April in Rust and Division One

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Division One News
Author: Evani (Division 1)

WhizzOfTheNorth described April as the “month of fixing”. Division 1 numbers are on the rise, member activity has increased, and the division managed to assert itself within Damage Incorporated. Thanks to Falx’s continuous recruiting efforts, the division was able to return to 30 members this month. This is an outstanding achievement. The division had a strong start in May, with a good attendance to the first wipe of the month. April has been a fantastic month for Division 1 and I am sure we can expect the division to continue growing at a steady pace.
Rust Updates
April was an exciting month for the Rust community. Many necessary changes made to the game: the Heavy Armor nerf and  AI update to name a few. We also saw fantastic progress on the new Launchpad RadTown and a sneak-peek of what we can be expecting.
Our first update came on April 13th with the long-awaited AI improvements. If you played rust for more than 5 minutes, you’ll understand the struggle of having a bear glitched under you in a rock. Thankfully, this has been patched. There were also some other interesting updates to the AI system. For example, animals are now able to eat corpses and also react to gunshots. The AI system still has a ways to go but will continue to improve and develop throughout the coming months. This update also came with the wooden helmet. Despite its questionable design, the helmet provides early game head protection which is a feature I’ve always wanted. This month also brought with it the heavy armor nerfs. Although nerf is a bit of an understatement, it was more of a destruction. The helmet impairs vision, the chest plate no longer allows aiming down sight, and the trousers reduce movement speed. It is hard to see the heavy armor having any main role in the game anymore other than for base defense. Although many people, myself included, believe this was a bit much. As I always do, I’ve saved the best for last. The best update this month has to be the Eoka buff, there is finally a use for the early-game pistol. In most situations, the Eoka is still outperformed by the bow. There’s nothing more satisfying than a one shot kill on a geared guy with such an easy gun to craft.
Rust Community
This month brought with it many exciting and original skins up on the community page. It was difficult to pick, but the number one spot had to go to the Spartan facemask by Milho. The design is the most creative I’ve seen in a while, and it has texture on the smallest details.
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