5th Division


February 2013


Current Leadership

Commander - highcouncil.gifPhysics

Vice - TheRandomSona

Previous Commanders

Kofolacitrus (2013)
Oshanix (2013)
LadyBrenza (2013/14)
Slpstk (2014)
Yoshi (2016)
Addirall (2016)


The 5th Division of Damage Inc holds the glorious title as the first division to lead the way into the multi-gaming sphere which allowed other divisions to follow. 5th Division's members have never been afraid of taking risks to achieve greatness, and have set the precedent for other divisions throughout the history of Damage Inc.



Clan vs Clan
Rocket League

15 Wins - 16 Lost
Victory - USA 1
13 August 2014 - 1st Age
Commander commander.gif
LadyBrenza -- Vice major.gifGrimmr
Victory - USA 1
27 November 2014 - 2nd Age
Commander commander.gif
Grimmr -- Vice major.gifKingDru
triumph3Super Division Status
01 April 2017
Commander highcouncil.gifPhysics — Vice major.gifTheRandomSona 


Games / Server History

 Rocket League (Current)

 USA 1

 World of Warcraft