April 2016 News

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~April 2016 News~

Clan Structure Updates

DI has undergone significant changes this month, as we grow our infrastructure and setup must be updated to account for our growth. The structure will continue to change/adapt as we continue to grow, but if you have not seen these changes yet you can view them here.

Damage Inc 2016 Plan

Recently I have released the plan and vision for Damage Inc, its crucial that you read and understand it (especially senior officers) as this is the plan that will drive our strategy for the rest of the year and set ourselves up for success.

We have a long road ahead of us, and I want just as much as any of you to see DI get there.

Super Division – 8th Division

8th Division have done so well again that they have again made it into the news spotlight! After meeting the requirements for the coveted and honored status of Super Division a few days ago, they have demonstrated what a Division can do if they put the effort in.

The requirements to become a Super Division is outlined in the Opium Den for Officers however so everyone knows, it is:

– A Division must reach 50+ members on the MDR
– Division has been commanded by the same Commander successfully for 3+ months (changing Commander’s resets this)


8th Division, under the command of Tyrant and his Vice, Clones231, has seen skyrocketing success since taking over command at the beginning of the year. Tyrant, has set outstanding example as a Commander, using a balance of carrot and stick approach he was not afraid to enforce discipline ruthlessly, but at the same time, being very generous when bestowing honors and awards on those members who were genuinely trying to get the legendary 8th Division back on track. Clones, having served as the Vice of 5th Division previously, was very well versed in keeping the back-end administration engine running that is so crucial to a Division’s success. Working around the clock to maintain various spreadsheets, points balances as well as PMing Welcome Information Packs personally to all the new initiates who were assigned to 8th Division, it was clearly a recipe for success. The culture, discipline and teamwork in the 8th Division stands as one of the best in DI today, and all the hard work of all the members and officers from 8th Division have paid off, as they gain the honored status of Super Division.

Now just make sure you guys keep it compliant! 🙂


~Member of the Month~

Congratulations to Ember for winning MOTM for May 2016. His quality input and consistent activity across the clan has been noted by the officers, and for his efforts he has been awarded the Legend.gif MOTM Ribbon and the MOTM Rank for the duration of the month.

~Initiation Ceremony~

Congratulations to the Cohort of April 2016 for joining our ranks as full members. You have no doubt gone through a somewhat difficult process in the Ludus Magnum, where many of your peers fell to the relentless assaults from the activity managers, your Commanders and Team leaders who expect the highest performance from you and lastly, the barrier tests from the Initiate Managers. Due to the demand, some of you have been offered officer positions to take up more responsibility within the clan. Ensure you use this to the glory of DI and always for the best of the clan as a whole.

Starting: 42
Graduated: 17 (60% fail rate)

Top 3 Initiates of this Cohort:
The following 3 members finished at the top of their Cohort, and have been given their Final Oaths with honours. Congratulations:

1stplace.png 1st
– Cerber42

2ndplace.png 2nd
– kamikzebz

3rdplace.png 3rd
– Blackbird







Current Balance – $110.03

Recent Spending (April) – None

Upcoming Expenses – Nil for now


Congratulations to……….


CindersKnight on appointment as Chancellor Chief of Staff of DI HQ
Cinders was already the Chief of Staff of Damage Inc. However his portfolio has grown with the clan, and ultimately he is responsible for ensuring all of the HQ functions are operational and in smooth working order. This frees the Leader to focus on working with Commanders / Generals to drive clan strategy through the Divisions. Congrats on Chancellor though Cinders.

Shand on appointment as Director Deputy Chief of Staff of DI HQ
Shand has been with Damage Inc for a very long time. He has served in various administrative appointments and has maintained an exceptional record of Activity Management in the clan. After his long and unquestioned dedication and wisdom of Damage Inc, he has a lot to offer the members of this clan and its therefore my pleasure to appoint him to the leadership ranks of the Clan.

Tyrant on appointment as General of 8th Division
Tyrant took his first command within DI of 8th Division with a clear vision and purpose for that Division’s future. After only a few short months he has turned the entire culture of that division around as well as reached a new record for the size and scope that the 8th Division has grown to. For reaching the requirements of a Super Division, Tyrant is appointed the honorable rank of General, and allocated an Aide-De-Camp officer. Well done.

Saniagh on appointment as Commander of 1st Division

Jammychgo on appointment as Commander of 2nd Division

LLR on appointment as Commander of 3rd Division

Nom on appointment as a Vice Justice of DI HQ

Kronos on appointment as a Vice Justice of DI HQ

WPCom on appointment as a Vice Officer Training of DI HQ

JTMedic on appointment as a Vice Initiate Manager of DI HQ

Kamikzebz on appointment as a Vice of 1st Division

Mely on appointment as a Marshal Recruitment Officer of DI HQ

Meatwad on appointment as a Marshal Recruitment Officer of DI HQ

TheGamer777 on appointment as a Marshal Aide-de-Camp of 8th Division

LadyCynthiaJ on appointment as a Marshal Gate Keeper of DI HQ

ddx on appointment as a Captain Team Leader of 8th Division

flohzircus on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 1st Division

Rhodezman on appointment as a Lieutenant Events Officer of 2nd Division

zappytek on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 3rd Division

Cerber42 on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 6th Division

Blackbird on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Mechanoid2k on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Cricial on appointment as a Lieutenant Team Leader of 8th Division

Deadmen249 on appointment as a Lieutenant Events Officer of Community Division

INV404 on appointment as a Lieutenant Activity Manager of DI HQ



This is the prime rank that a member can achieve during their first 3 months of membership. Its a distinguished rank that can only be earned through hard work, and a constant effort to improve DI. It is achieved after gaining 3 honor points, which is earned through various awards in which themselves take hard work and effort to earn.

I take great pleasure today awarding the Companion’s Shield to:

+Ember, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+KingOfIreland, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.

+MightyMouse, for outstanding service to DI, well above what is expected from any regular member.


Clones231 is awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for outstanding performance as the Division Vice of 8th Division that helped it become a Super Division. Division Vice, often wrongly perceived to be “just an assistant Commander” is actually a position critical to the survival of a Division. Requiring significant skills in attention to detail, time management and administrative know-how, Clones has had to deal with all the administrative challenges in tracking each individual of his division on a spreadsheet, ensuring they get their Event Tokens, their promotions, awards and ensuring they are integrated properly into a team upon joining by personally PMing every single person a “Welcome Information Pack” that is assigned to 8th Division. These crucial tasks allowed Tyrant to focus on driving the strategy for the Division and set objectives for the Team Leaders.


Mely is awarded Star of Valor – 1st Class for outstanding performance in the DI HQ Recruitment Team and has more than likely recruited more members into DI by himself than anyone ever before him. You just need to go look at the previous Initiate Applications and where it says “Where did you hear about DI?” new applicants often respond with “Mely”. Mely, you have without doubt been an absolute key part of DIs growth, and many Commanders/Generals owe you a personal thank you for the help you have rendered their Divisions on the recruitment front. Well done!