Vice Guide

This guide is outdated due to the clan structure changes of February 2017

Division Vices

Division Vices are responsible for and have to ensure their Division Administration is up-to-date. As your commander mainly focuses on the in-game or overall strategy of the division, a vice will be proactive with the Team Leaders, the members and any administrative issues it brings. You will mainly find yourself tracking statistics and communicating with your members and other officers.


Key responsibilities

  • The Master Division Registry (MDR). The only topic with all official divisions and ventures displayed. It gives an organized overview of all teams and each vice has to make sure their division is up-to-date.
  • Division transfers. Rules demand a member to only be in one division at a time, so you got to ensure they are where they belong. If they want to create their own venture; speak with the community vice. Do they want to join another division; speak with the according vice of that division to work it out. The new vice is responsible for updating the MDR and makes sure the change is reflected on the member’s profile.
  • Train and mentor the different officers within their respective division.
  • Track the statistics of your members; look for possible promotions, ensure they stay active and if they meet the clan/division objectives. Together with the officer promotions from your commander, the member promotions are shown in the end of the month announcements.
  • Assist with achieving the goals established by HQ Leadership.


Communication with the activity manager


Besides division objectives and rules, members also got to follow the clan’s rules. Being too long MIA from the forums ends up in probation. Try to prevent this and if not, communicate with them to ensure they get back and follow the probation rules. Communicate often with the activity managers to manage division inactivity reporting requirements.


Members are able to take an away from the clan if needed. Help them to set-up their away post and ensure both your commander and their team leader are aware of their absence. Stay in contact with the activity manager regarding members away status and if needed an extended period.


Strikes can be gotten from not following the rules. Such as inappropriate behavior or simply not rsvping to (clan)events. Just like probation, communicate often with the activity managers to manage division inactivity reporting requirements.


Communication with the division commander

As vice you have to assist in the Command of the Division in accordance with DI policy and Code of Ops and help to achieve the goals established by DI HQ Leadership (including commanding the division when the Commander is away).

As your commander will mainly focus on the strategy, take away some weight and ensure to:

  • Hand out awards and rewards to members according to their progress.
  • Help to achieve goals established by DI HQ Leadership.
  • Keep the pipelines full with new initiates due to recruiting.
  • Ensure every division member has a team and initiates are acknowledged and placed on the MDR.
  • Mentor the different officers.


Communication with events officers

Events officers create and handle the division events. Inform them on their duties and train them on being on an officer. Help out to ensure your members are aware of the ongoing events and RSVP to them (even if not mandatory). This helps both the division and their own progress. Make sure there are enough events to meet compliancy with the division objectives and inform the events officers of any absences if needed.


Communication with team leaders

Team Leaders are mostly outstanding or experienced players, though need to be informed and trained on the tasks of being an officer. You will help them to get to know their duties and how to act accordingly. This means you will have to communicate with them daily to keep everyone informed on the progress and activity of the division its members, this includes to:

  • Let them set-up and hold team events and make sure everyone gets their award or reward.
  • Monitor the members daily and make sure you know who is active and in example due for promotion.
  • Enforce discipline and the use of the chain of command.



Communication with the gatekeeper

Recruits will give you a hard time if you don’t act professionally. Communicate with the gatekeeper to make sure their applications are in order and the initiates know what is expected from them. The sign-up process has to be smooth, so ensure to:

  • Inform them on the requirements and make sure they know what we do and expect from them. It is important they understand the requirements before they join.
  • Help them to sign up and guide them through making their application if needed.
  • Acknowledge their application once it is accepted by the gatekeeper.
  • Ensure their profile reflects their division and game preferences (both primary and secondary).
  • Provide the necessary tags on teamspeak so it reflects who they are.


Communication with the team leaders

Now that the recruit is an official initiate, make sure the following is done:

  • Speak with your team leaders and place them in any of the teams according to their preference or where they are needed. Keep a nice balance between (experienced) members and initiates in a team as they will work together and learn from each other.
  • Add them to the Master Division Registry.


Communication with the initiate manager and mentor

As initiates will be future members of our community, make sure they are in the appropriate cohort and get a mentor. If this is not the case, communicate with the initiate manager to fix this.

Their mentor explains how the community and forums work, though you got to ensure they stay active. It is important to interact with the initiates daily and inform their mentor about possible improvements, their in game progress and absences.

Get them to meet the requirements. Part of the interacting is not only to know how they are doing, but to fulfill their requirements. Make sure they log in on a daily basis and ensure they know about enough content or make content to comment and/or discuss on.

The initiate has become a member. Congrats. Make sure to keep in contact with them and keep track of their progress as mentioned earlier this topic.