Justice System

Naturally, as Damage Incorporated grows in size, the more opportunities there are for internal conflict, and rule-breaking. It is the responsibility of the officers of the clan to mediate these conflicts and enforce the rules, delivering punishments when necessary. However, Officers are people too, and with this comes the possibility of human error.

The Justice System is in place to oversee any punishments that members deem to be unfair, and to thoroughly investigate these situations with a neutral and fair stance. Think of the Justice Team as the Judge and Jury, while the member and officer involved are their own Defense Attorneys.

The Justice Team

The Justice Team is comprised of an uneven team of (typically) 3 Justices.

This is to rule out a tied vote and to provide sufficient numbers to ensure several viewpoints are presented, and all angles and interpretations observed.

A Justice must be logical, fair, and have a particular mind for the rules. You can always trust the Justice team to act without bias.

Appealing a Strike/Blacklist

If you receive a strike or become Blacklisted, the first thing you should do is visit the Discipline section of the Code of Ops.

Once you have read the criteria for the strike you received, decide whether or not you believe your behaviour has met the criteria for this strike.

If you still believe the strike was Unjust, please contact the Justice Team via the official contact point, here.

Tenets of Justice:

Attention to Detail:

Each Justice case is looked into thoroughly. All parties involved are questioned when necessary, and all evidence is analysed. No stone is left unturned. To ensure that all details are obtained and analysed, some cases may take longer than others. 


The Justice Team is Neutral by nature. They are on no one’s side. If the Code of Ops was a person, they would be on their side. If a member is in the wrong, the appealed strike will be upheld. If an officer is in the wrong, the appealed strike will be overturned.


All Justice Cases are confidential. Any communications with the Justice Team relating to a Justice Case are in strict confidence. Justice cases will only be discussed with those who are part of the case, or are required to be involved to provide further information. 

Upholding the Code of Ops:

The Code of Ops is the Damage Inc. word of Law. The Justice Team will uphold these laws completely. If, for example, an officer hands out a strike for Minor Abusive Behaviour, but the behaviour in question does not fit this criteria, it will be overturned.

If, however, the Justice Team sees the behaviour as deserving of a different strike, that strike will be handed out instead. All Justice rulings are final.


Q: Why was my strike upheld?

A: If your strike was upheld, it was correctly given by the officer and you were found to be in breach of the Code of Ops. Learn from this and correct your behaviour accordingly.

Q: The strike I handed out was overturned, why?

A: If the strike you handed out was overturned, it was found that the member was either not in breach of the Code of Ops at all, or the strike was the wrong strike to give and the member was in breach of the Code of Ops for another reason than the one you struck for.

Q: This officer is mistreating me. The strikes they gave me were overturned, but what happens to them now?

A: If an officer is behaving in a manner unbecoming of an officer, they will be punished accordingly. No one in the clan is above the rules, however, you will not be informed of what punishment is handed out to the officer. Everything is on a need to know basis, and no one in the clan needs to know how others are being punished. 

Q: What happens if there are only 2 Justices?

A: In this situation, if there is a tie in voting, a senior officer , typically the Leader (unless they handed out the strike, then it will be the Chancellor), that is not directly involved in the case will step in to cast the deciding vote.

Q: Is The Leader (Current GreatJackal) involved in any of the appeal decisions?

A: Very rarely. See above.

Q: I am appealing a strike that a Justice gave me, how does this work?

A: In this situation, the Justice in question will not be involved in the investigation and decision making of the case, and will be treated as a non-Justice officer for the duration of the case, and will be questioned by the Justice Team as usual.

Q: My strike was upheld, can I appeal again?

A: The only situation in which you can re-appeal a strike is when new evidence has come to light that could change the decision. If there is no new evidence, the strike cannot be re-appealed, as all Justice decisions are final.

Q: I was just speaking my mind, how can that be considered Inciting Unrest?

A: Damage Incorporated is not a Democracy, it is a militaristic structure. If you have any issues, you should be bringing it up via the Chain of Command (2ndInCommand-TL-Vice-Commander-Leadership). While open discussion and debate is not against the rules, the manner in which this is carried out is vital in defining the Inciting Unrest strike. If a discussion is confrontational, argumentative and/or disrespectful, it will breed drama and unrest within the clan, and that is a strikeable offence. Keep discussions positive and constructive, or keep it private and within the chain of command.

Q: The officer didn't warn me before giving a strike, what gives? 

A: Officers are not obligated to give an additional warning before the warning. A strike is a warning, and if you receive one, it tells you that "you have received a warning". Think of them as yellow cards in a sport. Any initial warning given by an officer is a courtesy and should be appreciated as such. The only strike in which Officers would need to give sufficient time before striking is "Failure to Comply with Orders", because the member needs time to carry out the order once it is given.

Q: What happens in a Justice case?

A: A typical Justice case will go through 3 stages. Investigation, Debate and Voting. During the Investigation stage, if more information is necessary than provided in the strike, the appropriate officers and members will be contacted and questioned in confidence. Once a satisfactory amount of information has been collected, the Justice Team will discuss the evidence, and what they believe to be the right course of action. After discussing the case, each Justice will vote, and the majority vote will be the final decision.

Q: I was Blacklisted, what do I do now?

A: If you were Blacklisted recently due to a strike that you think was Unjust, appeal the strike like you would any other, and if it is Overturned, so will the Blacklist be removed. If you were Blacklisted a while ago and you did not appeal any strikes, you may directly appeal the Blacklist. If you do appeal the Blacklist, you must provide a very good reason why we should accept you back into the clan.