Officer Bans

Revised: 05 February 2017 by leader.gifGreatJackal


As an officer you are held to higher standards than regular members, and you are expected at all times to set a good example to the rest of the clan. If officers set a bad example it creates dysfunction within the clan, and this has a snowball effect towards the members. However DI understand that sometimes you have to step down for reasons outside your control (such as when something comes up in RL) or when you have served a long and successful tenure and wish to take a break.


Officer Ban Period

In good faith:

If you step down (and your division, team or appointment is in good standing and served in your position/current appointment for at least 3+ months)
A mandatory officer ban of 2 months will apply

If are removed in good faith a subsequent time
A mandatory officer ban of 2 months will apply

In bad faith:

If you step down (and your division, team or appointment is in bad standing and/or served in your position/current appointment for less than 3 months)
A mandatory officer ban of 6 months will apply

If you are demoted (for any reason INCLUDING being placed on Probation)
A mandatory officer ban of 6 months will apply

If are removed in bad faith a subsequent time
A mandatory officer ban of 12 months will apply each time

Disclaimer: Moving between positions in a division is allowed, with approval of Commander. Side-ways moving (same role, different division) is prohibited and results in an officer ban.


Difference between “Good Faith” and “Bad Faith”

Relatively self explanatory. Stepping down In good faith you have served in your position well for a decent amount of time, you have have provided stability and support and there was not an issue with your performance or motivation (aka you were a good officer) and you are able to hand your team/division/position over without baggage (issues) to your successor. This may occur when something in RL came up or you have grown fatigued from leadership and you had to step down to take a break. The ban period should not to be seen as a punishment, but rather a well earned break where you wont be asked to provide more to DI (and buying you the time you need to sort out your RL issues).

On the other hand, if you are stepping down in bad faith, it means you are stepping down in a period where your division, position or team needs you most. You are leaving behind chaos for someone else to step in and fix. This may sometimes be unavoidable, especially if you are a Venture Leader or a new Commander and something in RL forces you to step down. It is what it is and no ban will be waived. So think carefully about instances that may impact you in RL before accepting more responsibility in DI and whether you can give at least 3+ months to that position. On the other end, if you are demoted, the ban is very straightforward and means you need to spend more time in DI as a member learning about how the clan works and the culture that is expected.


Why Officer Bans Exist

Officer Bans were created to manage instability of officers within the clan by ensuring that people who take the positions of officership actually have the time, skills and motivation to succeed in that position. It is also to ensure that officers who were demoted in one division don’t become promoted in another. At the end of the day, not everyone is suited to leading and in many instances they need more training and experience in DI before taking on this responsibility. It is also not acceptable for people to take responsibility but without the proper time to devote to the efforts involved in a leadership position.

Whilst on an Officer Ban, that particular person is not able to serve in any officer role. They cannot lead teams, divisions or serve in any official capacity (even as a member rank). The Officer Ban Register should be consulted by Commanders and Leadership before considering the promotion of someone to officer. In extremely rare circumstances an officer ban may be waived for operational reasons, but requires approval by the Leader of Damage Inc and will not be approved unless all other options are exhausted.