9. Clan vs Clan Responsibilities


Clan vs Clan Responsibilities

Created 08 September 2016 by leader.gifGreatJackal


With our rise out of the bronze age into the iron age we need to ensure that we remain organized and poised to engage in fighting vs other clans. Up to this point it has been a bit haphazard and inconsistent. This topic will aim to clear that up and will become part of the Officer Training portfolio.
The Three Key Positions

There are 3 positions that must liaise with each other regularly.

HQ Consuls

– Scouts out other clans on the internet that matches our level for clan vs clan matches.
– Are the only authorized officers in DI to reach out to new clans and speak on behalf of Damage Inc, from a diplomatic standpoint.
– Responsible for setting up our relationship with the new clan, including organizing a couple of CvC matches as a “warm up”.
– Acts as a liaison between other clans and Damage Inc

Division Warlord

– Are authorized to speak to “Established” clans that Damage Inc has fought already at least a couple of times, to arrange new CvC matches
– Is responsible for ensuring that every Competitive Team (eg. not Casual Teams) in their Division gets at least 1 x CvC per month
– Need to liaise with the Team Leaders to ensure times, schedules etc are pre-planned and reasonable (not unrealistic)
– Are authorized to assign CvC matches to Team Leaders in their Divisions, that Team Leaders MUST prepare for and ensure their teams attend.
– Responsible for putting the CvC on the Calendar and in the Clan vs Clan forum (including using the correct format)

Team Leaders (Competitive)

– Responsible for ensuring they have a full roster WITH subs ready prior to any CvC match. If DI cancels because a team is not ready = Negligence by Team Leader
– Ensure the team is trained and ready to win
– Ensure that someone is recording and streaming the match BEFORE the start of the match
– Liaise regularly with the Warlord to ensure that they meet their CvC commitment of 1 x CvC per month


Communication & Commitment

Given the fast-paced environment that involves CvC action. Consuls dont have time to wait for days for a response from the Division Warlord, and the Division Warlord doesn’t have days to wait for a response from Team Leaders, so to prevent this:

Team Leaders

You will be assigned CvC matches by their Warlord even if you do not know who from your team will be there in advance. It is then up to that you, the Team Leader, to:

– Find out who will be there from your team
– Find the required subs/stand-ins from the Casual Teams as needed
– Train and prepare for the CvC match.

As a Team Leader, if you are constantly having people in your team who “cannot make it”, you should relegate them back to the Casual Teams. Comp Teams are not for everyone, and being in a Comp Team requires a higher level of commitment than a Casual Team.


You will have 12 hours to respond to a CvC match from a Consul (if its been organized by the Consul and not the Warlord themselves) and assign it to one of your Team Leaders.

There is extremely little scope for back-and-forth conversation between the Warlord and Team Leaders and back to the Consuls and then to the other clan which is why the information needs to already be in the Warlord’s hands BEFORE the Consuls speak to them. 

This will apply as well when Warlords are liaising with clans on behalf that have an “Established” relationship with Damage Inc. Warlords who are not prepared and cannot immediately Commit a team when pressed will be deemed negligent in their duties. Its crucial that the Warlord is then organized and prepared so not to embarrass Damage Inc in front of other clans.


Clan vs Clan Action is about being Ready

I see too many Comp teams who are not ready to be competitive. The 1x CvC per comp team per month will test each team’s readiness in DI and whether they can commit the the rigorous demands that comes with training 4+ times a week, and then fighting it out on the battlefield. Because at the end of the day, this is what we need if we are going to get sponsorship. So to sum it all up:

Be Ready. Train Hard. Fight Harder.