Officer Training

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Why Officer Training?

Whilst a lot of people are able to manage and lead others to a reasonable standard, the standard DI wants from its officers is higher than average. So training was introduced to cater for everyone, including those who are new to leading, and those who are veterans (even in RL). Whilst you may know how to lead and manage, you may not be used to the protocols expected of you as an officer in DI. Things  such as what exactly your role is and how it fits in with the rest of the clan etc. Doing the training allows Leadership to trust that the people they are about to promote into potentially significant positions are ready to do it, the DI way.


Does doing the training guarantee me a promotion to officer?

No. The training will give you the Officer Training Event Attendance Token (which counts towards your Event Attendance) that will display to Leadership and Commanders that you are ready and prepared to take on more responsibility. Promotion will be based on position availability, so if 20 people do the training and only 10 positions are available, then only 10 will be promoted.


What is Officer Training

Part One – Officer Induction Test

The Officer Induction Test is a straightforward multiple choice test that will test your understanding of all the subject areas listed above. There are also several situational questions that requires deeper thought and common sense to answer, which will measure your ability to think like an officer and manage various situations that our officers experience on a day to day basis. Its not hard, and you dont have a time limit to complete it. Spend time reading through the following sections to ensure you have a good understanding prior to taking the Officer Induction Test:

1. Officer Character (click here)

2. Unit Compliance (click here)

3. Enforcing Discipline (click here)

4. Member Demographics (click here)

5. Officer Bans (click here)

6. An Exceptional Understanding of the Code of Ops

Part Two – Justice Session

The Justice Team runs a Training Session once a month on TeamSpeak that covers some key points surrounding the enforcement of discipline and the less well known situations where you may need to strike someone. It also covers the appeals process so your strikes are not overturned due to poor preparation.


Successful Completion

Once you have completed both parts you will be awarded the:

Award: cert1.png[DI] Officer Induction Training


How do I sign up?

Speak to the Commandant of your Legion.