A gaming clan like no other

Loyal to the Core

Damage Inc was founded on 23 September 2012 with a proud history across multiple games and tournaments. Our members tend to stay with us for a very long time due to our amazing and vibrant community.

Teamwork Focused

If you enjoy competitive team gaming and winning, this is the best place you can be regardless of your skill.

Extremely Active Community

With over hundreds of members that log in daily, we are proud to say that our community is one of the friendliest, engaging and committed groups in the e-sports world.

A Multi-Gaming Clan with Purpose

Damage Incorporated is a well established and mature Multi-Gaming Clan with 450+ members that has been running gaming operations across multiple platforms for over 4 Years. A tight-knit community that places strong value in teamwork and loyalty, allowing our Divisions to work coherently together to achieve great success across all games and servers that we operate in.

Since it's beginnings of September 2012, Damage Incorporated has distinguished itself over the years. A gaming clan that is well organized and dedicated in their activities to be the best at what they do, it has impacted many people and created a culture that is not only enjoyable to be in, but also to succeed in - KonArtis, Co-Founder of Damage Inc

There is a variety of games that we are currently represented in, with constant lookout to expand into more. Some of the games are: