Constitution of Leadership

Whilst the Leader of Damage Inc enjoys complete autonomy to make decisions in the best interest of the clan, they must require consultation and approval from the First 9 to make major policy changes that are deemed high-risk and/or high impact on the clan.

Major Policy Changes

– Any changes to Rank Structure (including naming).
– Any changes to Clan Structure
– Any changes to the Forum Layout
– Any changes to the Constitution of Leadership

Newly Elected Leaders

Newly appointed Leaders will start at the rank of Director for the first 6 months in office. This is a probationary period where the in-coming Leader can learn, adapt and adjust as needed, but most importantly, ensure they maintain the standards and meet the goals of the clan. Failure to meet the goals consistently will result in a new election.

Removal of a Leader

A Leader can be relieved of their duties by a majority vote from the First 9 for failing to consistently meet clan goals. As the Leader holds a temporary seat in the First 9, they will be pivotal in helping establish these goals.