Discipline Overview

You are expected to maintain a high level of discipline as a member of Damage Inc. DI prides itself on its discipline and teamwork and you must maintain these levels to the utmost ability.

If you make a mistake, you will get a strike. This is part of the learning process, and it is expected at some point in your DI life that you will make a mistake or two. A few strikes will not remove you from the clan, but will instead help guide you to be an honorable member. However, multiple strikes in short periods of time can lead you onto Probation or even removal.

Full Members

You get 6 Strike Points allotted as a Full Member

At 5 strikes, you will be automatically placed on probation and will need to go through the Probation Process to be returned to full member status.

At 6 strikes, you will be automatically removed from clan and blacklisted. Any appeals will need to be made through the Justice System.




You get 3 Strike Points allotted as an Initiate

At 3 strikes, you will be automatically removed from the clan. You will be able to re-apply for initiation after your strikes have expired and if you are not blacklisted.

Note: HQ Officers will not strike initiates for: Not idling in Teamspeak when online and Failure to Notify Attendance, though you are not immune either. These offenses will be internally managed by a Team Leader/2IC or Division Commander/Vice. After friendly chats, they can still strike you for repeatedly breaking the rules.







Not idling in Teamspeak when online (ie. Steam)  1 30 Days You are required to be on TeamSpeak if your status on Steam or another Game Client says “online” or “in-game”. You are exempt if your status on Steam says “away” or “snooze” or if you are accessing Steam from a mobile device/browser.
Failure to Notify Attendance  1 60 Days You are required to RSVP your availability/ability to attend Official Events relating to your Team, Division or Clan in the Calendar.
Failing to comply with orders  2 60 Days If you are asked to do something by a certain deadline from a ranking officer then do it. Discipline is paramount to the success of any clan, so ensure you display the highest levels of it.
Lack of Integrity Displayed  2 60 Days You are expected to behave in an honorable and honest manner and always strive to put forth your best effort to help the clan. Don’t take shortcuts or be lazy, and don’t game the system to avoid your responsibility to the clan.
Spamming  1 30 Days Content on the forum must add to the conversation or topic. The use of mass, unsolicited information or a pasted response to multiple threads reduces forum content quality and therefore is not accepted.
Inappropriate Content  1 30 Days Creating content that is of a racial, discriminatory, self harm/suicidal, overly religious or overly sexual in nature, or encouraging illegal activity on any of DI’s platforms, including but not limited to forums, TeamSpeak and Steam.
Minor Abusive Behavior  2 30 Days Small level flame/excessive trolling against others in DI. Actions that fall under minor abusive behavior are cyber bullying, discriminatory or inappropriate speech against others to induce emotional pain, purposeful annoyance, etc.
Major Abusive Behavior  4 30 Days Excessive flame/harassment against others in DI. Actions that fall under major abusive behavior are attack of ones religion, ethnicity, gender, race, family member, personal property, etc.
Negligence in a Warzone or Game  1 14 Days Purposeful mistakes or negligence will receive you one strike. This includes throwing matches or not maintaining your responsibilities in-game.
Negligence in Mentorship Duties  2 45 Days Failing to complete the responsibilities you accepted when you volunteered to Mentor an Initiate due to laziness or any reason that is within your control is poor performance and will result in a strike.
Inciting Unrest in DI  3 60 Days Causing arguments, fueling tension and breeding mistrust for whatever reason is not tolerated. We are meant to work together as a family, not cause divide.
Inciting Revolt Against DI  6 120 Days Scheming or planning to break off from DI with members, or plotting to betray DI and influence others to your cause is a massive betrayal of the loyalty that you swore to this clan.
Treason  6 120 Days Betrayal of any kind1 against the clan will warrant a immediate removal from the clan via the strike system.
Lack of Officer Qualities Displayed  3 60 Days *Officers Only* Being an Officer means setting an example to members. Failing to set an example or acting immaturely, unprofessionally or without loyalty will result in a strike. An Officer’s commitment to this clan should never be questioned.
Negligence in Officer Duties  2 60 Days *Officers Only* Failing to complete the responsibilities given to you as an Officer due to laziness or any reason that is within your control is poor performance and will result in a strike. You should always make the effort to know how to do your role, and how to do it well. If you are not sure, ask someone.

¹Clans/Communities that are not allowed, and would fall under the multi-clanning rule:
– Anything that has any form of membership (Official teams, website membership, roster, etc)
– Anything that requires that you represent them (e.g. clan tag in your name, advertise/recruit for them)
– Anything that plays games that could put you in opposition to DI (e.g. other factions in SHK, opposing dota/LoL teams, etc)


Any strikes that are felt as unjust or wrongfully given can be appealed to the Justice System contact form. All rulings about strikes from the Justice System are final and a strike may only ever be tried for appeal once.