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Damage Inc

Glory! Damage Incorporated gets to 4-0

Damage incorporated continues its win streak, pushing on with a record of four wins and zero losses!


The first two matches were uneventful, two no shows, and two wins without putting anything, the team was slightly frustrated, not being able to show their prowess and fight for glory.


But the next match was a good one. Against a well known tier 3 team, Romans Next Gods. But DI never backs off from a challenge! RNG was a formidable enemy, handing DI their first map loss. But that was not the time to give up! The team regrouped, and went all guns blazing on the hybrid and assault maps next up, winning both of them. But RNG was not to be taken lightly, as they took the next map again.


It was down to the wire. All, or nothing.


Oasis was the tiebreaker map. DI goes in once again, winning the first one, city center. But RNG was not going down without a fight. DI was knocked down with only 38% on the second map. Next map was Oasis: University. RNG came in strong once again, going 66% in point progress against DI. DI regrouped, and then came in with all they had, taking the point, and then holding off wave after wave of attack, securing the map, and match win.


Next match, was against Maple Squirrels. Feeling especially confident after the win against RNG, the team went in to fight, but with our hitscan specialist, JunkyardBoy arriving late, the first map was a practical forfeit. JunkyardBoy arrived, right in time for the next map, and DI, completed once again, overpowered Maple Squirrels on Eichenwalde, Temple of Anubis, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The ferocity was unparalleled, with full hold defenses all around, and hard pushes to clinch the victory.


Now with a 4-0 record, DI is ready to face whatever the Open Division can throw at them.


To glory!