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Community Easter Egg Hunt

DI Community is celebrating Easter with a Wild Egg Hunt across all game events and the forums.

It’s time to grab a basket, collect some eggs and win the Eggmaster 2019! From Friday, 19th of April, till Monday, 22nd of April, prizes and eggs are up for grabs for the whole community!

All Events of the Community can hide some Eggs in their events – you unlock them by taking part in various challenges during the event. This can range from having to solve a riddle, making an impressive clip, winning a special game mode or simply going an entire hour without saying “is”. There is no limit to the torturous creativity of hosts and every challenge is worth your while – because this is what is in the pot:

Free DI Subscriptions, DI Merchandise sent to your door, Community Awards and of course the amazing bragging rights of becoming the Egg Master of your House and the Community in general. 

Our events range from Apex Legends Riddle Evening over Minecraft Builders Competition, Fortnite Hide ‘n Seek (find the Bunny!), Karaoke Singing Competition to an “Eggy” Movie Night. Time to use these holidays to get to know more people so grab your Community access and check out the Calendars for the [E]ggtastic Events. 


Details can be found in our Forum and Announcements, make sure to hit a quick registration and try it out.