Atlas Reactor Tournament

Atlas Reactor Invitational Tournament

Coming this summer…

Damage Incorporated brings you the biggest tournament in Atlas Reactor history.
On July 29th and 30th ,16 of the best teams from the Prep Phase League will compete.
With a high production value stream and the best talent in casting, Damage Incorporated is proud to present
The Damage Incorporated Invitational


With a prize pool at $1000 and more crowdfunding available soon, we aim to have the highest ever Prizepool for an atlas reactor Tournament!


This tournament is an invite-only tournament. Brackets are to be announced at the beginning of July!


We are looking to interview casters and on-air analysts to augment our team’s capacity to cast every game.
Interested talent should contact Tuesday at

Teams can reach out to Ender on Discord at [DI]Ender#1063, or by email at
Or to Selphius on Discord at DI Selphius#3838, or by email at for more information.