DI Teamspeak Server Information:

Server Address:

Backup Adress:

You are required to idle in teamspeak when you are online, its part of us being an active and organized clan. Not being in teamspeak while online can risk getting you striked (see Discipline for definition of "online").

Be aware that when first joining the server you will need to be granted permissions for full access.



TeamSpeak Rules:

  1. Your nickname on TeamSpeak must always be a reflection of your Forum Username and Steam Name. Always be recognizable on TeamSpeak and everywhere else in DI.
  2. Be respectful to your fellow users, we are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Toxic players will be dealt with accordingly.
  3. The use of derogatory words or phrases in a nickname is prohibited and will be dealt with under the Discipline system.
  4. Officers are not allowed to sit in locked channels.