Division Triumphs


You may have noted them on the forums as well as on the Divisions pages on our site. Triumphs were introduced to Damage Inc in early September 2016 and are based off the Ancient Roman Tradition and is a recognition of honor, held to publicly celebrate and sanctify the success of a Division Commander who had led Damage Inc forces to victory or glory in the service of the clan or one who had successfully completed a very difficult achievement with their division. It is a difficult to gain a triumph, given the amount of coordination and effort it requires from its members, officers and leadership team to achieve. Below are the current Triumphs by DI and their description.



 Triumph  Description  Requirements
Glory Race (SHK) or Approved Major Tournament Won

Being the Victors of an entire Age on Stronghold Kingdoms or winning a major Tournament that Damage Inc officially entered is considered a tremendous achievement for a Division that takes hundreds of hours of effort and commitment and is recognized with a laurel wreath.

– Win an entire Age in SHK
– Win an Official Tournament that Damage Inc has entered
Domination World (SHK) Won

Being the Victors of Domination World on Stronghold Kingdoms is one of the most difficult feats possible for a Division, given the nature of such a world, there is no rest for those who commit the hours into achieving this prestigious triumph of a laurel wreath with crossed swords.

– Win a Domination World in SHK
Super Division Status Achieved

It takes an entire Division working together to put forth the effort to be granted the legendary honor and status of “Super Division”. Countless hours and teamwork is needed to achieve this triumph and its recognized with a gold crown.

– Achieve “Super Division” Status



Triumphs will be reflected on a Division’s history for many years after it was achieved with the names of the Commander and Vice who led the achievement carved into that history. A Triumph that is represented on the forums next to the respective division who earned it with its color (gold for example) illustrates that it is the current Commander of that Division who achieved it. If a Triumph is grayed out it means its a historic/previous Commander who achieved the triumph.