIGGEST tournament of Atlas Reactors modern history. Not only is this going to be showcasing some of the best worldwide talent in the game. It is also going to be a fantastic display of the game itself in the best way possible. Expect some beautiful graphics, advanced team strategies, on point gamecasting and a quality production. 16 teams 4v4 means all the freelancers will be on display so you will get to pick your favorites and watch them wreak havoc on the battlefield. The tournament runs all weekend on the 29th and 30th of July and will be LIVE on Damage Inc’s Twitch!