Division II

Division Command

Commander: StripTheFlesh
Vice: sugarmuma


Previous Commanders

LLR (2012/13)
Kronos (2013)
Chadd (2013)
Rmeresh (2013)
PrimaDonnita (2013)
Colton1212 (2013/14)
BillzSkillz (2014)
JennOfTroy (2014)
Inactive (2015-2016)
SirKatgang (Feb - April 2016)
Jammychgo (May 2016 - June 2017)


September 2012

League of Legends


The 2nd Division of Damage Inc was once commanded by LLR himself and became famous for its “Anti Farming Unit” which strategically maneuvered DI into a winning position by famously destroying the backbone of its main opponent. After dominating on Stronghold Kingdoms for nearly 5 years, 2nd Division's rebirth came in July 2017. 6th Division was bursting at the seams for the 2nd time that year, continuing to put Damage Inc. on the map