Division II

Division Command

Commander: chemistry
Vice: gggusto 


Previous Commanders

LLR (2012/13)
Kronos (2013)
Chadd (2013)
Rmeresh (2013)
PrimaDonnita (2013)
Colton1212 (2013/14)
BillzSkillz (2014)
JennOfTroy (2014)
LLR (2016)
SirKatgang (2016)
Jammychgo (2016/17)


September 2012

League of Legends


The 2nd Division of Damage Inc was once commanded by LLR himself and became famous for its “Anti Farming Unit” which strategically maneuvered DI into a winning position by famously destroying the backbone of its main opponent. After dominating on Stronghold Kingdoms for nearly 5 years, 2nd Division's rebirth came in July 2017. 6th Division was bursting at the seams for the 2nd time that year, continuing to put Damage Inc. on the map