4th Division


November 2013


Current Leadership

Commander - commander.gifKiLLaH

Vice - major.gifHannibal

Previous Commanders

Kronos (2013)
Rmeresh (2013)
Nicole (2014)
Arc (2016)
MegaNob (2016)
Nota (2016/2017)
Occult (2017)


The 4th Division of Damage Inc has generated glory for Damage Inc across multiple games and servers throughout its history. It is famous for competing on tough servers/games and winning, most notably on the SHK Brutal World, demonstrating characteristics of strong teamwork and achievement from its members.



Clan vs Clan
Counter Strike: Global Offensive

5 Wins - 2 Lost
Victory - Domination 1
23 February 2014
Commander commander.gifNicole -- Vice major.gifPrimaDonnita
Super Division Status
31 December 2016
Commander highcouncil.gifNota -- Vice major.gifbioMonster


Games / Server History

CSGO (Current)

 Domination 1

 United States 1