The last few months the 4th Division has undergone some massive changes, especially in terms of leadership and officer roles. So please give a huge welcome to the new officers of the 4th Division

Nota – Commander of the 4th Division

BioMonster – Vice of the 4th Division

Drykon – Events officer

Senti – Leader of Team A

Loczi – Leader of Team B

Pepe – Leader of Team C

If you have any questions or problems, then please see these officers for advice and help as they will be there when you need it.


This month we are recruiting new members to join our elite forces and take part in competitive events such as scrims and PUG matches or casual events such as surf, hide and seek and zombie survival. If you are interested then that’s good! However we do have some requirements that you must meet else you wont get far in our division.

We are looking for…

  • Committed and dedicated players that are willing to be active both on teamspeak and the forums.
  • Players that are polite and fun to be with and doesn’t bully or insult other members in our division.
  • Players who are aged 15+ and can act mature and take initiative when required.
  • Good leadership and social skills and can integrate well with others

What can we offer?

  • Stable 128-tick server (Both teamspeak and our gameservers)
  • Active Forums
  • Strong organizational structure with an established chain of command
  • Friendly and active community members

So still interested? Apply right now by visiting our forums and filling in our application

If you have anymore questions then please contact Nota, my steam profile is